Why Do We Give Gifts?

Why Do We Give Gifts?

There are a lot of people who mull over gifting a custom self care box to their loved ones or friends to celebrate any special occasion. However, on the other hand, there are people who do not wait for any special occasion or holidays to give gifts. They believe in giving presents without any reason. This habit helps to buttress and strengthen the relationship with any individual.

  • To create and strengthen bonding

Some individuals simply want to create new relationships whereas there are a lot of individuals who are always in search of some ways to strengthen their bonding with others. Presenting a person with a unique gift facilitates linking their feelings and thankfulness for one another. There are some sociologists that believe that people simply present gifts to people who always desire to create strong bonding. Some sociologists argue that not giving a gift or rejecting it is essentially a dismissal of the relationship.

  • To find a mate

The majority of animals give gifts as part of the mating ritual and humans really are no different. One of our closest relatives, chimpanzees, have been documented giving food in return of sex and grooming, while gibbons give gifts to retain existing mate. Research carried out by biologists suggests that as serial monogamists, humans use gift giving to attract and retain mates.

The study found men who were more generous with gift boxes for women had better success at attracting and retaining mates both in the short and long-term. Women, on the other hand, were less likely to use gifts for mating purposes and more often gave gifts to family and friends to strengthen social networks.

  • To help others

A few gifts are given with no expected return. For instance, we often give presents to young children that have no way of reciprocating, or even our pets. At the same time as it could be argued that these gifts are reciprocated in other ways, altruism could even be at play. Love and appreciation are two of the biggest motivators for altruistic gift giving.

Giving gifts to help others include donating money or volunteering for a charity. There are several theories that attempt to explain why individuals do this. A theory claims that dopamine-using pleasure circuitry in the brain is activated by charitable giving. Effectively, we give for the reason that it makes us feel good.

  • To receive something in return

Since gifts represent our desire to build or cement a relationship, they even necessitate some form of reciprocation. Contemporary sociologists argue that gift giving creates a debt-balance, so to prevent ill feelings gifts must be repaid creating a cycle of gift giving. When reciprocating a gift, it is supposed to be of roughly equal value as giving too little signifies that you do not value the relationship, at the same time as giving too much means that you overvalue it and causes feelings of embarrassment.

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