What is a Personal Defense Alarm?

Personal defense alarms are protection devices that can be used to alert others about emergencies, attacks or other safety hazards. They are small and lightweight, easily carried in your pocket or purse and emit a shrill siren that can heard up to a block away. They are a lot like security alarms found in a home or business, except that they are not permanently attached to the wall, but may be carried with you at all times. Personal alarms can be used as a safety alarm, emergency or medical alert device. It’s a good idea for both children and adults to carry one of these.

Personal alarms are a handy tool to use as an aid in self defense. They can make great crime deterrents when used to scare off an assailant. The alarms sound when the pin is pulled that triggers the high decibel alarm. Criminals do not like to draw attention to themselves and will run off when they realize the alarm cannot be stopped.

Self-defense security alarms come in many shapes and sizes. They are all relatively inexpensive. One alarm that has been around for awhile is a device that can actually help with personal self-defense, should that situation ever crop up. Key features you should look for in a quality alarm are:

*The sound emitted from a personal alarm needs to be as loud and as high-pitched as possible. 95 to 130 decibels should do the trick.

*An emergency alarm should be simple to carry so you can readily get at it when needed.

*A self-defense alarm needs to be easy to use so there is no fumbling with the device to get it to work when it is most needed. 

Personal alarms only cost a few dollars, which makes them very easy to own. Also they are not weapons so they are legal to carry everywhere even on airplanes. Carry your personal alarm with you wherever you go and use it to draw attention in any crisis. An alarm should be a part of your personal safety strategy.

Any article on personal alarms wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the type of alarm that works as a dog chaser or wild animal repellent. Some personal alarms are also effective in warding off an unfriendly pooch. The ultrasonic sound from one such alarm can even be used to chase off vicious dogs or wild animals. If there is a dog making threatening gestures in your direction, simply pull out your alarm. The high frequency sound can not be detected by the human ear, yet the dog can. It will cause the dog to flee the area.

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