Three Types of Men You Should Steer Clear From

Dating and becoming romantically involved can be quite an adventure. It is a journey that should be uplifting, spiritual, and wonderful. However, not all situations are fine and dandy. Some women and men end up in the same terrible situations over and over again. It is important to recognize the signs, so that you can steer clear away from men that do not enhance your life or provide a foundation for a future together.

The Workaholic

It is great to love your job and be able to make money, but it is a different story when you love your job too much that you would rather work than make time for anything else. There are some men in this world that do not care about creating a family or spending time with family. Chances are, if the guy you are interested in is working 80 hours a week and does not have time for his own friends or family, what makes you think he will make time for you? You have to look at the big picture for the long haul. Choosing a workaholic will leave you lonely many nights.

The Womanizer or Manizer

Men who are constantly checking out other women or men is not a good sign when it comes to a long-term or meaningful relationship. These types of men are not the commitment or faithful type. They may be handsome, charming, and very well mannered at first, but you must look past all that and notice the red flags. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a one way relationship, which will leave you brokenhearted in the end.

The Abuser

Whether it is emotional or physical abuse, it is wrong and no relationship or person should have to suffer through this kind of treatment. The sad thing is that many women and men feel like they can change the person they are with. You must understand that you can not change anyone but yourself. It just is not possible. You can not fix a person and think that everything is going to be peaches and cream. Someone who is abusive needs professional help because it goes beyond just what you see on the outside.

If you steer clear from these types of men, then you will never have to worry about being less than a priority in someone’s life. You will also be free from betrayal and abuse, which is so common in relationships nowadays because people settle for mediocrity and feel like they do not deserve better. It is a sad cycle that must be stopped.

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