The unravelling of the Zionist project

The unravelling of the Zionist project

By Stanley Collymore

There’s an old English saying that what goes around ultimately comes around; and this is no truer than in the case of the Zionist Palestinian project. Instigated under a number of blatantly dishonest and financially corrupt guises the two most iniquitous of these being that Palestine was a land without people and as such quite ideal for a much persecuted people without land, namely the white Caucasian Europeans who invaded and now overwhelmingly occupy it, to it being the ancestral home of Jews going well back into antiquity, the project even before its officially recognized inception with the Balfour Declaration was conceived and intentionally based on the sadistic concepts of genocide, brutal ethnic cleansing, racial eradication and the holocaust of the indigenous Palestinian people; afterwards morphing predominantly with the active help of the very people who were instrumental in the European holocaust into a classic colonialist and imperialistic entity that effectively saw the illegitimate Zionist and apartheid state of Israel become a wild west version of a shotgun outrider for western and in particular United States economic and hegmonistic interests and control in the Middle East.

Of course we’re all used to the ludicrous idea so ingrained in the psyche of many Caucasians and their rulers that nothing ever really existed until discovered by the white man. Therefore Australia was terra nullius never mind that the Aborigines had lived there continuously for in excess of 60,000 years; the unilaterally renamed Victoria Falls simply didn’t exist at all until Livingstone taken as a guest at the request of the local chief to see them clapped his eyes on them and promptly had them named after his queen in England; and of course the again white renamed Americas only came into existence when some of their major outlying islands like Hispaniola, better known nowadays as Haiti and the Dominican Republic, were discovered but more aptly run into by Christopher Columbus.

That the entire region, or as it was arrogantly and stupidly seen entirely from the white man’s perspective as the New World, was already well populated with the indigenous people there already having their own established systems of government and even empires counted for absolutely nothing; the supercilious attitude being that these weren’t Caucasian and therefore didn’t matter in the least. So it’s not at all surprising that today’s white descended Caucasians have the same mindset as their erstwhile ancestors and regrettably for them with apartheid in South Africa having officially collapsed the overriding and even obsessive emphasis on their part is one which is all the more committed to ensuring that their Zionist project in Palestine prevails. The problem for them though is that it’s now falling apart.

That they were never going to be able to sustain it indefinitely in the first place and moreover do so in a world that is increasingly and even quite rapidly becoming smaller everyday as a direct consequence of modern communications systems, easy global travel, alternative media platforms, mobile phones and crucially the internet where within seconds someone living on the other side of the world can instantaneously be made aware of what is happening literally thousands of miles away from them and have this reinforced through verbal, pictorial as well as written means was always on the cards; and juxtaposed with all the above and more is the fact that people nowadays and particularly the world’s youths aren’t prepared as their parents and grandparents basically through fear and being cowed into submission were to put up with what is indisputably seen and firmly resisted by these younger generations as a rather unjust, quite autocratic, completely antiquated, extremely brutal in many cases and venally corrupt status quo that quite disproportionately  and in the vast majority of cases simply favour an undemocratic, unaccountable, small, privileged, dynastic elite, their offspring, other family members, close friends and cronies to the gross disadvantage of everyone else whom they lord it over.

People nowadays  want to have control over their personal and everyday lives not to be told how they should conduct these whether by politicians or self-appointed clerics masquerading as the conscience of the countries they’re from, and which they patently are not. They want too to be able to democratically elect and peacefully remove at will through the mechanisms and power of adult suffrage based on one man, one woman, one vote those that they consider fit or unfit for whatever office they’ve been put in to manage.

Nothing that is based on a lie can last forever as sooner or later that lie becomes completely untenable, bigger lies then have to be concocted to support or replace the previous ones and eventually everything inevitably becomes submerged in a cocktail of ridiculous fantasies that not even a bright four year old child would be impressed by let alone allow himself or herself to be convinced in any way by what is being said; and that is exactly what is happening in the case of the Zionist project set up and murderously executed in Palestine. I mean how farcical can one get, how completely insulting to one’s intelligence I ask you, when South American, Peruvian, native Indians, none of whom had previously ever left their tribal reserves in Peru, a few of them the illegitimate offspring of the all-conquering Spanish Conquistadores, can in less than twenty four hours – I repeat less than the hours that constitute a day – be supposedly converted to Judaism: a faith and whose culture they never previously had any conception of let alone any contact with, flown off in the most cavalier fashion imaginable by the Zionist authorise in Israel to Israeli illegally occupied settlement areas of the West bank in Palestine as bona fide Jews and told by those who are behind this farcical but highly odious fiasco that as Jews they’ve not only been repatriated to their promised land, must obediently enlist in the Israeli armed forces to defend this fabricated Utopia of theirs, but also and most significantly it’s their God-given right and duty to hate, massacre, practise genocide against and ethnically cleanse this land of all Palestinians; notwithstanding that the land in question is the legal and officially recognized property of the Palestinian people and these interlopers along with all of the others of their ilk are the occupiers.

What kind of sick logic is this? And when I questioned it the response I got was that as some of the Spanish Conquistadores may have been Jews from Spain their bloodline even through their acts of bastardy premeditatedly created though the systematic rape, as did all Europeans in their colonies, with the indigenous population meant that their Jewish links were fashioned in this way. Using that rather perverse, utterly dishonest and completely discredited argument I wonder how many bastards have in turn either been sired or conceived, as the men weren’t the only ones going at it hammer and tongs on the wrong side of the marital bed, by Europe’s royalties and aristocratic families not only in Europe but in the colonies; are these offspring now to claim entitlement to the lands, titles and all the rest of it that these paragons of virtues currently possess? You and I both know what the immediate response to that would be. But in spite of that, we none the less have the west led by the United States, Britain, France and even Germany supporting what is total claptrap.

But to properly understand the workings of such sick minds one regrettably has to sometimes walk in the shoes of the owners of such minds, uncomfortable and unpleasant though that is, to quote Hillary Clinton in her observations on US talks with the Taliban after fighting them for over 10 years; longer than the two 20th Century world wars combined.

Almost without exception the overwhelming majority of Caucasian Jews are unquestionably Europeans whose immediate ancestors originated from Russia and like their white, Christian European counterparts converted to a Semitic religion, in their particular case it was Judaism. Subjected for centuries to innumerable acts of persecutions and multiple pogroms which first commenced in Russia and then spread like wildfire across Europe reaching its pinnacle in the European holocaust, these Jewish converts and their descendants over and over again sought to find safe places of refuge for themselves, a perilous situation that not unnaturally created a siege mentality with significant numbers of them. And who with hindsight, and viewing their position realistically, can blame them? This prevailing siege mentality however led in turn to a peculiar but quite unhealthy penchant for inbreeding among themselves creating even more isolation for them, but bizarrely it also sharpened their instincts for survival, and Jews to this day are some of the world’s greatest and most adept survivors.

Never a Semitic people unlike the Palestinians who biologically and genetically are Semites but who the Zionist fraudsters – and lets categorically and unrepentantly reinforce here that being a Jew whether from Europe or any other part of the world isn’t the same as being an odious Zionist, significant numbers of whom among the latter are North American Christian fundamentalists that actually hate Jews, or people with no religion at all – nevertheless make it their individual business to repeatedly and remorselessly castigate for obvious reasons the authentic Semites whose land, Palestine, they have stolen, just as in the same way they have taken to personally adorning themselves with all of the Semitic finery that is neither lawfully nor morally theirs but which they can all the same lay their hands on. And the quite sickening thing about all this is they’ve become quite adept at playing and effectively utilizing the guilt complex card, intimately associated with the European holocaust, against their European kith and kin that for several generations have premeditatedly made the lives of genuine Caucasian Jews an absolute living hell on earth. An entirely reprehensible state of affairs which not only totally demeans the consequences of the holocaust itself but also puts at nought the treasured memories, inhuman degradation and the appalling trauma suffered by all those who were its victims. This though doesn’t stop these grasping swine from literally screwing everyone they can in the name of the holocaust in order to pursue their very lucrative but avaricious agenda.

Where I implacably and unapologetically depart from the Zionist Jews is in relation to their abominable mistreatment, to put it mildly, of the Palestinian people who weren’t in any way directly or indirectly responsible for what happened to white Caucasian Jews or anyone else for that matter in Europe’s holocaust; who didn’t carry out any pogroms against Jews at any time in the past or were they ever implicated in what most Europeans generally, and not just the Germans, did against their Jewish kith and kin. These unspeakable evils, and lets not beat around the bush about this, had their genesis in Europe and were carried out exclusively by white, Caucasian Europeans, full stop, end of story to quote David Cameron when he spoke about Britain’s claims to the Malvinas, Falkland Islands; and this can’t be reinforced enough, particularly to remind diehard Zionists of the likes of David Cameron who when it suits their obnoxious purposes have no problem at all in standing on their soapboxes and pontificating to everyone else about the so-called rights of their case, but when it comes to the European holocaust and the theft of Palestine and the displacement of its people have very convenient memories or none at all.

Therefore for European or any other Jew, including fabricated Peruvian ones, let alone the plethora of repulsive Zionists worldwide, and particularly those in the United States to take their real or manufactured frustrations, vengeance or just pure sadism out on the Palestinians is like a group of victims who having been mugged in London, decide they don’t want to live there or in Britain any longer, so they emigrate to the United States, head for New York and on arriving there collectively and immediately embark on wreaking their pent up frustrations and vengeance in anyway they can on local New Yorkers who had absolutely nothing to do with the crime that was committed against these London émigrés, an furthermore don’t even look like them or their attackers back home in London. I don’t know of a solitary US citizen let alone anyone in New York that would say that what these London immigrants were doing was quite in order even going to the ludicrous extent of justifying their actions on account of what happened to these people in London. Yet this is precisely what you’re doing in the case of the Palestinians people vis-à-vis white, Caucasian, European immigrant Jews and Zionists who have effectively and systematically ethnically cleansed them from their homeland; and you allow this or turn a blind eye to it because the Palestinians aren’t like you – in short they aren’t white!

As I intimated earlier stating that you’re a victim then resorting to the same tactics that your abuser or abusers used against you and to do so against entirely innocent people who were in no way responsible for your predicament automatically negates your right to claim let alone sanctimoniously occupy the moral high ground and effectively renders you no different from your heartless abuser(s). Therefore, using the European holocaust, horrendous as it was for all of its victims and not just European Jews alone, as a convenient stick to beat anyone that you want to secure an unfair advantage over bar those whom you should actually be wielding this stick viciously against: principally the European countries and their citizens that initiated and actively participated in this holocaust; the US, Britain, Canada and Australia for example that callously, inhumanely and sadistically turned away refugee Jews from their borders even though they were entirely aware of what was happening in Germany and the rest of mainland Europe, even repatriating or forcing these desperate, escaping Jews back to the countries they had fled from and where all of them ended up in Europe-wide death camps, ought I believe to be your priority, and not gratuitously taking out your barbaric behaviour in conjunction with that of your time-honoured, and in historical terms as far as Europe’s holocaust is concerned rather recent, erstwhile abusers on entirely innocent Palestinians, their Arab and, would you credit it, fellow Semitic neighbours. For this isn’t by any semantic juxtaposition of the words either logical conduct or behaviour worthy of the term civilized no matter how frequently or loudly you append these appellations to yourselves.

The truth is Europe wanted to be shot of its Jews one way or another, and with World War II having put a particularly awkward and dispiriting spanner in the works of fully achieving this through the fascist and Nazi route of total annihilation the encouragement of mass migration from Europe after the war backed by massive financial incentives was seized on as a feasible alternative to what had previously been envisaged for Europe’s Jews. Unfortunately many of Europe’s Jews unhesitatingly fell for this con, which has been methodically played out just as it has been venally exploited by a whole host of obnoxious Zionists who like the vile and evil carpetbaggers that they are saw the enormous financial gains to be made and avariciously lost no time at all in swiftly capitalizing on what must have seemed to them like bountiful manna from heaven; something that has gone on for the last 66 years.

I must say though that I’m totally in sympathy with those European Jews who felt they could no longer in the prevailing circumstances live in peace and harmony with their Christian, kith and kin and felt that they needed to have a specific homeland for themselves, and not least so because of security considerations. However, as I’ve argued many times before in numerous other articles, lectures, speeches and discussions, this explicit and identifiable homeland for European Jews should have been unreservedly and authoritatively established in Europe not Palestine or anywhere else for that, and it should have been carved out from the territories of those countries which were the worst holocaust offenders, and this shouldn’t have been done solely for the Jews but just as forcefully for Europe’s Gypsies, every bit as much the innocent victims of Europe’s holocaust; have never been compensated for this; and to this day are still persistently persecuted throughout Europe and particularly the EU, which has no problems in self-righteously as well as repugnantly dictating to others whom it doesn’t like, or who refuse to bend the knee to its colonialist and imperialist diktats and those of the Americans how they should live their lives, but even go further as in the case of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Sudan and in their current attempts in Libya do all in its power to break up sovereign states at will; yet the Gypsies whom they so totally despise are unquestionably Europe’s oldest indigenous people. And this from a fundamentally unaccountable entity, certainly in terms of its Commission of surreptitiously appointed members, that from every conceivable objective analysis that I can possibly ascertain is a markedly, politically discredited, financially corrupt, morally bankrupt and venally predisposed Cabal with all the hallmarks of a mafia outfit.

Now we have the quite ludicrous situation of nearly half a million Israeli citizens either born or raised abroad, whose parents are from overseas and additionally 50,000 others per annum either in possession of or claiming US, British, other European Union, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passports; and among this disparate mix of those selfishly hedging their bets are several Russian Jews and other East European immigrants from the former Soviet Union; individuals who are either returning to the lands that they originally came from or are simply trying their luck elsewhere, which rather despairingly I would assume for the highly fanatical and uncompromising fascist Zionists who are behind and particularly supportive of the Israeli Palestinian project all adds up to the startling fact for them that there are more people leaving racist, apartheid Israel than there are emigrating to it. But these are people who envelop their lives with myths and therefore can see no further than the preposterous fantasies that they’ve devoted their entire lives to creating and which have become so deeply ingrained in their way of thinking that they’re totally incapable of rational thought or behaving in any manner that is conducive to civilized conduct as it’s generally understood by most people.

So rather than allow commonsense to kick in and actively facilitate a situation where genuine and meaningful dialogue with the true representatives of the Palestinians that they’ve brutally displaced but who all the same aren’t going to abandon their justifiable and moral entitlement to what’s rightfully theirs to take place; sincerely examine the option of a unitary, democratic state that would have the indissoluble support of Palestinians everywhere, including the mass of refugees not only living in the Middle East but who have been scattered to the four corners of the globe and of whatever faith or none, religious or secular Jews, Christians or atheists all of whom by freely opting to reside in Israel would also be personally making a pledge to live mutually and together in a country with equal rights for, we see instead from these intractable morons the asinine policy of unlawful settlement expansion on Palestinian land, disingenuous discourse about there being two separate, independent and sovereign countries being created when nothing of the kind would even remotely be present, and all that the Palestinians would really be left with would be a medley of economically deprived and unsustainable Bantustans serving as a major repository of very cheap labour to serve the needs of the Zionist, apartheid state of Israel that would still continue to be financially, diplomatically and militarily backed to the hilt by the United States, the EU and their cat’s-paws in the Middle East; Greater Israel acting as a colonialist outpost for US and western interests in the Middle East and continued United States hegemony there.

I referred earlier to myths being so deeply ingrained in the psyche of these fanatical Zionists that reality is something which is completely incomprehensible to them. And apart from the two most evident and ludicrous examples of these: that European Jews are Semites and what they’re doing in terms of their theft of Palestine is simply returning to and repossessing what is their ancestral homeland, there’s also a particularly significant third myth that few people even know about; this revolves around the highly risible notion that the acquisition of wealth and the natural business acumen that goes with it is intrinsically and irreversibly Jewish and is somehow a God-given talent that is then and inevitably passed down through the DNA of all Jews. Sorry to disappoint you folks but that’s utter rubbish. The Jews of Europe got their financial advantage when Charlemagne, following the defeat of the real Roman Empire by the Huns and other northern European tribes, through warfare and other means became their overall ruler then appointed himself the emperor of what he then somewhat grandiloquently rebranded as the Holy Roman Empire. Then from what some historians and observers of his reign, all of them without exception white Caucasians I must point out, charitably described as religious piety summarily and rather capriciously commanded by royal proclamation that nobody in his empire who was Christian should henceforth engage in monetary transactions.

This would in today’s terms be the equivalent of all the governments in the west ordering that no white person, even those who were already so involved, got involved further in any shape or form in their respective stock markets, in effect summarily handing such transactions over to anyone who wasn’t Caucasian. Now we all know the kind of response that such a decision would evoke on Wall Street and in the bourses of the UK and EU. Anyway, I digress! Suffice to say that overnight from being top dogs in their contemporary economic markets Christians abruptly found themselves as the underdogs and with only two significant religious groups in their respective communities: explicitly Christians and Jews, economic power quickly passed from one to the other. This edict of Charlemagne remained through his rein and that of many of his immediate successors guaranteeing that Jews who’d been given an unfair advantage to start with were not only able to capitalize on their unexpected good fortune but were equally determined to ensure that they maintained this economic stranglehold on everyone, and with it the many patronages that they could buy. And guess what! It’s a prudent policy that is still very much alive and kicking today and of course evokes all sorts of envies. But ask yourself if you were in their shoes what would you do?

That out of the way in terms of the misconception of Jewish economic acumen being a gift from God and not the direct consequence of a piece of rank stupidity on the part of Emperor Charlemagne it still begs the question which I’d like to posit here, and it’s this. Why should Israeli citizens who have the options of where they can or do live be able to continue telling Palestinians who don’t enjoy this luxury or privilege and whose land they’ve stolen and both individually and collectively deny them not only access to it but also the chance to return and live there where their place of abode should be, and particularly so in respect of the land they have for millennia called Palestine and quite legitimately regard as home? And while I have no problem whatsoever with European Israelis with genuine links to Europe or even Britain returning there I nevertheless firmly believe that any condition of their acceptance for such a move should be significantly dependant on the clear acknowledgement that in the same way that they see themselves as Europeans or Israelis when it suits their purposes the Palestinian people should also have the same explicit and inalienable right to be what they always were, are and will forever be – Palestinians with the matching and unchallengeable entitlement to have their country back.

But in the event of intransigent Zionist zealots still wanting to have their cake and eat it at the same time too, stupidly clinging on to the wholly indefensible dogma of theirs that they must have their own Zionist state that must be exclusively for them, I have consequently and quite methodically gone to great lengths and have therefore carefully and for very obvious reasons, taking into consideration the active role that the countries mentioned have played in Europe’s holocaust, annotated below a few suggestions of my own relating to this exclusive and dare I say elite Zionist state and where it ought morally and could quite logically be set up and why so.

Suitable locations for an exclusive Zionist state:

1. All of Bavaria, Germany. Germany started the holocaust and was one of the primary motivators in the extermination of Jews.

2. All of northern France. Like Germany France played a very instrumental role in the holocaust and did so especially during the Vichy regime. The Nazi mindset still prevails in much of France to this day.

3. All of Holland. For the same reasons cited above; also lets not forget that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was an SS officer and founder member of the Bilderberg group. The Nazi mindset still prevails in Holland to this day.

4. All of Belgium, for the same reasons cited above; also Belgium was an active Nazi collaborator, anyway Belgium isn’t a country but an artificial construct.

5. All of Austria; Adolf Hitler’s birth place and we’re all familiar with the entrenched nature of Nazism and its odious ideology in Austria.

6. All of Denmark. An odious little place and the hotbed of Nazism during and after the Second World War. Besides, any country that can produce the likes of Anders Rogh Rasmussen deserves on that basis alone to be wiped off the face of the map.

7. The entire troika of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia all of who were active participants in the wholesale massacre of Jews, contributed immensely to the Waffen SS and even had their own detachments. They still even though they’re members of the EU, which doesn’t say much for the EU itself, continue to celebrate the Waffen SS, have cenotaphs to that organization and boast that they were able to do what even Germany didn’t manage and wipe out all of their Jews.

8. Half of Norway; an active Nazi German ally and supporter; still have strong Nazi tendencies.

9. Half of the Ukraine. Like the Baltic States Ukraine was up to its neck in collaborative and unstinting support for the Third Reich. It also provided several battalions of crack Waffen SS troops and many of those operating in the Nazi death camps of Eastern Europe were Ukrainians. To its eternal shame Britain post-war and poodle like allowed the US to dictate that we should take in tens of thousands of these odious people which we did under the lame pretext that they were anti-communist and would be helpful to us against the Soviet Union, ironically a wartime ally. Their progeny are still in the UK and now form the bulk risibly of the English Defence League. You couldn’t make stuff like that up!

10. All of Croatia; a Nazi supporter of Germany, transported many Jews from that region to their deaths elsewhere in Europe. Still an ally of Germany and the cat’s paw that was used to bring down at Germany’s instigation the Yugoslavian Republic.

11. All of Poland; Poland wasn’t the innocent that many people like to think it was, there were ugly and even nasty elements of anti-Jewish sentiments in that country previous to during and post-war. Nazi sentiments still flourish there and personally I wouldn’t grieve one bit to see this country disappear entirely as there’s nothing at all redeeming about it, unless you’re keen on plumbers.

12. Northern Italy; a nasty little entity in the past and still is to this day; fascism and Nazism tendencies still prevail.

13. Half of Spain, excluding the Basque region. The history of Spain is every bit as odious as that of my own country the UK but its penchant for fascism and Nazism ideologies makes it a prime candidate for re-conquest by the Jews. Anyway they lived on the Iberian Peninsula quite happy in cohabitation with the Muslims until 1492 when they were viciously expelled and Spain has a history of pogroms against Jews.

14. All of Switzerland; sleazy, avaricious, venal; the stinking sewer of dodgy money and the repository for all the stolen Jewish wealth that was deposited there and in most cases remains there. The least said about Switzerland the better, except that as a country it shouldn’t exist.

15. Britain fought against the Nazis I know but it still has an objectionable past of hostility towards Jews and actually turned away many who sought refuge in the UK; many of them would ultimately end up in the death camps of Europe. So even though it’s my own country and many of my relatives participated in the war against Nazism Britain shouldn’t escape punishment. In which case I suggest that the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands be handed over. Why the Isle of Wight and Channel islands, no other reason than to bring home to my fellow Brits that in the same way they wouldn’t like to be disposed of some of their islands the Argentineans also feel the same way about the Malvinas which we call the Falklands.

16. Any of the Russian Republics that the Zionist wanted as compensation for all the many pogroms that Russia and the Soviet Union has committed against the Jews in the past.

17. Newfoundland and Nova Scotia; the current Canadian government is staunchly Zionist in sentiment so why not go the whole hog and give them some of your territory Canada?

18. News South Wales, Australia, for the same reasons suggested in the case of Canada.

19. Georgia, which is already a Jewish state anyway.

20. Alaska, Florida and Texas, United States of America. How appropriate this would be that the country which has stalwartly supported Zionists worldwide should be made to give up some of its prime territory to these people and of course an influential group of its citizens at home; after all if you like them as much as you say you do then you shouldn’t have any problem chipping in and helping them out. But that aside it’s also compensation for the several ship loads of World War II Jewish refugees that the United States adamantly refused to allow to land in that country, forcibly sent them back to Europe culminating in actions that saw these people dying horrendously in Europe’s concentration camps. Notwithstanding the fact that ant-Jewish sentiment at the time was rampant in the US and that both grandfathers of George W, Bush were intimately associated with the Nazi Third Reich of Germany; one as the official banker of the Nazi Party, the other providing the lethal gas which was used in the death camps of Europe to exterminate their millions of innocent victims there.

And having given you my personal and unrepentant take on this I quite frankly couldn’t care less what happened to those who were displaced or ethnically cleansed from whichever entity that the Zionists chose to set up their new homeland in. And why, because none of you give a damn what happens to the Palestinians but I’m sure if were your lives put in similar perilous jeopardy you would have a great deal to say about it as you bemoaned these several injustices that were being inflicted on you, and in those circumstances and from my own perspective there are no words in any of the languages I speak that can adequately sum you up for what you are, so I’ll just hold this mirror up to you and let your consciences, if you have any, make that call.

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