The Three Effective Tools to Minimize Employee Turnover and Maximize Production

From “The 2008 Employee Retention Series”
By Juan A. Rivera (Owner and CEO of

My name is Juan A. Rivera; I am the Owner and CEO of A2Staff Recruiters. Our Company specializes in the search, recruitment and development of managers for both private and publicly held companies. One of the reasons for my personal and professional success in the Staffing Industry is the application of these three points on a daily bases.

Tool number 1: Build Employee Trust and Loyalty

– Employees need to feel that they are important to the organization. Include your employee’s opinions in some decision making processes. A quick brain storm with your employees will let them know that you truly appreciate their input. Also, it will help you to understand more the problems that they encounter in their day to day work. (NOTE: Is very important that during the brain storming process NO ONE puts down any ideas from any of the participants). All Ideas need to be written down) This process should take no more than five to ten minutes, more time than that will start a long debate of ideas.

  • Have your management team to become MENTORS and not only bosses. A manager’s job is to supervise, teach and develop their team. This will make the employees field worthy of opportunities within the organization.
  • Have your management team take the initiative to notice and apprise every employee that do something good. On the SPOT, a one minute apprise for every time each employee achieve a goal. This will let your employees know that they are doing something good and the managers are noticing it.
  • Have regular meetings with the workforce and publicly notice outstanding performance from Super Stars in the organization. This will give models to your employees and elevate the standards on the productivity.

Tool number 2: Motivate Your Employees

  • Do not use MONEY as a motivation. Money only buys little time. Besides, if you try to keep your employees with money, you expose yourself to lose them to better offers.
  • Design games and competitions against departments to build teams. Example: Sales Team against Production Team (NOTE: Competitions within department are not recommended, this could create conflict within the individuals). Post day to day results so everyone can see them. This will elevate the production levels and maintain the interest in TEAM WORK.
  • Select one average employee a month to direct a small project and empower him or her with the authority to develop it. This will motivate those average employees to expand their knowledge.

Tool number 3: Conduct Employee Performance Reviews on a Regular Basis

  • By performing regular reviews your employees will see the importance of achieving their goals to the operation.
  • Also this will let your managers know of any difficulties your employees are encountering.
  • The information gather in these reviews is a very good tool to measure general production goals and departments needs.

Note: These regular reviews need to be brief, positive and general. Usually should take no more than 5 minutes and always documented with a brief comments section for the employees. Reprehend the bad actions and not the person and always let your employee know that he or she is important to the organization. Do not dedicate more than 5 minutes to this process, as this could give the impression of an exit interview… witch defeat the propose of the review in the first place.

I hope that the information I have provided in “The Three Effective Tools to Minimize Employee Turnover and Maximize Production” can help you and your organization as much as it has helped me and my customers for many years. Visit us at

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