Shelby SuperCars Undergoes First Round Financing: $5,000,000 of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock

Shelby SuperCars, Inc announced recently it has signed with Sheffield International Finance Corporation to provide Investor Relations services for its raising $5mm through the company’s confidential private placement issuing 5,000,000 shares of preferred stock at $1.00 per unit for total proceeds of $5,000,000.

SSC has developed conservative pro-forma based on capturing an exclusive segment of the market. The Company expects to use the proceeds to finance the construction of manufacturing facilities, ramp up full-scale manufacturing, fund the development of the Ultimate Aero EV (SSC’s first electric Supercar) and to continue the research and development required to keep SSC exciting in the marketplace.

With the proposed manufacturing facility and the expected showrooms opening worldwide, the Company expects its projected sales of the Ultimate Aero and the launch of the Ultimate Aero EV to increase significantly. A full breakdown of the Company’s projections is provided in the Confidential Private Placement Memorandum through investor relations firm Sheffield International Finance Corporation.

This offering represents the Company’s first acceptance of outside capital since its inception. To date, SSC has achieved its world-class status with internal funding only. The Company will take in $5,000,000 in first-round financing via the placement of its Series A Convertible Preferred Stock providing a 12% cumulative annual dividend to investors. The Company expects to entertain several exit strategies including a merger, acquisition, or IPO in the near future.

Interested parties capable of placing a minimum investment of $250,000 may contact Sheffield International Finance Corporation for a complete Investor Kit but the offering is said to be invitation based restricted to select invitees.

While auto enthusiasts and high profile financiers are reeling over the company’s recent announcement of a 100% electric supercar, Shelby SuperCars remains on track to deliver 4 clean supercars by end of year 2009. With the SSC brand securely engrained into the international automotive industry, SSC will follow its ever popular Ultimate Aero and Ultimate Aero EV with a lower priced, higher volume 4-door luxury, super-sedan, the “SSC Luxor”. The super luxury sedan is said to include reclining, heated and air conditioned rear seats, full time wireless internet and will maintain SSC’s commitment famous performance being first luxury sedan to be capable of speeds greater than 220 mph. Beyond GPS, Bluetooth, an infotainment center the luxury automobile will contain a fully capable personal computing system, accompanied by a 24 hour concierge service catering to the owner’s every need.

With all American engineering guided by one man’s vision, Jerod Shelby SuperCars, SSC is expected to keep the auto industry baffled with its ultra efficient business model. Although the minimum investment is $250K, the company expects to keep the number of investors to a minimum limiting the list of invitees to those who share a long term vision for SSC brand. The private placement is subject to final approval.

Shelby SuperCars, Inc. (SSC) is an all-American auto manufacturer based in West Richland, Washington. Founded in 1999 by Jerod Shelby, SSC has achieved design and engineering excellence in just seven years with the production of the Ultimate Aero Supercar.

Having obtained the Guinness World Record title of the “Fastest Production Car in the World,” the Ultimate Aero has solidified SSC’s place in history. With the goal of creating a world-class automotive brand, SSC’s future models include a four- door luxury sports sedan, and a historical engineering marvel, the Ultimate Aero EV – a 100% Green Supercar which will set the benchmark for the “world’s fastest electric car.”

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