Reasons your Ministry Should Consider Text Giving

Stewardship has always been a touchy subject in many churches today. It is something preachers do not like preaching about even though it’s inevitable. Nowadays everyone is familiar with online giving, but do you know what text giving is all about? It’s recommended you read more insights on this post and get answer to these burning questions.

Have you ever come across a fundraiser on the TV that’s trying to raise funds for a program or cause? Am sure the first thing that will come into your mind is the 9/11 or Haiti earthquake. At the TV screen base, you’ll see words like “text GIVE to 23235 now”. Have an idea now? The church can also use text giving to raise money for church projects or any other important cause. Here is the reason why text giving should be considered by the church:

More people are given the opportunity to give

In this era, not many people walk around carrying checks or cash. Most people carry credit cards. However, have you come across a card reader at the church? With text giving, the barrier to give for people who carry no checks or cash is eliminated. Text giving also offers donors the chance to set up recurring payments, increasing the opportunities for giving more each month.

It’s not expensive

You will come across service providers who charge a bit less for text giving. However, most of them will not – particularly those that provide other forms of e-giving. In most cases, it’s an add-on. For instance, you could be charged $ 5 each month to receive text gifts from donors. This amount is very low compared to what you anticipate to get from the congregation. In fact, the fee can be paid in just one tithe.

Donors select the funds they would like to donate to

Text giving will allow numerous funds to receive donations through text the same way e-giving is done via the web. The set-up is straightforward and information can be exported as desired. This means that if a person wants to send money strictly for the youth or missions, they can do exactly that.

Donations are received promptly

Some e-giving solutions subject the church to a waiting period for the money to clear from aggregate accounts. Funds deposited into accounts via text giving take less time to reflect into the accounts. This way, the church is allowed to become stewards of their funds.

It’s important to note the difference between text giving and mass text communication. Web applications designed for text to give will not let you send mass text messages to the audience. So, if you need to send mass text messages, the best option would be to use another text solution provider or different numbers: one number for listening, inviting and sharing and the other one for text giving.

Note that there are other text-to-give benefits you can enjoy like tax reporting, email receipts, history, etc., but we have discussed just the main features. The church should adopt more digital solutions as technology continues to expand.

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