President Obama’s Down Payment Assistance For First Time Home Buyers

Using first time home buyer grants from the government, future homeowners can get help to make the down payment on the home of their dreams. If the buyer is a tax-paying citizen of the United States, local government agencies will provide funding regardless of income or credit history.This could be as much as $20,000 in cash that could either be applied to your down payment or to your closing costs. This gives you instant equity that you can use to make improvements in your home or spend in any way you would like.The purchase of a new home is the biggest decision a person will make. While you can get a loan for up to 80% of the cost of the home, there are still many expenses that go along with buying a home. There are still the closing costs, federal taxes and a variety of fees to be paid.Having just enough money for the down payment is not enough. The government knows this and knows how financially draining buying a house can be. That is why they have created initiative plans so they will enter the real estate market.A homeowner’s credit rating and income are not factors in being accepted for a First Time Home Buyers Grant. There is money available thanks to different local and state agencies. The small investment of the time that it takes to fill in the application for a grant could result in a return as high as $20,000 that never has to be repaid.Governments are offering these first time homebuyer grants in an effort to encourage a population growth in certain neighborhoods, to increase housing prices, and to keep the real estate market moving, but the money will not be available forever. When you are looking for the right grant to apply for, use current databases that will help you find the most up-to-date grant for you.

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