New Condo Structure in Singapore Offers More Options for Personal Space

Space is at a premium in urban areas. Imagine an island nation that has limited space with a majority of it being urbanized. Now imagine the citizens of that nation who want green spaces doing two amazing things to bring back natural areas. One thing they do is actually make new land by dumping dirt into the ocean expanding their shores. Another is building green spaces in and on the buildings they live in. PARC Life is another executive condominium structure being built in Singapore. It has five towers and natural areas for the residences to enjoy outdoors. The most outstanding feature is the gigantic swimming pool that looks like an endless crystal clear river to swim in.

There is also going to be a steam and hydrotherapy spa for adults as well as a kids bubble spa. No one is left out of the fine amenities that will be available at the PARC Life executive condo project in Singapore. The kitchens will have nice hobs and hoods to allow you to effectively put on your amateur gourmet chef’s hat and be successful in cooking amazing meals. The AC system is made by the reliable Mitsubishi brand of wall-mounted air conditioners to keep the condos cool in the island heat of summer. I plan on spending a lot of my free time in the 50 meter lap pool.

We Singaporeans like to find ways of taking urban environments that are our home and making them into natural spaces that we can enjoy as individuals. I think this is why our swimming pools at condos are so big. Everyone needs to be able to go outside and find a bit of personal space. Being so urbanized, getting personal time and personal space does amazing things for morale and helping us to get through another work week.

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