Money For Teens: Ideas For Teens to Make extra money

Money For Teens

Teen Job Basics

1) For many of these ideas a credit card or paypal account will be req uired to make money so make a deal with your parents to use their credit card. Many parents will be hesitant to initiate a deal like this; reassure them that you will pay them back and keep a balance sheet to record the profits and expenses that accumulate.

2) Have no Self-Conscience. Putting yourself out there will be of great import for success. If you want to make money you cannot concern yourself with what people may think about your methods, just think about your deep pockets and their shallow ones with money for teens.

3) You have to be willing to put effort into what you do. Effort conquers ability.

The Money Making Methods

Money For Teens #1 : Caddying

If you live near a golf club then there is no better and more simple way to make money as a teen than caddying, and you get a workout. All caddying requires in most areas is one or two, two hour training courses to become certified. If you can get a job at a country club many members will tip around $80 per bag per round. It is highly suggested that you learn the course you work at quite well, so that you are able to assist your golfer and receive a higher tip. Also if you become studdly enough to build a reputation, members will ask for you specifically, and the more business the more money, so work at it and you could make up to $5,000 in a summer. Use this link to find a local golf club Find Local Golf Courses.

Money For Teens #2 : Landscaping

A kid can do landscaping jobs starting very young, possibly even in pre-teen years. Ask your parents if you can mow their lawn and have them pay you. Argue that you are cheaper than the landscaping company they pay for. Landscaping may also entail other household jobs like painting or laying mulch, just offer your assistance for a small price. Don’t stop at your parents, ask neighbors and post flyers, especially if you live in a walking community where houses are very easy to get to. Landscaping is a great job to do with a friend and can be quite fun and very simple. First schedule an appointment for an estimate and then if the customer agrees schedule a time to do the labor. Customers will pay you a much higher wage if you supply your own equipment so arrive prepared.

Money For Teens #3 : Manage Landscaping

This job takes a little more smarts and can be more of a challenge, but when pulled off successfully you will become loaded and have all your friends looking up to you. You may think this is an impossibility at the age of 16, but I have seen in my town alone two different kids run a landscaping business and make more than $10,000 in just a summer. I suggest that you start off by learning the ropes of landscaping, mow your lawn and then start mowing your neighbor’s lawns, try to get some painting jobs as well. As you get more and more business, save your money, hire friends to work for you at a low hourly wage and continue to expand your business. If you get enough money buy your own lawn mower, a cheap truck, and a trailer. If you cannot drive yet you may want to move on from your friends and hire adults. I know a 15 year old with two 35 year old employees and they landscape for more than 30 houses a week. Also with that truck you can buy a plow and start a winter plowing business.

Money For Teens #4 : Make a Website

That’s what you are reading right now, a website that I made to make money while helping you to make money. Making or running a website is not very difficult with all the new programs that can help you and all the material online to guide you. Ebay(link it) is a great place to buy websites that have already been established as well as it). I will also list some host websites and materials that can help you learn about how to build and run a website. This idea has the most potential for huge success but also the most risk for failure. Luckily the monetary investment is quite small. If you can get good at making websites quickly, you can sell a few hours’ work for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Check out the site below for guidance.

w3schools-a free code glossary

Money For Teens #5 : Sell On Ebay

You can do this at any age and it will make your parents happy. Ask them what junk that has built up around the house you can sell. Selling on Ebay is super cheap and has a very high success rate. You would be surprised at what some people will buy. You can make a couple thousand dollars in this way, but you will eventually run out of supply. If you find yourself successful, you can find more supply by buying wholesale items and selling them individually or by going to thrift shops and finding underpriced items. I have heard numerous stories of people finding Scotty Cameron golf putters for like $20 and realizing that they sell for hundreds on Ebay. Craigslist is another great source of merchandise that you can buy cheap and sell high. Quick hint, buy diabetic testing supplies on Craigslist and sell them on ebay, a great way to make money as odd as it sounds.

Money For Teens #6 : Create an Ebay Business

Why limit yourself to selling your own stuff? You can set up a business in which you sell other people’s stuff on ebay for a cut. Go to local businesses and ask them if they need assistance in selling any old equipment that they no longer use, or post flyers advertising your ability to sell on ebay. Take advantage of people’s stupidity thinking that selling on ebay is difficult. And on top of all that, there is no risk involved, the products are not even your own.

Money For Teens #7 : Sell Candy at School

The profit margins for selling candy at school are huge, often 100{b922f8cefff31631deb29509dd0146200d12f58f2292deeff3107b9a333ca788}. This business can be tackled in many ways, the easiest is selling gum. Everyone loves to have gum, especially for the weekends, so Fridays are the best day to whip out the gum, especially if your school does not allow it to be chewed. The most profitable way to sell gum is each individually wrapped piece. A $1 pack of gum usually contains 12-15 pieces. If you sell each individual piece for $.25 then you make $3+ a pack or you can sell the whole pack for $2. Either way in a big high school you can make $50+ every Friday throughout the school year, thats an extra $1,500 of income. Although, the real jackpot comes Monday through Thursday; not many kids will buy the regular old candy because it frankly is neither essential nor addictive nor interesting. What kids will buy is asian candy. There is a candy called Hi-chew, in both a cheap American version, and a more expensive Japanese version, that is an absolute delight to eat and is almost addictive. Kids will go crazy for this stuff, especially if there isn’t a china town around or Super 88 where they can buy it themselves. Because people will first be skeptical, buy a fair amount, they are sold as individually wrapped chews in packs of 10 or 12 for about $1.50, and give everyone a free 2 pieces. That’s all they need and they will be hooked. I was in 5th grade and I made $80 in a week selling this stuff to a grade of 56 boys. This candy is so good people will literally be willing to pay $10 for a single pack of 12 pieces. You will easily be able to sell this for about $2.50 to $3.00 a pack and make a killing. The american version sells for about $.60 and can be sold for a bout $1.50 to $2.00 and is also very profitable.

Money For Teens #8 : Start a Clothe Printing Business/Screenprinting

Cool Custom apparel for sports teams and individuals are in high demand at all schools and in all towns. (place links for how-to and deigns and such) People love having unique shirts with good sayings on them to show that they are on a certain team. For example, the wrestling team might want to get unofficial shirts for the team that say varsity wrestling for whatever school and then have a wrestling slogan, you could provide those shirts. Starting a custom printing business has huge profit potential as things will usually be ordered in bulk and the prices can be jacked up for customization. Besides a simple hot press the only other requirement is designs, so all you need is an artist. The apparel itself can be ordered after you receive a customer order to reduce risk of overstock. Also if you can successfully brand yourself, you can set up shop at sporting events like wrestling tournaments and make custom shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts for the events and charge a hefty price because there is no other way to get shirts that say “Beast of the East”, except for at that event. Lax pinnies are also taking off in popularity, and if you could get yourself into the business of making custom lacrosse pinnies, which no one does well, you could become extremely successful.

Money For Teens #9 : Start a Car Detailing Business

A business like this, very similar to a landscaping business, can be especially fun and effective because not only do you receive wads of cash, but also you get to be the boss of your friends. I would argue that this is the best and easiest cash business to set up as a teen. All you need is a few employees and very limited supplies; a little bit of car wax, a car vacuum, and cu-tips may even suffice. Cleaning out the crevices in the leather where crap accumulates with cu-tips will definitely earn you some extra dough. Good car detailers get paid around $200, so if you can do even a decent job you should make $50 per detailing. You can set up shop in the parking garages of malls and other places where people stop for a decent amount of time and pay the building owners a cut or just rent out the space. I’m telling you this can make so much money. A few kids in my town did this and made thousands upon thousands of dollars, this is especially successful in nice areas.

Money For Teens #10 : Buy Old Arcade Games

Assuming you don’t live in a mob infested area where all the cash businesses are controlled, go ahead a buy a pinball machine or deer hunter game and you could make some great money. I suggest you watch Kinghuman’s video on youtube about this idea (I will link below), but he claims that he did it as a kid and has inspired others to do so, and some kids claim to make $600 a week from just a couple machines. All you really need to do is find a good used arcade game and find a low class restaurant (pizza place) that has a bit of extra space. Ask the owners if you can plant your game in their restaurant and give them 50{b922f8cefff31631deb29509dd0146200d12f58f2292deeff3107b9a333ca788} (negotiable) of the revenue. Then one day a week drop by the place with the key and collect your easy money. After the initial investment you have basically no monetary obligations, although you may want to look into some cheap insurance in case someone decides to smash your game up. An excellent part of this business model is the ability to expand. This lends itself extremely well to the concept of using your profits to reinvest and grow. Soon enough you may own arcade machines all over the area and have employees going to collect your weekly earnings of thousands of dollars.

Money For Teens #11 : Investing In Stocks

Investing in stocks has been my most successful money making method; however, this only works well once you have already amassed some dough. Trading stock requires a few things that you will need your parents for, either a stock broker or an online trading account with Etrade or Fidelity. On top of that, you will need to learn what to look for in the financials of a company to decide on your investments, but to start you can always go with the steady movers, such as Apple, Microsoft, and GE. Tip #1, look at a company’s earnings and compare them to other companies in the same sector. For more I suggest reading some of the material I read, which I have listed below, also ask your parents if they have any experience.

Money For Teens #12 : Create Websites For Businesses

Many small, local businesses, no matter where you live, are looking to attach a website to their business. If you can learn pretty simply how to design a neat looking website, then you can go to your local businesses and have them pay you a fee to make them a website. They should be willing to take your discounted rate over a professional’s and once you become successful you can create your own website making business for other businesses to use. You will have to market yourself and do some research and possibly go business to business to try to sell your service, but this job will pay well.

Money For Teens #13 : Deliver Pizzas

If you have a car and a pretty clean driving record, you can make some quick extra money delivering pizzas, call up your local pizza place and check it out.

Money For Teens #14: Waiting Tables

If you are a sociable person this opportunity should really speak to you because nicer people get better tips. The nicer the place the higher the tips so aim high. It really is a pretty easy job and good waiters can make some pretty good money.

Money For Teens #15 : The Classic…Babysit, Babysit, Babysit

The classic teen job, babysitting, it may be boring and take up your free nights, but a good few hours of babysitting can pay off. Babysitters tend to get paid between 10 and 20 dollars an hour, so if you can babysit 4 hours a week and make an extra $60 a week, thats $3120 a year. That works. This is especially effective in richer neighborhoods where parents like to go out a lot and will pay high wages to their babysitters. Just make sure that when you walk in you shake both parents’ hands, look them in the eye, and smile.

Money For Teens #16 : Start A Babysitting Business

Manage a babysitting business. Get a bunch of your friends to work for you and find clients for them and then take a cut of the earnings. Post flyers all around and market your business, then when a parent calls and asks for a time, find one of your employees willing to take that time. The only issue here is trust, you have to figure out a way to make the parents trust any one of your employees with their child. Possibly have bios ready for all your employees and guarantee trustworthiness. Also read one of those above handbooks so you really know what you are doing.

Money For Teens #17 : Pet Sitting / Start A pet sitting business

This one pretty much goes hand-in-hand with babysitting, pet sitting has the potential to be extremely profitable and there is less competition. Ask your friends who have pets if they ever need assistance and offer your service. All you really have to do is walk their dog, maybe feed their cat and just do whatever you want in the general vicinity of the pet. Using the same business model as a babysitting business, pet sitting offers the opportunity to expand into a legitimate business.

Money For Teens #18 : Have A Garage Sale

Pretty simple, have a garage sale. I am sure your parents would be happy to get rid of plenty of old junk and you can do it for them while turning a profit. This method makes you quick cash and does not require too much effort.

Money For Teens #19 : Buy Bargains From Garage Sales to Sell on Ebay/Craigslist

You can find amazing deals at garage sales because most people just want to get rid of their junk, yet some other people will find that junk valuable. An opportunity arises from this difference, you have the chance to flip many items for a profit using ebay or craigslist and many other item selling sites.

Money For Teens #20 : Ref/Umpire For Kid Sports

Reffing and Umping for kids sports is a great way to make extra money when you are young on top of another job. The requirement is typically to attend a short class or two to receive your certification and then you are ready for hire. You can usually start this as early as 7th grade for reffing soccer games and high school for umping baseball games. It is an easy way to make some extra cash every week, making $20-40 per game.

Money For Teens #21 : Learn To DJ

Learning to DJ is an excellent and fairly easy way to make a very good amount of money as a teen. All you really need is a decent ear for music; you do not need to know how to scratch on turntables or any of that fancy stuff when you are young. Mostly you need to be able to put together playlists on your computer with songs that are fun and sound good together or you need to be able to take song requests from kids and click play on your computer. I have seen 9th grade students DJ at bar/bat mitzvahs and make a good amount of money from their employers. If you live in a Jewish area this is an idea you should highly consider because you have a great opportunity to exploit the bar/bat mitzvah parties. And once you become skilled you can break off from whatever company you work for and begin your own, supplying your own equipment and keeping all the profits. DJs often get paid hundreds of dollars just to play music at teen dances. Also with the rise of electronic music DJs are starting to take over the music industry so this is a great feeder job into the music industry if you plan to pursue that type of career.

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