Misbeliefs of what women think men want

Sometimes the opposite sex can have a totally wrong idea about the other sex, among them, is the picture of what guys want. Well we’ve listed a number of the most usual misconceptions women assume guys like, but actually don’t. There is also a list of things they do want, so that you realize what you can trade those wrong ideas with to please him.

Lines on the face

Women are all swept up about the smallest details on their face and spend money and stress on lotions that really won’t get them away.

The truth is;

It’s really only you who will notice. Also, the thought that wrinkles are sexy only on an aged man, is a fable. A lot of guys find that the wrinkles on a women show character, and is also sexy.

Skirts too short- Sometimes men don`t desire their woman to be dressed that provocative. Women can put too much importance here, as men don’t want their woman to wear such sexy outfits. It may be because they don`t desire others looking at their woman, or they believe that she looks great whatever she wears.

As an alternative

Give him more intimate time. Just because a man doesn’t want you to go out with the neckline of your shirt plunging down to your stomach doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of some skin. Treat him to some extra time in the bedroom, and show him that he’s the only person who can see you that way.

Fake attitudes

Men don`t desire someone who handles problems like a little girl, they want a woman, someone who handles things maturely.

On the other hand;

Do not play games on him, and don`t be fake. He would desire things handled in a mature, intellectual manner.

Playing hard to get

It`s only a fable that guys will enjoy you playing hard to get with him. Most men are searching for genuine relationships and will desire you to express your real emotions to him.

The truth is;

Playing games with him will only get a guy who plays games with you. Acting mature and smart will catch a guy who reciprocates that with you in his relationships.

A man wants you to be loyal, after he’s worked to earn your trust, you should show him that he can confide in you in return. Be loyal to him, and prove that to him so that he won’t worry about all the other guys in your life. Make sure he knows that he’s the only guy for you.

Acting sexual

Maybe she’s had a long day, and doesn’t feel like having sex, but he really wishes to. It can be wounding if women pretend to be into it or just plain unattractive if they moan and fake their way through sex just to get it over with.

As a substitute;

At least make an attempt in getting in the mood. Get him to romance you, or get something a little dirtier from him. Or you could make him wait another night, that way you can use sex for building your relationship and strengthening your bond together.

Not eating properly

Always being conscious about what you eat can be a turn off. At this point he either likes you or he doesn’t.

You should rather;

Your diet really won’t make too much of a huge deal to how much he loves you. It might affect your weight, but not his heart. You either got a good man, or he’s never going to be capable of that kind of love.

Wondering if another girl is better looking than you

Women can feel insecure if another good looking woman comes around.


Just because a man can see that another woman is beautiful, doesn’t mean he’s going to fall in love with her. When another beautiful woman can mean nothing at all to him, women can believe that attraction consists entirely of beauty.

Their love

What’s common in relationships everywhere is the mistake of what women feel about the way a man feels from the way he uses his time. For example, if he doesn’t call her in the amount she wishes, she thinks he doesn’t love her.

Men are different that women think

Men have focused thinking instead of multitasking thinking. So they get distracted easier. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. Men will also express themselves in different ways than women desire to receive. So in a successful relationship people need to express how they receive love the most to overcome this difference.

There are numerous wrong ideas about guys and the way they think. What would be constructive is to understand the opposite sex, and use it to build up a strong relationship with them.

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