Laying Of Terracotta Flat Roof Tiles

In last article you have seen the techinical details of burned clay tiiles. Now I am explaining how you can make most use out of the terracotta tiles.

Laying Of Terracotta Tiles

You got the best terracotta tiles for your sweet home from be best suppliesr like ” Bangalore Tile Company ” and now u want to make most out of that. For that you need follow some process.

First on is preparing the roof

The roof should be prepared for laying the terracotta tiles by maintaining enough slopp towards the water holes. Once that is done the surface should be rough enough that the tile should be stuck on the roof.

Place the tiles by keeping a minimum on 5 mm gap between tiles. And leave the joints with ou filling for 3 to 4 days. Proper curing must be done during this time. Once the cement is done through the shrinking process and properly cured. We can go for joint filling.

A mixture of water proofing compount and the cement and red oxide if required is mixed and this misture should be used to fill the joints.

once this process is done. Your roof is ready to face any weathering actions for the coming decateds. Now you have did the brillient thing you can do the make the value out of your money which you have spend for aking the whole house.

and you became the proud owner of

” Leak Proof Home “

As I have explained in the last article, the best tile we recoment is the extruded tiles as it is de areated and the probabality of water absoarbtion is again reduced.

But the advantage of the Pressed tiles is the superior surface finish compaired to the extruded tiles.

Other Names whihc this tiles are known is

Terracotta Slpit Weathering Tiles = Extruded Tile

Presed Tiles = Powder Processed tiles.

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