Knowing Your Assignment

We are all created for greatness. When we come into this world, God had already put everything in us to make us succeed in our areas of calling. All you need to discover is what God wanted you to do and you will be on the road to discovering the hidden giant in you. Child of God, you do not need money to prosper. You do not need to know the great men of this earth. All you need is an assignment from God. You already have it so don’t even bother praying for God to give you one.

Start praying for God to reveal to you what he sent you to accomplish in this earth. You might not believe it but there is something that only you can do it to God’s satisfaction. If you fail to know your assignment, its not only your life that will never be fulfilled but those who you were supposed to affect positively too. God will demand from you why you failed in your area of calling. You must understand that whatever God wanted you to achieve was not really for you but so that you can help another person achieve his destiny.

If you need money, its all in your assignment. Prosperity and greatness can all be found in the area God has designed for you. This area is unique to you and no one can ever get it as right as you do. Even if they trying copying you word for word. Note that your purpose does not necessarily have to be preaching. You might be called to be a business man, an architect or a lawyer. Whatever it is, it must touch and change people’s lives. Discover yours today and enjoy total fulfillment.

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