Juno Moneta: An Ancient Money Goddess With a Message for 21st Century Women

Female spiritual entrepreneurs are invited step into their truth as powerful professional presences through the archetype of Juno Moneta, an ancient goddess with a message for the 21st century.

The word “money” takes its name from Juno Moneta, a Roman goddess in whose temples coinage was minted. A fertility goddess, the Goddess Juno Moneta assumes her role as the abundant mother of money. Modeled after the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, and mother of the Muses, this archetype reminds women of their ability to manifest plentifully. This ability depends upon intuition, creativity, nurturance, and service in order to manifest.

In order to welcome the power of Juno Moneta’s mysteries into their lives today, female spiritual entrepreneurs must also be willing to consider the deep connections between money and emotions, facing illusions and exploring the positive and negative aspects of relationship with money as an earthly manifestation of divine energetic flow.

The first and most critical skill that any Moneta needs in the 21st century is an understanding of money as divine energy made manifest. In other words, the energetic flow is limitless, and the form of money itself simply exists as a way to make visible that flow.

Today’s entrepreneurs, versed in the Law of Attraction, seek support and belief in their vision. Some work with mentors for assistance as they reach their business earning goals through service, intuition, creativity, and joy. In the 21st century, they seek the expertise they need in order to succeed in their spiritual quest for the divine.

Working with Moneta, it becomes possible for women to initiate action, prepare specialized communication, and step into their power in their business – even on a budget. The archetype provides a strong mythological mentor partner for women as they learn new ways of thinking and communicating their passion about their work in the world.

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