How Retailers Are Navigating Holiday Season During Pandemic: Quantum Metric CEO

It’s a holiday season like we’ve never seen before.

This year, Cyber Monday and Black Friday might both be taking place mostly online and so will most of your holiday shopping. 

Adobe Analytics data shows that “consumers have spent $62.5B online in November so far, growing at 32.6% YoY. Since Sunday we’ve seen a continued increase in spending with $11.0B (49.2% YoY). All 24 days in November have surpassed $1B in sales with 4 days bringing in more than $3B each.”

Adobe, in an email to TheStreet, also added, “As consumers plan for the winter ahead, we see renewed interest in both books and arts and crafts categories. At this point in 2019, these categories were average performers, hitting 1.6x in online sales compared to October daily levels. This year they are among our top performers, with sales reaching an average of 6.5x for books and 4x for arts and craft materials compared to October levels and well above early in the pandemic.”

Mario Ciabarra, CEO of Quantum Metric, joined TheStreet to discuss retail during this holiday season and what he expects to see. 

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