Food Service Job FAQ

Able to work 3 hrs/day?
Im 16, living in Toronto. I want to get a leisure job but am afraid it will bring down my marks. Is at hand a job I can get that let me work 3 hrs afterschool and still leaves time for study? Is Tim Hortons a good choice?

About a Job?
Hello, Permit me to Introduce myself,i am Brig Adams T,a widow for Four years.Sorry i have to contact you this way,i registered at this Dating site to look into for a Woman to serve as My beautiful Kids Nanny.I reside in London,UK next to my two beautiful daughter’s of ages 7 and 9 years and am seeking for the services of an Asian nanny to come and work for me in the U.K.Their mom is Late and its such an stout task taking care of the kids alone besides i would be traveling for a project soon. I am of a mind to offer Eight Hundred and Fifty pounds sterling per week and will provide monthly shopping allowances as well as home.If interested do reply to my email at tmasculine(a) and i would send you more details of the job. Thanks. Brig. Adams

About a previous living.?
I had a previous job at a bagel shop 3 months ago that I quit. I feel good about quiting the duty until people and close friends who used to go in attendance and visit me started saying they miss me near and wish I would come back plus the boss misses me too motivation he keeps on telling me to come backbone if I want. Now I want to come back. What should I do?

About a profession interview?
I went to a job interview that i thought go well, during the interview he asked if i have be working since2005 i told him no.So i had second interview with a female and she asked me same question . When we were done she said to phone in a few day’s i did.When i called they said adjectives positions have been occupied.Do you think i did not get the chore because i havent worked in so long?

About Hollister mission interview?
what kind of questions would they ask surrounded by the interview? also how should i get ready? ty

About how lots days after a mission interview would it be a lost grounds =/?
I’ve looked up other questions about this, but the job all seem more ‘professional’ than mine x_X. I applied at Quizno’s, and I thought that I did pretty okay, considering I got some experience from my last 2 interviews…which didn’t travel well. The lady that interviewed me made it ‘seem’ approaching I was going to get hired, axiom how the manager will call me and speak to me about uniforms and my availability. It’s currently the 2nd time after the interview, and I’m a bit flustered because I got very excited. I dressed appropriately and be attentive throughout the interview. I was wondering if there is still hope despite the reality that it’s been 2 days =/? It’s my first job so I’m not exceptionally smart with this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you within advance ^_^!

About how much do crew leaders engender an hour at in haste food restaurants?
I’m getting promoted at my job and I need to know whats a believable wage per hour

About how much would a waitress trade name at Damon’s restaurant?
I just got a assignment as a waitress at Damon’s and I am interested to see how much a waitress makes typically at this restaurant. Also, any tips on how to make more would be great! Thanks!

About Job Transfering?
I just started working at McDonalds (In Arizona) and I plan on moving in a month or two so is nearby a way I can transfer to the McDonalds (In Texas)? Please serious interrogate

About self dawdle staff, what is the hiring process close to, the duties of the undertaking?
I have heard around how terrible people influence it is, but the question isn’t if it’s terrible or not, but what it’s similar to , what happens after the interview, is there a training class, what do they as a rule do every day on the job, what kind of things? What kinds of people do you serve, depending on where on earth you work, any thing you want to say roughly it,thanks

Accepted A Dishwasher Position (a) 8.00 Offered Another Job At Catering Comp. (a) 10.00?
I have been applying for job all month..I have three career offers now one is at $8.00 a hour as a dishwasher surrounded by a restaurant which its no negotiation for a raise until after 6 months and its about a hour ride to work (2 buses and long subway ride)..the other is a catering company (a) $10.00 which is in the region of 5 blocks from my house..I already accepted the dishwasher job which is tomorrow and i start the cook errand on saturday 11am which one should I do..I have very little experience as a cook but he offer training..Is the $8.00 worth it..both are full time..I also go to school (semester ends may 19th)

Accomplished Chef’s…preferably popular?
I need the name of a expert chef that I can get enough information on to do an essay quality newspaper on. And they have to be a certified chef. Can anyone help?

Ace-of-Cakes Style of Baking…?
Hello! I was wondering (for those of you that have see the show) what education is required to become a pastry chef. I know Duff went to the Culinary Institute of America within CA after going to a college for the arts. But, are there any places that specifically teach to dessert/pastry chefs? Thanks .. U

Adivice for a first time Waitress?
I’m probably going to get a job as a waitress/bartender I would love some tips on what to enunciate to customers, or any tips you might have, also maybe what to do/don’t on the interveiw =] thankfulness =]

Advice for beginer restaurant chef?
Hi, tomorrow I start a new job as a chef within a restaurant/cafe. I’m a really good cook, but I’ve never done it professionally. I have no formal training, and I’m afraid I’ll product a fool of myself. Any advise is appreciated, thank you very much

Advice for clean position at Taco Bell/KFC?
I just landed a living as a crew member at a combination Taco Bell/KFC resturant and was wondering if anyone could provide me some advice on how to be successful at this new work? Please make note if you own worked in either of these places.

Advice on becoming a bartender to earn some extra change?
I’m a college student but I could really use a night job as a bartender to earn some extra brass. Can anyone give me advice on a pious school to go to? (I’m contained by Philly).) Does the school help you find a profession? Do you enjoy being a bartender? Is it effortless? Any info would really help this clueless girl out! (Most informative gets best answer!) Grazie!

Advice on how to acquire a undertaking at McDonalds?
So does anyone have any advice on getting a situation at McDonalds? Any past experience with them? BTW I live within Australia.

Advice on working at hooters for a college student?
Im an 18 yr old college student, and needing a member time job to pay for university and my bills. I have worked in stores and office but am looking for a funner atmosphere to work at while im in college that isn’t sitting at a desk for hours. Is it a good conception to apply at hooters? I have always required to work there it looks like a fun post. Im not ugly, im a pretty decent looking girl and I am patently the girl next door type of girl. Any girls that work at hooters or have previously worked near what are the pros and cons? Do they pay good? What is a usual afternoon working there like? What are they looking for? Tips on how to do dutiful at the interview? Please no rude answers. Sorry if i asked too many questions, im purely curious and a bit nervous before applying lol.. appreciation! =)

Advice surrounded by becomming a cook/chef as a career-please!?
My husband is wanting to have a total career conveyance and persue his passion for cooking.We have a 2 year outdated and a baby due in May.I work quantity time shifts and he currently works full time shifts.We wont send the kids to a nursary until they go to the university one (dont have day carefulness for them as we do it ourselves,1 of us works when the other is at home). What will be the best way for him to go going on for starting a career in cooking?He would approaching to do it in a care home or arts school but the money is so poor,so maybe looking to work in a pub,resturant etc.Any direction to get him started?Thanks.xx ps We cant affordfor him to pack in his current living to train full time.

Advice: best track to memorize restaurant menu?
I’ve got to memorize this huge Mexican restaurant menu, but my memory is flawed. Anyone have any suggestions where on earth to start; maybe your a waiter also?

Advise on a waitress mission please :)?
Ok so currently i work at subway sandwiches and i really hate the living. It just doesnt pay ample and i hate But ya i have be wanting to apply somewhere else. I have had more experience next to serving and catering so i figured the job i am most promising to get is as a waitress. right? I mean they might start me rotten at minimum wage, but atleast i will get a lot of tips right?Anyone know what restaurant would be dutiful in tips?and would i even qualify for a sit down restaurant?I would appreciate as much information as i can get. PLEASE! thank you!

After 3 charge interviews, I still can’t draw from a situation due to anxiety. What should I do?
I have 7 years working experiences in my hometown Thailand, and hold lived in the states for 4 years. English is my second languages. Though mine is not fluent English speaker, but I can communicate next to others in my daily energy. However, It was my bad time as I just had my third interview yesterday, and I have to answer 12 questions during the interview. Actually, the questions be not too difficult to answer, but the problem was I was extremely tentative that made me stuttered and made my memory blocks. So I couldn’t even answer a simple question. I’m feeling frustrated. If I can’t overcome the fearfulness, I don’t think I can get a errand. My mother-in-law starts bad-mouthing me for not getting a job now. She won’t know and I will not share her my situation due to stigma. Even though my husband doesn’t give me pressure, my mother-in-law thinks that i hold no contribution to the house. I have dry mouth, stomachache, muscle tension on throat while have interview. Am I suffered from phobia

After available job interview question?
I went for a job interview yesterday and l am not sure how l go, the job interview went for more than 1 hour and be asked a lot of question, near was a lot of question like has my boss be unhappy with my work, l haven’t be in a job where on earth l could think of where my boss be unhappy as l have other gone that extra length to always finish my tasks, l don’t think she believe me and ask the question again. I had a typing test and 4 apitude oral exam also, l don’t think l done well on 1 try-out because l have never done this work before it have to do with figures, l am usually very good next to figures. How do you think l go?

After School assignment contained by Alamo Heights
I am a soon to be 14 year old guy that is looking for a situation in the San Antonio area of Alamo Heights, preferably practical the Alamo Heights Junior School. i turn 14 on August 24th and will be available to work then. I am hard working and i will do anything that i am asked to minus complaining. Please answer my question with for a while information about your company and your email address and i will email you if i am interested. Thanks, Walker Lancaster

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