Do Unpaid Medical Bills Show Up On My Credit Report And For How Long?

This can be a touchy subject for many people because of an emergency that they couldn’t pay for or the insurance company took to long to pay the bill, etc. Many people who have unpaid medical bills see them as insurmountable giants that are unfair to have.

Doctors are very quick to send their patients to the collection agencies because they don’t have the man power to keep calling that person for a long time. Not that doctors don’t want to help you, they just cant help everyone.

Do Your Best Not to Go Delinquent on Your Medical Bills. There correct information for your insurance. Make sure that you are working very closely with that doctors office so they know you are trying to pay it and not avoid them.

What for the bills and look over them carefully. Don’t just assume that the insurance company has paid them. A good thing to check is, make sure that the insurance company is not getting charge double or for things that you didn’t get.

Insurance Companies There are people out there trying to pay their own medical bills even if they have insurance because it takes so long for the insurance company to fork out the money. It is hard to see if it really is the person or the companies fault.

This has become such a big problem that some states are starting to charge fines to insurance companies that go past the time period set that they have to have the medical bills paid by. The states that have pasted this law are New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Know What is Covered Other than just knowing what is on your credit report, another way to help keep your credit score high and your record clean is to know what the terms are on your health insurance. It is important to be familiar with what your insurance covers and what it does not cover.

By knowing and understanding you insurance it helps you to stay on top of your medical bills. You will know what you need to pay up front. This will intern help to keep your doctors from reporting to the credit bureaus.

What Can I Do to Get the Medical Bill of the Credit Report If you agreed to pay the debt, you could try to negotiate to have the account removed from your credit report in exchange for payment, but be sure to get this agreement in writing (signed and dated by other party) in order for it to be legal and binding, before you send in payment. Do not rely on the debt collectors oral promise that the account will be removed.

Medical bills can stay for many years on your credit so avoid at all cost to have them put on your credit or it will hit you hard in the future. Get the insurance to pay and get bad marks removed.

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