Dangers of Marijuana Users

Cannabis (cannabis) is a depressant drug made from cannabis leaf substances found in cannabis is THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol) it is one of 400 chemicals found in cannabis and it can cause mood swings. Cannabis is also called a depressant drug because cannabis can affect the nervous system by slowing the nervous system.

frequently our notice in the tube or else paper represent show community arrested to fate or use of marijuana or Florida Medical Marijuana as if the use of drugs has become a trend or lifestyle of young people now. Cannabis is one of the illicit drugs that its use and its circulation A has been regulated by law.

Cannabis itself comes from grass-like plants, although marijuana is a type of medicine but is not known as a drug. Cannabis is a type of narcotics, for those who consume it can cause an unconscious effect, in its use as narcotic goods, Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors is usually consumed in the form of cigarettes or eaten. on consuming marijuana are normally confused to another type of alcohol and other narcotics.

now that term immemorial have been former, in India ourselves is thick see to as bhang, charas, or Ghana. In the State of Egypt called hashish, in African countries call it kef and in developed countries call it Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida. Central to the human nervous system can be affected by consumption of marijuana. Frequent marijuana addicts are those whose emotions are unstable or involved in crime.

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