Crime stories of chennai

Do you know Chennai is not a safe city anymore? The crime rates in Chennai have escalated to a new height. As per police findings and National STATISTICS Chennai ranks at the top in the case of dowry killing, robbery, childabuseand sexual harrasment.The most significant crime which is taking place in Chennai is rape ad childabuse.For example as per THE TIMES OF INDIA report on June 2010,V. Vimal a 24 year old man had abused a14 year old boy on June 27and a40 years old man named Immanuel was arrested for abusing children from Manipur who were kept in his own orphanage. Robberies have also increased in Chennai for example onJune2010,a family from Chennai holidaying inKanchipuram was attacked and robbed at knifepoint. Cyber crimes have also increased in Chennai. Hacking and phishing account has become a day to day affair. Crimes are also conducted through SMS and offensive MMS which has led to cyber terrorism. Now let us take a fresh look into some true crime stories of Chennai.

Daylight robberies are increasing at an alarming rate in Chennai. A gang of criminals snatched  a suitcase containing 81 crores of cash from the owner of Pothys textile.The businessman was going to the bank to deposit the money during which the incident took place in broad daylight.In Sholavaram lake three kilometers from red hills one one Sunday some of the school chidren were playing cricket.One of the players was hit by a abll which led to blood oozing out of his forehead.In order to stop bleeding the children took the boy to the lake .But unfortunately the boy did not turn up despite the fact he knew swimming. This was due to the fact that it was a deep mud lake.but the locals cannot do anything because they are poor and fishing is their only source of income.Anather incident which has aattracted public  attention is THAILANTHOPU.It is near Vijayanullar which is famous for prostitution.Prostitution has been going on in this are for a long time and it is being watched by school going children.They pass that are during morning and evening where the prostitutes are seen doing unethical activities and passing lewd comments.This has created a mark on the impressionable minds of the choldrenas they have to view this nonsense everyday.

After Punjab ,Haryana and Bihar it is the turn of Chennai to be a part of honour killing.In Southern states like Tamil Nadu and Andhrapradesh women are forced to go through the harrowing experience of honour killing.Honour killing takes place when single educated women walk out of their dwellings and choose theirown life partner from other castes and communities.A recent studystates that Megal a a 20 year old girl from Manamadurai village in Madurai was in love with Sivakumar a 24 year old dalit boy.The point of contention for their marriage wa that they were cousins.The girl was then forcibly married to an old man named Kalisadanbut after a few days Megala fled away with Sivakumar.But the girls family attacked the couples and the boy died on the spot leaving the girl who is now recovering in a hospital after sustaining an injury.In an anather 31 years old Laxmi belonging to kellar group became a victim of honour killing when her husband Sivaji was brutally murdered by her brothers in Dindigul.Kinnagi a 22 years old Vanniyar caste girl married a25 years boy S.Murugesan a dalit by caste after finishing their graduationand knowing fully well that their family would never approove their love affair .They wre hounded,hunted down, harrassed and ultimately massacarared bythe girls parents and relativesby feeding the young couples with poisonous drink.

Now lets talk about some really juicy and sex stories of Chennai.KODAIKANAL, which is known to peoleas afamous hill station in CHENNAI has shocked the people by sexual harrasment fo minor bythe School correspondent of KODAIKANAL PUBLIC SCHOOL.M.L BRIGHT  the correspondent of KODAIKANAL PUBLIC SCHOOL is a amn of 73years old.He has been running several public schools in Chennai and provided shelter to orphaned girls in his own residence.Susi a bhutanese girl was student of the public schooland was residing in Brights house.ON JUNE 4 , Susi telephoned her father to take her from school owing to bad health.The father after repeated interrogation of his daughter Susi came to a conclusion ht Mr Bright was womanizer and had sexually harassed SUSI.MR BRIGHT used to take the girls to his residence and showed them blue films in the pretext of teaching them spoken english.When the childrn used to watch these PORN FILMS he used to touch their sensitive parts like BREASTS AND VAGINA.He used to put his hand under their SKIRTS and tried to touch their PANTIES. He then opened their PANTIES and rubbed their pubic hair and vagina with his hand. This is how he felt he was growing younger and younger every day. If the children did not comply to their overtures then he would admonish them by using filthy language. He was a sexual maniac and was not satisfied by children alone.He even targeted the lady teachers of his school. According to a lady teacher who had recently resigned her job inKanyakumari becauseMR BRIGHT was a lady killer and his constant sexual torture and harrasment was becoming unbearable.He was adubious character who used to ask his lady teachers what was the COLOUR OF THE PANTIES AND BRA THEY WERE WEARING.Healso used to close the door and urged the lady teachers to open their saris so that he could watch and ogle their BREASTS ANDVAGINAS.THEN HE USED TO MASSAGE THEIR BREASTS AND KISS AND LICK THEIR VAGINAS.This is a true and a authentic account given by teacher of the school and this story depicts the failure of government and higher authorities to curb sexual harrasment in Chennai.

More than fifty students who had applied for Engineering colleges have submitted fake marksheets of their standard twelfth examination.This has come as a surprise during the admission procedure of reputed engineering colleges.Each marksheet was charged Rs 10,000and some students even had to coughup RS20,000 TORS2LAKHS for acquiring them.From the police investigations it is revealed that a racket is involved for producing these fake marksheets.The kingpin of the racket includes some retired teachers  and headmasters who function as agents.Even son of IAS officers and some politicians are involved in the racket.

Child abuse is now becoming a menace in Chennai.General abuse of children are increasing but abuse by burning is increasing at a higher rate.In Chennai children working as domestic help are abused by burning with hot metal stickand hot ladles.When a girl resists the sexual advances of their employees they are punished by slashing of acids on the perineum.InChennai child abuse take place in the form of kicking, slapping or any type of corporal punishment.Many street children of Chennai are picked up and sold off into prostitution or beggarmafia.Child labor has also increased at an alarming rate in Chennai.

YOUNG JOB SEEKERS BEWARE! Many fraudulent companies have come upin Chennai.They are luring jobseekers for a job in gulf countries for outrageous salaries like$5,000-10,000 per month.The candidate has to pay a handsome amount in the form of registration fees. Once the candidate pays the fees these imposters vanish into thin air and are being untraceable even by Chennai police department.

The reason behind the increasing crime rates in Chennai is both social ad geographical-changing lifestyle, migration of people from villages to cities, unemployment declining joint family system and poverty. So the critical time has come for the people of Chennai to take some precautionary measures as life in Chennai is no longer safe and secure.

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