Commercial Debt Recovery – Essential for Business Owners

Commercial debt recovery is a necessity for your business. Ensure that your company is not losing money that can easily be recovered by employing an experienced commercial debt recovery agency.  Take action and avoid having to write-off as a loss, money that you earned for products or services you provided to a customer in good faith.

Should You Attempt Commercial Debt Recovery In-House or Outsource to an Agency?

Commercial debt recovery can be very time-consuming and expensive for businesses to try on their own, whereas placing your bad debts with an experienced commercial debt recovery agency takes the burden off of your hands; and, with most commercial debt recovery agencies, you only pay when they successfully recover debts on your behalf.

Commercial Debt Recovery – Additional Benefits:

Commercial debt recovery can turn your company’s bad debts and unpaid invoices into cash-flow. 

Using an experienced commercial debt recovery agency is essential, not only to recover debts, but to meet the requirements of the IRS for writing off uncollected debt. 

Selecting a Commercial Debt Recovery Agency:

When selecting a commercial debt recovery agency, do your research and make sure they are compliant with collection procedures in your state.  Check to see if they are registered with the BBB and Dun and Bradstreet and look for affiliations with commercial debt recovery associations to ensure that the agency you select is held to a high standard.


Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc. – Commercial Debt Recovery Agency, offering contingency-based commercial debt recovery services.

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