Career Choices for HGV Drivers

When young people start thinking about the careers they would like to have, some wonder about the possibility of a career in the haulage industry. HGV drivers may not have a very glamorous life, but they get to make good money by working hard and there is the potential to progress further in this career if you are good enough.
Another common misperception is that this is a career only males should consider. While there are fewer female lorry drivers out there, the number is growing and should keep growing if the younger generation moves past the gender issues and allows this shift to take place.

The best thing about this career is that there is a lot of freedom. The hours are very flexible and you get to decide when you work, and how much you work. If you want to work long hours because you don’t have a family, you can do so and earn enough to live comfortably and save. However, if you do have a family, you can make sure you’re home most nights for dinner.

An additional benefit is the advances in technology that have taken place. Modern trucks are very comfortable, with air-conditioning and your favourite music. You will be able to pick the best routes with the result of your GPS system. In the past few years, this has become a profession that pays more than the national average (with wages being between 26,000 and 34,000 pounds per year). Also, there has been a decrease in the number of hours you must work in a week, down to 48 from 65.

There are also opportunities for career growth in this industry. After you have had significant experience in haulage, you can move on to become an instructor for future drivers. You will be required to teach students how to drive safely and help them develop the skills they will need to pass their HGV tests.

You will be required to assess each student’s skills and knowledge and plan customized lessons for them based on this research. At the end of the lessons, the student must be able to control the vehicle with confidence, understand road safety, know the driving law and Highway Code as well as know how to deal with emergencies and be able to check the vehicle for basic maintenance.

After you had had several years of experience as an instructor, you will be able to get further qualifications to become a specialist instructor. Sometimes, companies will hire or train one of their drivers to become a specialist instructor so that the training of other employees can take place on site.

There are plenty of opportunities to advance your career should you choose to become an HGV driver. By no means is this a dead end career, and you can earn plenty of money in each of the stages, while retaining control over the number of hours you work and with a flexible workday. Furthermore, with the advances in technology, this career is going to become more and more profitable as the years go on.

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