Be Aware – Dating Fraud Overview

Dating Fraud Overview (september 2006)

About dating scam

This article is a warning for typical fraudulent scenarios devised and successfully employed by dating scammers. In general they want “money by deceit”. So you should be warned !
In this article we will review;
– scam scenarios
– recognize warning signs
– how to avoid being scammed

1. Scam scenarios

1.1 The fake online dating services
You will be paying for a membership of a non existing dating community and maybe you also could be charged extra for non existing contact addresses. On the pages of such agencies there are profiles of false look alike models, which were taken from the Internet. Most likely the agency will exist a few months and the websites are frequently on free hosts

1.2 The false full service dating services
Full service could mean you pay for the ‘non existing additional service’ as you will only receive meaningless replies with no actual information and an absolute disregarding of your questions — just blah. False dating bureaus and dates let you pay for organized fake and mass production on internet like matching, mediation, translations, visa’s, tickets, hotels ect.

1.3 The begging for money
After a while the scammer begins urgently to ask money for covering expenses for using Internet, translator payment, foreign languages courses, driving courses and so on.
Be sure: a sincere dater would never beg for money

1.4 The faking trouble and sick
After a while your date turns out to be paying enormous money for fake urgent needs and only a miracle — you — could help your date! Most common are the stories of children, parents, relatives, that got ill and need expensive operation or/and medicines or land-house problems, buffalo and tractor

1.5 The visiting opportunity
A very expensive kind of scam and in this kind of scenario you will not be suspicious with the scammer and the shallow requests as other scenarios ! Your date has to be perfect in all way. But suddenly there is the opportunity of some weeks of holidays for visiting you.
Now your date all has planned and has help from friends and relatives but you have to decide quick — to pay for a cheap trip, a passports, visa, insurance, etc.

1.6 The visiting problems
It can be worse if the scammer succeed and will go on with the next stage of the scam. Proved by look alike ‘official registration document’, travelling and visa problems occur and there will be a need for more money; visa can be received in another city, expensive travelling costs, additional cost for living and food, ect.

1.7 The travel preparation
Your date will insist on visiting and meeting worried and inpatient family and parents. Cash will be need for organise your staying, a special program and gifts.

1.8 The bubble fairytale
You have met and your date is perfect and a wonderful host. You will overload your date and family with gifts, luxury and overspend as you can not resist. The fairy could end as she suddenly disappear. Needless to say, you are staying at a hotel and have no idea where your date actually lives.

2 Recognize warning signs

Here you will find the main “alarm bell”- warning signs to watch out for. If you recognize your situation here, it does not necessarily mean that the lady is a scammer. An “alarm bell” is just a sign that you have to be more cautious than ever. But don’t go throwing stones at your date. Keep your eyes open and ask your date subtle questions – if your date is not sincere, you will unmask.

2.1 The photo seems too good to be true
Well, your date might have had it taken at a photographic studio. Professionals make people look at their best on photos, so it could be a fake.

2.2 The agency is blacklisted
Here you need a thorough investigation. Your date may not know anything about it or is just an agency’s hooks.

2.3 Addresses with wrong name, misspells of your name
Your date might have problems with spelling or bad memory for names but it can also be a sign that she is corresponding with an army of singles. Possible your date never use your name, as you are ‘honey’ or any synonym. Be aware; your date could be not caring or is a group of net-swindlers or a fraudulent agency.

2.4 Vague letters with no or few questions about you
You date does not seems to care. How can a date that seriously considering in having a long-term relationship have no questions?

2.5 Your questions are never or rarely answered
A serious date will understand that you have questions and try to answer them. A scammer might not even read your email.

2.6 Loves comes too fast
Well, your date might be that inflammable but it is very unlikely. Most probably, your date is not sincere.

2.7 Letters contain repeated paragraphs
Most likely, your date is writing same things to again an army of singles and use copy-paste letters. Bad sign because a date that is sincere is interested and will write personal letters.

2.8 Letters may seems like “form” letters
Scammers usually sent letters out in order – reply 1, reply 2, etc. with still some marks left. Or you can receive letters that are addressed to someone else. Seems just bad quality control of the scammer

2.9 Seductive photo’s and letters
Progressively sexual language and pictures are common themes throughout the varying scams.

2.10 Your date openly asking for gifts or money
Obvious! No comment.

3 How to avoid being scammed

If you want to be absolute certain do not start at all. But if the temptation is attracting; here some tips for a strategy you can use in your correspondence. For more firmness; check and double check.

3.1 Do not sent money and valuable gifts
The best way to avoid being scammed is not to send your date any money or valuable gifts. At least not until after you are 100% sure that your date is real.

3.2 Do not accentuate the fact that you have money
Talk about your hobbies, movies, plans for the future, anything. The subject of money will only attract scammers and gold-diggers.

3.3 Find mutual interests and talk deeply about those
Your date has to do an effort that scammers most likely will not do

3.4 Mention to visit your date
Make clear from the beginning of your correspondence that you will visit your date. This will scare off any potential scammers or they will get reckless. You find out soon and will not waist effort and time.

3.5 Talk with your date on phone
Mention that you would like to talk your date over the phone. This could be ineffective, as your date might decline due to poor English skills or lack of a phone. Anyway it will make a scammer feel uncomfortable. And if you speak to your date a reaction or the surrounding sounds could make a lot clear.

3.6 Check the internet
Perhaps you find that you are in touch with a professional dater or scammer that uses same profile, same description and name on other websites. Check also the reputation of the dating site. You even can find and make use of specialized databases and detective services!

3.7 Get her home address
Could be false so she will never receive your post letter, flowers or small gift.

3.8 The blank letter trick
Send your date a blank letter or two pages of nonsense (like ‘aldj afleifej; feijfai eniaf’) and wait your dates reaction.

3.9 Take a second profile
Not nice but highly effective. Just take a second profile and other email address and try to contact your date.
(note; Common is that for dating the computer of friend or the office is been used. If not there are Internet cafes in almost every city where e-mail can be sent and received very inexpensively)

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