AFLAC – Insurance Company

American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC), one of the premier US insurance companies, has a host of accident and health insurance policies to cater to the needs of both individuals and employers. Founded in 1955 by three brothers – John, Paul, and Bill Amos, AFLAC quickly rose in popularity and clocked 6,426 policyholders and $388,000 in assets in its very first year of business.

Based in Columbus, Georgia, the modern AFLAC is a behemoth and has assets worth $56 billion and a massive clientele of over 40 million people across the globe.

Consistently making it to the Fortune 500 list of international insurance companies, AFLAS is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

With the objective of providing quality, yet affordable, products to its customers and employers, AFLAC combines innovative strategic marketing with well-researched and quality products and services to offer the customers some of the most cost-effective and value-for-money insurance plans available in the market.

AFLAC works on the apt business motto: “AFLAC pays you cash when you get hurt and miss work.”

AFLAC provides varied insurance plans for individuals, employers, and business owners, covering:

–  Life
–  Accident/Disability
–  Short-term Disability
–  Dental
–  Vision
–  Cancer/Specified Disease
–  Specified Health Event
–  Long-term Care
–  Hospital Confinement Indemnity
–  Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity
–  Hospital Intensive Care
–  Investors
–  Brokers
–  Policy Holders
–  Benefits Managers

Besides providing several insurance plans, AFLAC also offers plenty of sales opportunities and corporate employment.

Vital Facts:

–  Assets worth $56,361 million as of 2006
–  Profit of $1,483 million in 2006, a whopping 14.2% increase from the figures in 2004
–  7,263 employees
–  Managerial operations in USA and Japan
–  Wholly owned subsidiaries in most US States
–  Ranks 476 in the Fortune Global 500 Rankings
–  Ranked 218 in the Forbes Magazine in 2006

AFLAC has separate management units in New York (US) and Japan. The management operations are carried out under CEO and Chairman, Daniel P. Amos.

Headquarter Address:
AFLAC Incorporated
Worldwide Headquarters
ATTN: Shareholder Services Department
1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, Georgia 31999
Phone: 706-323-3431

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