Adobe’s Global Median Pay For Women Almost 99% Of Pay For Men

(RTTNews) – Adobe disclosed in a new report that its female workers earn nearly 99% as much as men.

As of February 1, 2020, unadjusted global median pay for women in Adobe was 98.8% of that of men, the company said while responding to investment management firm Arjuna Capital’s request.

Adobe, the first tech company to reveal gender pay data joins Citigroup, Mastercard, Starbucks.

Median pay gap is measured by looking at the pay distribution across an organization relative to different groups. It measures where the middle person of a group would be, if salaries were sorted from low to high, and then compares that person to the middle person in another group.

Arjuna has also requested Adobe to report the median race and gender pay gap data before 2022.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest report, median pay gap between men and women is 81.7% in the U.S.

Citi group in January had recorded a gender pay gap of 27%, while Starbucks announced 100% pay parity among genders. In March this year, Mastercard disclosed that its female employees make 7.8% less than that of men.

“The push for median race and gender pay equity is going to be a major issue in the 2021 shareholder season. We need more companies to follow Adobe’s lead, prioritize diversity in a meaningful way, and step forward with an honest accounting of pay equity,” Natasha Lamb, managing partner, Arjuna Capital, said.

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