Unlocking Your Fitness Potential

Unlocking Your Fitness Potential

Dealing with thousands of customers over a decade has led me to some startling insights into what can release a persons real fitness potential. There are consistent triggers or keys if you wish that have the ability not only to make you reach your fitness goals but to surpass them. The starting point of a fitness program seems like the BIG key to your fitness journey but there are several key decisions you must come to before you can start a successful fitness campaign.

Yes, we have many false starts in trying to become more fit. Why do most people only last three weeks or so at the gym or with many programs? Why are our good intentions lost after but a brief foray into our program of choice? Is it the program that is lacking or the lack of support from family or is it just the inescapable ravages of age? No, it is not any of those but our inability to make an informed, conscious decision to get fit. The key lies in our mind and our will.

#1 Think about it for some time

With out fail every person who has experienced any success in becoming fit has dedicated some time and effort into thinking about fitness. It is not uncommon for me to hear that people have followed my blog or U-tube videos for months before starting any fitness efforts. The conversation usually goes something like this “Hi I have thought about this for months and have visited your site many times to read the articles and work out tips. Now I am ready to start!

#2 Weight the consequences of fitness neglect

It seems that many who are now consistently fit have come from a very unhealthy back ground.Every thing from obesity to heart problems are on the list.As one male caller put it “I am so tired,I have no energy for anything, that means ANYTHING, if you get my meaning”. When even sex becomes undesirable for a reasonably young man (42) this certainly brings home the consequences of fitness neglect.

#3 Count the cost of a fitness life style

Years ago I had a professor whose Life Philosophy centered around two themes “Sex or Economics”. Well we have already mentioned sex so economics is next. Everything has a cost in time and money. Do you see the value in fitness? Does it translate into dollars and cents? No matter what your budget is you will spend money on fitness. Now don’t get me wrong no matter how much money you spend you cannot buy fitness but fitness has a price, time and money!

Thought + ( consequences – cost) = A conscious, informed decision.

A conscious, informed decision to get fit is the best start to your fitness journey. Take your time to get ready for the program of your choice. If you want a great body you need to exercise your mind now and ongoing to reach or exceed your fitness goals.

Give this some thought! Be fully informed! Make a decision!