The Most Unforgettable Personal Trainer Portrayals in Movies

The Most Unforgettable Personal Trainer Portrayals in Movies

For some reason, it is rare to see a personal trainer taking on the lead character role in most movies. This is a shame because generally the profession can lead to pure comedic gold or sentimental inspiration on the big screen. More often than not these glorified strength coaches take on minor roles usually to help bulk up the protagonist of the movie they are in. Every so often, though, Hollywood wises up and puts them front and center in a starring role. Here are some of the most iconic personal trainer roles in movie history:

1. White Goodman in Dodgeball

Ben Stiller’s role as the unforgettable leader of GloboGym had the arrogance and crassness that makes every professional fitness expert choke on their protein shake. Goodman was hilarious, though, with his massive mustache and white leisure suit. He exemplified everything that reputable fitness centers steer clear of while still exuding a confidence and will to win that made you not hate him so much.

2. Lochlyn Munroe in Night at the Roxbury

A personal trainer that can cut a rug? Watch out ladies. Who could not love good ole Lochlyn? He gave it his all pumping people up and chomping down protein bars by day, and then laid it all down on the dance floor by night. His most iconic line in the movie is unforgettable: “You ever heard of the sprinkler? You don’t even know about the sprinkler baby!”

3. Micky in Rocky I, II, and III

Nothing screams old school like the Mick. He gave Rocky the business and always told it to him straight. Not known for his physique or exercise regimen, Mick instead taught his trainees the art of catching chickens and brutalizing enormous sides of beef. He also had a way with words when it came to motivation. In the first movie he told Rocky “You are going to eat lightning and crap thunder!” No wonder the Rock became champ! Micky loved his fighters, though. In fact, he got so fired up when Clubber Lang got in Rocky’s face that he gave himself a heart attack. Now that is dedication.

4. Rodney in Bridesmaids

Terry Crews character, like most of the characters that he portrays, is in your face, cussing like a sailor, and flat out daring the women to not fall in line with his boot camp regimen. Somehow, as a person trainer Rodney is both hilariously funny and downright frightening.

5. Tony Perkis in Heavyweights

What is it with Ben Stiller taking on these roles of overly animated, cocky, arrogant and hilarious fitness experts? In this 90’s Disney flick, Tony Perkis is an over-the-top personal trainer with a soft side that is trying to help kids at a fat camp for boys lose weight and discover who they really are behind the added pounds. While he shows some heart in the movie and gives the kids some security and confidence in themselves, Perkis is still a bit too creepy for the scared to death teenagers and preteens to really fully accept while at the camp.