Insurance Bad Faith – in Denial of Disability Insurance

When a person purchases insurance, they assume that they will be protected by the insurance company against the loss for which their purchasing insurance for – either from injury or from some major or catastrophic event.

Unfortunately, it is our experience that this is not always true. Insurance companies sometimes look for ways to deny claims even if they do not have a valid or justifiable excuse for the denial of the claim. They do this because they know that many insured will do nothing and accept the insurance company’s denial of their claim. Even if they know their denial is wrong. When this occurs, it is called “bad faith”.

When you purchase insurance from your insurance company, the law recognizes that you place your trust, confidence and faith in them. This breach of that trust and confidence and the betrayal of the denial of your claim is the bad faith which is the basis of bringing a claim against the insurance company for its wrongful failure to pay you the benefits of your insurance policy. Examples of bad faith can involve a disability insurance company failing to investigate a claim, the delaying of the claims investigation for no apparent reason, the failure to provide payment on a claim which is covered, or the misrepresenting of the contract language in the insurance policy. Unfortunately, all of these items often occurs.

Consumers and professionals who have been unfairly denied long-term disability benefits may be entitled to compensation. Nadrich & Cohen are experts in insurance bad faith and in obtaining disability benefits for those who have been denied.

If your insurer has denied your disability benefits, please immediately contact us at the national Law firm of Nadrich and Cohen to learn your legal rights. Contact us at 1-800-218-4658 or by completing the email questionnaire by clicking here.

We are insurance experts. Our law firm and our affiliated law firms have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in recovery on insurance denial lawsuits.

Please immediately contact our Insurance Denial Hotline at (800) 718-4658 or email us.


Underwriting Basics

What is underwriting? You have heard this term from time to time when dealing with insurance or maybe even when applying for a mortgage. But what is it? In terms of insurance it is simply the name for the process of deciding what risk an insurance company is willing to take on. What is risk, you are wondering? It is the chance of a loss occurring as a result of an unfortunate consequence.

There are many factors that an underwriter weighs when considering an application for insurance. Ultimately, the insurance company will decide on an applicant’s insurability. Each individual case, or application, is put through a process and a final decision on what the insurance company is wiling to do is made. Always keep in mind that if you are working with an insurance agent that person may never guarantee a policy’s issuance or how it will be issued.

The items that an underwriter will use to consider your application are the application forms themselves, a physical exam, information obtained by various consumer reports, an attending physician’s statement, and an inspection report. Different cases require different underwriting requirements, so not all cases require any or all of these items listed here. However, when the case applies, and depending on the amount of insurance applied for, usually higher amounts, the insurance company may want to have an inspection report be done to verify things like, verifying a person’s character and reputation.

The underwriter will eventually be able to match the proposed insured to a risk classification. This is a grouping of people of similar insurability. You may have heard of the common names of these groups such as, Standard, Preferred, Non-Smoker and Smoker, to name a few. Someone who has been deemed a substandard risk may still be able to obtain insurance coverage. They will get it based on being a higher risk. The health implications of someone who is a smoker will allow for the company to apply a higher rate and therefore, charge a higher premium for taking on their risk.

There are different ways that companies figure out the extra amount due for a substandard risk. One example is the insurance company may apply charges based on something called the “health age” of an applicant. But, a more common way of assessing a higher rate, and therefore premium, is the Tabular Rating Method. With this way, tables are created and utilized by the insurance company to apply the proper percentage more of premium that would be due. This can range from approximately 25% higher to maybe 400% higher, which would be indicated by referencing a respective table assigned by the company.

When thinking about getting a life insurance policy in place to protect your family in a time of need, there are many aspects of obtaining insurance that can be educational. With the common practice of using the internet there are very easy ways today to log on to a website and get connected with an insurance agent …


Personal Alarms, A Must For All Women

Ladies, here are some unfortunate statistics that are undoubtedly disturbing: One in three of you, (American women) will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime and one in four female college students have either been raped or have suffered from attempted rape! This is truly unacceptable in today’s society, but in reality it’s an ongoing trend that never seems to subside in spite of our continued education and ever expanding punitive laws.

I hope that you are like me, a realist, in the fact that we should be proactive in trying to protect ourselves by any means possible if necessary. I’m aware that many of you ladies are hesitant to even consider carrying a weapon for various reasons, this is understandable, that is why I would like to discuss a second option that can be very effective in itself in warding off an attacker, this is the “PERSONAL ALARM.”

PERSONAL ALARMS are small electronic devices that are carried on your person at all times and are activated by you if you are accosted in some way. These alarms emit some big noise, generally they are in the range of 100 to 130 decibels each, the noise being adequate enough to be heard a good 1/4 mile away.

So why are they so effective? Just think to yourself….does an attacker want to stick around a crime scene if there is a blaring signal that calls attention to your plight? An effective PERSONAL ALARM is a call to action, it is a distress call that will either bring help or curious onlookers and that would more than likely be enough to convince a would be attacker to flee the scene. I would even suggest it as a deterrent device, if you think that a person is getting too close to you and you sense a potential problem, just activate your alarm!

The Police have also long espoused the use of PERSONAL ALARMS for women because they are a non-lethal and effective form of self protection. Women who attend college, in lite of the alarming statistics mentioned earlier, should all carry a personal alarm. As a parent, you might want to insist on this. The sad truth is that many rapes on campus occur in a room that is surrounded by other rooms that are occupied at the time, if an alarm were to sound, more than likely many of these rapes could be thwarted.

PERSONAL ALARMS are varied, some can be carried on a key chain for easy access or clipped on a belt or purse. Some alarms also have an added feature of a flashlight or LED light, these are great for real estate agents that work at night or night shift employees. Probably the best type of alarm, in my estimation, is the kind that comes with an activation pull out pin. This type of alarm is activated by pulling out a wrist strapped pin from the unit, this is a great feature because an attacker will not be able to …

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How To Make Money With The Limu Company

What is The Limu Firm?

limuAfter hearing the story about Gary J. Raser, the founder of the Limu Firm, and how he discovered fucoidan within the limu moui, you possibly had some questions about it. And should you also knew about the mangosteen business XanGo and one of its founders Joe Morton, then you certainly understand that those stories aren’t just a coincidence. The fact is: if they have a terrific story to tell, some distributors locate it less complicated to sell merchandise. At the least, that’s how the old network advertising techniques operate and that is also the main cause why firms that reached a specific age still market place their products with such a romantic story. But it is not just a comparable story that Limu and XanGo have in widespread; the Limu compensation strategy is also really considerably a copy of the XanGo compensation plan. In the following evaluation I will point out what it really is that makes Limu, and of course also XanGo, a fantastic network advertising company to perform with.

Which Merchandise Is Limu Marketing and advertising?

As I mentioned above, the Limu Firm was founded by Gary J. Raser in 2003. The corporate markets three merchandise: Limu Original, Limu Lean and Limu Power. The flagship item is being named the “Limu Original”, which is a health drink with 83% pure Tongan limu mou. The “Limu Lean” is really a line of weight loss merchandise (divided in 3 distinct categories: a meal replacement shake, an appetite controller and digestive health cleanse) as well as the third product could be the “Blu Frog” (Limu Power) which is an power drink of fucoidan-rich limu moui extract. All of those merchandise are without a doubt of a top quality and by means of the years there has also been performed a lot of investigation on the health advantages of the limu moui. Merely put, in case you have a superb product to offer, you are already on the initial step of the achievement ladder. Let’s have a look at how it is possible to climb that ladder!

The Limu Compensation Strategy

Limu distributors can sign up at no cost and begin to make cash based on the “Limu Prosperity Plan”. With a maximum payout of 53% Limu offers its reps with an typical commission % . The Prosperity Program uses exactly the same rank descriptions and qualification requirements as XanGo, but the payout %’s are higher due to the fact it pays out 8 levels deep instead of 9. You can find 7 approaches to get paid: Retail Profits, Quickly Start Bonus and Pool, Level Bonuses, Matching Bonus (up to 25%), Money Bonus and Global Bonus Pool (a pool in which every single 20K or above earns a share inside the five,5% pool of the worldwide income).


Simply because it is significantly less difficult for distributors to earn a share of the global income Limu undoubtedly overthrows XanGo on the enterprise side. In addition, both business …

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Disability Insurance Vs. Life Insurance – Which Is Better?

I think that most people would agree that the we live in a state of insurance overload in this country. You need insurance to drive a car, you need it to buy a house (at least you do if you want to get a mortgage from a bank!), you need health insurance to cover medical costs… it seems like everywhere you turn there’s more insurance to buy!

It can become overwhelming for most people, but there’s one area of insurance that you don’t want to overlook and it’s an area that most people do overlook. I’m talking about disability and life insurance.

First of all, what are these two things?

Life insurance is simply insurance that pays your family a set amount of money in the case of your early death. If you get hit by a train or fall out of an airplane or laugh too hard during a funny movie and choke on a pretzel and suddenly die, life insurance makes sure that your family is provided for financially and that their standard of living does not decrease just because you’re not around to pay the bills anymore.

Disability insurance is very similar. The only real difference is that it isn’t focused on your death but merely on your disability. This is particularly important if you have a manual labor type job. So if you break your leg and can’t work for six months, that loss of income won’t affect you because your policy will pay out instead.  

Your employer may already have disability insurance as part of your pay package but chances are they don’t. You’re going to need to find out for yourself whether they offer it or not and if they don’t you’ll need to go out and purchase it on your own.

In a perfect world you should have both of these types of insurance to cover your family in case you die or in case you get hurt and can’t work anymore. Of course, we don’t always live in a perfect world and many people choose one or the other… so which one is best?

That’s a question I can’t answer for you, everybody has to answer that themselves. But for myself I would choose disability insurance as the most important if I had a manual labor job that my family relied on for their sole source of income.

If I die, that’s really bad but my wife can either start working herself to make up for lost income, or marry somebody else as crass as that may seem. The point is, they have options.

If on the other hand I lose my eyesight or break a vertebrae in my spine that keeps me from working anymore, then we don’t have that many options. My wife may not be able work because she might have to take care of me full-time and alternatively she wouldn’t be able to marry somebody else because I’d still be around, barring divorce of course. The point is, …

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Personality development ppt

Personality Development PPT can be used to Explain the Means of enhancing and grooming ones outer and inner self to bring out changes in one’s Personal outlook. Each individual has a distinct personality that can be developed polished and refined.

This process involves enhancing one’s confidence, improving one’s communication skills learning fine etiquettes and manners adding style and grace to the way one looks and imbibing oneself with positivity and liveliness.

The Whole process of development takes place over a period of time.

Some good tips on personality development

  • Keep smiling .This adds to your face value.
  • Read a few article in the newspaper loudly .This will help to build fluency.
  • Follow table manners and dining etiquettes
  • Take good care of your health, neatly dressed and well kempt.
  • Carry out your own strength and weaknesses analysis. Try to continuously improve your strength.
  • Spend some time concentrating on self
  • Practice Meditation and yoga.
  • Do not be monotonous try being dynamic.

Personality development ppt helps to build and develop relationship and also helps in career growth.

Personal development refer to improved self Knowledge and identity ,develop talent and potential. Build human capital,enhance quality of life and realize dreams and aspirations .

Individual personal development includes the following activities.

  • Self awareness
  • Self Knowledge
  • Making identity
  • Developing strength a talent
  • Enhancing wealth
  • Spiritual development
  • Improving potential
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Building human capital
  • Maintaining health
  • Executing personal development plans
  • Initiating personal autonomy
  • Improving social abilities

The concept covers a wider field then personal development .This may take place through roles such as those of a mentor .personal development is a field of practice and research .

By using personal development ppt it can be viewed as a field of practice which includes personal development methods ,learning program me, assessment system ,tools and technique.

Personal development ppt can be viewed as a field of research in personal development topics increasingly appears in scientific journal high education review, management journal and business book.

Any topic of development whether economic, political, biological organizational or personal requires a frame work.

Through personal ppt individual judges his own improvement.

Personal development includes bench marks that define strategies or plans for reaching god measurement and assessment of progress. stages that define milestone along a development path.

Aristotle propagated theories  of personal development in the west. He preached human flourishing or living well.

He continues to influence the western concept of personal development to this day. Particularly in field of human development.

Confucius ideas continue to influence family values , education and management in china and much of asia.…

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The Value Of Personal Assistant Services

Many startup businessmen are confused whether hiring a personal assistant service would be the ideal choice for them to take their business to the next level. Generally, when it comes to hiring a personnel, most of the businessmen will think whether hiring such an individual will be beneficial for their business and whether it will be helpful in increasing the productivity of their organization. Only when their question is justified, they will take further step towards the process. This is true in the case of hiring a PA as well.

Generally, most of the established businessmen go for hiring a personal assistant service, when a new project is about to begin. When a new project begins, the key personnel, who was taking care of tasks of personal assistance will be forced to be engaged in this new project and so there should be some other individual in the place of this individual just for the time being until the project gets completed. So, for this short period, they go for hiring the service of a company, who has expertise in this area. We are looking for the most sophisticated, kind, outgoing, and polished individual to act as a right hand person for our client.

As the professional firms offering personal assistant services, will have many such trained personnel working for them, they can assign the right kind of personnel with experience in the same field of operations of their customers. This will enable the customers to get the right kind of intended service from the personnel.

Another situation, when businesses look for personal assistant services is during the restructuring of the business. During this process, generally the jobs of most of the staff will be redefined. During these times, each of the staff will be forced to do the work of two people and there should be someone to carry out the administrative work of the organization and here these service providers can provide the right personnel intended by the businessmen contacting them.

Another situation that might need a PA is when an event is planned to be held in the organization. Sometimes, big corporate firms will have corporate gatherings and even sometime some client meeting will be planned to be held in a larger scale. In these circumstances, PAs can be entrusted to take care of all the tasks pertaining to the successful arrangements for the gathering or events. They can provide the right kind of service in this arena.…

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions – Timothy McFarlin

A consumer filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is entitled to certain “exemptions” in order to allow them to retain assets required for a fresh start after bankruptcy.  The idea is, a consumer would not be able to live their normal life and rehabilitate their financial situation without certain items, such as a car (to get to work), household items, clothing, tools of the trade, etc.  It is not the objective of the bankruptcy court, or the bankruptcy system in general, to completely decimate a consumer filing bankruptcy, but rather to assist them in starting over without the burden of creditors aggressively pursuing them to collect debts.  If a borrower does have items or assets beyond what is considered “exempt” the bankruptcy trustee assigned to the case is tasked with the job of liquidating such assets to raise money to pay creditors.  The vast majority of chapter 7 cases, especially consumer and small business cases, are “no-asset” cases in which no assets or property is liquidated.

Some common items that are typically exempt (under most circumstances) include: house, car, clothing and household furniture and items, clothing, jewelry, electronics, tools, and many other items.  In California, there is additionally a “wildcard” exemption which can be used to exempt any property up to about $22,000.00.  This can even cover money in a bank account or cash.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions are intended to protect families from being completely stripped of any means to survive following a bankruptcy.  It would serve no social or legal purpose, and contradict the spirit of bankruptcy protection, to take away from families all their possessions and assets in bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is designed to protect consumers and businesses, not destroy them.  Exemptions are the means by which this objective is accomplished.

From a policy perspective, there is a careful balance the bankruptcy code seeks to strike between the interests of consumers (debtors) and their creditors.  Obviously creditors’ interests cannot be ignored and a debtor with substantial assets must surrender those assets exceeding the exemption limits to the bankruptcy trustee for liquidation and to raise money to pay creditors.  Bankruptcy exemptions are important for creditors in bankruptcy as well because they set limits on what debtors can keep.  Should a debtor go into chapter 7 bankruptcy with substantial assets beyond the exemption limits, those assets are used to pay creditors through the bankruptcy liquidation process.  The policy objective is give the consumer an opportunity to make a fresh start, but not to abuse the bankruptcy system either. 

A prospective debtor should always consult with a bankruptcy lawyer before filing their case to determine what would be the best course of action for their particular circumstances.  Based on the advice of a bankruptcy lawyer a consumer can better decide what items can be retained through the bankruptcy process.  It is also critical to properly exempt assets, exemptions are not automatic, but rather must be specifically used by proper bankruptcy code citations on a debtors “Schedule C.”  Even if a debtor could exempt …

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Money: An Idea backed by Confidence


It has been discovered some time in the 1960’s that the inability of a person to define the words or symbols of a language or a subject makes the full understanding of that language or subject outside the grasp of a person. A person will be unable to fully understand and grasp how to control that subject fully, making him or her appear dull or even stupid on that particular subject. For example, a person who is working in a workshop who does not know what a hammer is, when asked for a hammer by one of his colleagues, might guess at what it is and present a screw driver to his colleague instead. We use words to describe concepts of the world around us, hence not knowing the concept fully can hinder person’s understanding of the world around him or her. So not knowing the definitions of words or symbols closes the world off to one to some degree. An obvious example of this is when people near you are speaking a language which you don’t understand – you hear that they are speaking alright, but the words seem to be a stream of “blah blah blah…” which you don’t really “hear” because you don’t understand it.

This principle can occur with any subject whether you are just learning it or whether you have learnt it in the past, but had words you didn’t fully understand. Where else could such principle apply? Well, for now and the purpose of this article how about the subject of money?

 Money! We use it every day in almost every aspect of our lives. Every business is driven by it and many times in our society we judge success by it.

It could be the solution to many problems or the stumbling block of a person, group, business or nation. There are many analysts who teach of the best ways to manipulate it and how to make more of it. It drives some men to great heights in pursuit of it, and shoves others still to great depths of depression and apathy in search of ways to make it and reach it, with little success. It seems to be the major cause of stress and the objective of many to attain more of it.

But, what is it? Is it paper bills with heads of state printed on it or coins made with cheap metal with a coat of arms on one surface? Perhaps. However, using the above reasoning maybe there could be something more to know. Do you know the definition of money, to start with?


Here are some of the most widely accepted definitions. Money has been defined as:

  1.  “Anything that serves as a common medium for exchange in trade, as coins or notes”.Money is a good (product) that acts as a medium of exchange in transactions.
  2. Classically it is said that money acts as a:

a.    unit of account,

b.    …


Seattle New Business Owners: Tips for Choosing Your Business Entity

Selecting what kind of business you create is very important.  It affects everything from the way you are taxed to the amount of liability you may have.  There are a handful of different entities. Have a look at them all and decide which is best for you with the assistance of a Seattle business attorney.  Don’t forget, you aren’t forever locked into that structure.  As your business evolves, so can its entity.  What is important is that you consult a Seattle business attorney before you make this critical decision for your new business.

How much thought have you put into structuring your new business?  How informed are you about the different options available?  If you haven’t given it deep thought, or are simply “at a loss” to know how to proceed, the good news is that you really shouldn’t have to agonize over the decision.  A qualified Seattle business formation lawyer can advise you on the relevant issues for each type of business entity structure.  Outlined below are the standard business entity types in the United States, and though many other countries have similar types of business entities, it is suggested that you investigate all of your business entity options with an experienced Seattle area attorney.  The summary below presents a brief synopsis of the pros and cons for each type of entity.  It is meant to initially educate you as a new business owner, and not to be used as the sole guideline for making this important decision.

Sole Proprietorship

  • Pro: Easy to create
  • Pro: Freedom from many regulations
  • Pro: Pass Through Entity
  • Con: Unlimited Liability
  • Con: Hiring People can be tricky


  • Pro: Easy to create
  • Pro: Freedom from many regulations (although not as many as Sole Proprietorship)
  • Pro: Pass Through Entity
  • Con: Unlimited Liability for all partners
  • Con: Possible politics and issues between members


  • Pro: Limited Liability
  • Pro: Well known entity type
  • Con: Difficult to set up
  • Con: Double Taxation (not pass through)
  • Con: Many Regulations to do business
  • Con: Difficult to operate

Limited Liability Partnership

  • Pro: Fairly easy to establish
  • Pro: Limited Liability
  • Pro: Pass through entity
  • Con: Must have at least two partners at all times
  • Con: Transferring interests is difficult

Limited Liability Company

  • Pro: Fairly easy to establish
  • Pro: Limited Liability
  • Pro: Pass through entity
  • Pro: Freedom of operation
  • Pro: One person can own 100% interest
  • Con: Hard to issue stock for an IPO

The last two entity structures in the summary above are the newest types established to encourage more individuals to start businesses and other investment projects.  Be certain to cover all of these entities with a Seattle business attorney to determine which one is best suited to meet your unique business and financial goals.  If you are entering your “first venture” as a business owner, it may be prudent for you to retain a Seattle small business lawyer who is both experienced in handling the legal paperwork, and interested in assisting small business owners.

Keep in mind that these entity …