How to Make Money at the Dog Track Over and Over Again

How to Make Money at the Dog Track Over and Over Again

If you’ve ever picked a winner at the dog track, you know how great it feels to figure out who’s going to beat the pack. It’s kind of like YOU beat the pack too, because you did something most of the crowd couldn’t do. You figured out what was going to happen in that race. And while some people will tell you that nobody can predict what will happen in a greyhound race, those of us who have been at this game for a while know better.

This is handicapping and it’s something that can make you a nice little profit, if you learn to do it well enough. Do you think that only geniuses can pick winners consistently? Nope. Ordinary people go home from the dog track everyday with more money than they came with. Most of them don’t advertise it. They just do it and go home and start going over tomorrow’s program so that they can do it again.

You can do it too, if you’re willing to learn to handicap. How do you do that? Well, it helps if you have a system to help you. But don’t run right out to the track with it as soon as you get it. Try it on paper first and tweak it to fit your track and your bankroll.Get a good one, work with it on old programs and practice until you really understand WHY it picks what it does.

That’s the secret to handicapping dog races or anything else. It’s not enough to be able to pick winners, you have to know WHY they were the most likely dog to win. If you can figure out that, you’re well on your way to being a success at the greyhound track. (If you can’t figure that out, even with a system to help you, maybe playing the dogs isn’t for you. Maybe you should try the horses or something else.)

One way to figure out why dogs win is by going over races where you already know the results. You look for patterns, factors that point out which dogs are contenders and which aren’t worth betting on in this race. After a while, you’ll see that the same pattern keeps occurring over and over. This is how we come up with greyhound handicapping systems that work. Test your patterns by going back over as many programs as you can find. Trackinfo.com has a good archive.