Cyber Insurance, Cyber Risk, And How To Protect Your Company

Cyber insurance was created in order to address the increasing worry regarding cyber risk. Cyber risk is comprised of many different incidences, which can wipe out your entire business. Only the proper insurance will protect your businesses from cyber risks.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance covers the loss of data, destruction of databases and or software, and interruption of business services that occur due to hacker attacks, denial of service (DoS) attacks, malfunctioning software or hardware, viruses, and other forms of malicious and inadvertent online attacks.

Nowadays, about 29% of all American companies own insurance that protects them from cyber security risks. This is almost a five percent jump from the 25% of companies that possessed it back in 2005. Since almost every company utilizes some sort of database, businesses are vulnerable to losing business due to stolen personal data, network downtime, or other negative events.

These attacks represent just the tip of the iceberg. Phishing attackers, malicious worms, Trojans, viruses, and spybots also present serious threats to businesses.

Third Party Audits and Approval for Coverage

Most cyber insurance policies require that the insured party go through a third-party audit before being approved for coverage. This audit surveys a company’s existing cyber security practices.

Some insurance companies have developed standards by which they set premiums. These factors include the size of the company, data encryption, the amount of data that the company holds on file, the number of employees, the number of persons authorized to access the data or database, and previous claims history.

Premiums for cyber insurance are quite affordable. In fact, a typical policy for a small business usually runs between $1,000-$1,500 in annual premiums. In exchange, the company receives up to $100,000 in coverage.

Any company that is considering purchasing cyber insurance needs to analyze their existing business insurance policy. It’s possible that cyber claims are covered in the existing policy. This isn’t likely, but it’s important to check. Most new business insurance policies exclude cyber-related claims, hence, the rising popularity of the specialized insurance.

Necessity of Cyber Insurance for Contractors

Freelancers, IT professionals, and independent contractors should also equip themselves with good cyber insurance. These contractors are vulnerable to litigation, especially since they are usually tinkering with precious data. Contractors can become a scapegoat for a company that finds itself with a malfunctioning database. No one is flawless, so cyber insurance has become a necessity for any independent contractors who works in IT or web development.

While many insurance companies are now offering cyber insurance, it’s important to be very discriminating when choosing your policy. It’s wise to only select an insurance company with a proven track record in insurance. Some insurance companies even specialize in this form of insurance.

You’re better off with an insurance company that knows the ins and outs of data loss protection and electronic coverage.

Exercise Prudence Regarding Your Data

Businesses house their most important and precious data in computers, online systems, and databases. As a result, it’s extremely important …

NLP New Technology – The Technology Of Achievement

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – is a new technology of achievement and success. NLP new technology helps enhance effective communication, personal change and personal development. It is a new approach to communication and development. If one wishes to overcome fears, and increase confidence in self, in addition to enriching relationships, and achieving greater success, NLP new technology is the way.

Your internal and external language and the concepts you hold affects the way you think . . . and this affects the way you behave. The new NLP technology is about action; it is about the way we think and feel. It explores excellence in every occupation and lifestyle. The benefits of using NLP is that you have more choices at work and in your personal life, over the way you act. This enhances your skills and gives a boost to your achievements.

You can normally never control people or events, but your ability at self management can help you respond to them. What helps you in achieving your goals is your ability to manage your self.

Controlling Your Unconscious Mind

Far more than your conscious mind, it is your unconscious mind that can accomplish more, and has a far greater influence. The experts on new NLP technology are aware – consciously – of what they do unconsciously. Once you are aware of your unconscious, through your personal development you are able to realize your true potential.

NLP new technology is not merely a process of discovery, but a process of continuously discovering new ways of thinking. NLP new technology has new techniques that has applications to business, as well as to self. These techniques, when used professionally, not only enable you to influence others in your business, but also helps perfect your self.

NLP And The Manager

It is important as a manager that you master the art of working with other people, working as part of a team. You need to have the capability to influence others and motivate them. This is an essential part of your make up as a manger to achieve corporate goals.

As a manager, through the use of new technology in NLP, you can analyze the intuitional secrets of success of your exceptional employees and subordinates, and use them to train other subordinates. Though the art of NLP new technology comes intuitively to some, it can be mastered with the help of NLP new technology techniques.…

3 Tips to Become a Winner in Life

“You cannot fix what is wrong on the outside if you do not know how to fix what is wrong on the inside. When my students learned how to heal from their past emotions, everything started to flow more fluidly –they were able to take charge over their story and direct its course; and you will be able to achieve that result too!”

In addition to using a number of personal growth tools like the Manifestation Method, I want you to focus on the above statement. One of the many reasons why individuals seemingly fail in life is not because they’ve “failed;” but because they’ve become so used to negative emotions that they believe it’s perfectly normal to live in a negative state of mind. This could not be further from the truth. You have a destiny to fulfill, and the Universal flow of energy wants to put you in perfect alignment with what you are supposed to accomplish in life — but you can only fulfill your life purpose if you’re emotionally, mentally, and spiritually prepared to accept your rightful place in the universe. I’m routing for your success, so I’m offering you three tips that can help you to succeed and become a winner in life:

1. Set your goals. I can’t stress this enough. Whatever it is you’re trying to reach in life, I want you to visualize it and see it through. For instance, a friend of mine takes daily walks. Though the distance seems great from afar, she sees the water tower as her destination point. The whole time she is walking, she paces herself and keeps her eye on the water tower. By keeping her eye on her destination point, she doesn’t succumb to the “oh, it’s too far away,” mindset. She focuses in on it, and she keeps going until she’s made it there. That’s the same way you need to view and achieve your goal. It may not be directly affront of you, but it does exist. This means that the potential for success is clearly in view; but you must keep your eye on the ball before you can reach it.

2. Use your intuition. You must distinguish your personal and professional life to jumpstart your future. If you know what your goals are in both planes of view, you can establish a level playing field to create momentum and acquire real substance in your life. Make sure you use your intuition to discover what it is you really want to attain in life — because when you do, you’re able to toss out the junk thoughts and maneuver your way toward the best plan of action to achieve your goals. This means you need to meditate on your life as a whole. It’s equally important to meditate on your relationship with yourself first. By getting in touch and falling in love with your intuitive soul, you create a mutual flow of positive energy that you not only emit but are …

What Does Personal Growth Mean to You?

Everyone defines Personal Growth in his or her own terms. It is amazing how many people refer to it as a journey, while others look at it as an evolution.

A group of individuals and industry leaders have generously shared what personal growth means to them. There is so much wisdom in each and every one of their statements—a richness of experience in life that helps us understand who we are and why we are here.

Here are some of them:

“Personal Growth is the pursuit of positive activities, experiences, and education: The process expands your consciousness and opens you up to possibilities far beyond your currently perceived limits and boundaries.” ~ Kathryn Arnold ~

“…A constant examination of what is and isn’t working in your life, and an exploration of new ways of being to achieve a fulfilling life, which is composed of health, wealth, love, and personal self-expression.” ~ Matthew Britt ~

“We are alive, and if we aren’t growing we are dying. Make sure you’re growing! Lifelong learning and striving for growth are the secrets to life.” ~ Debbie Hoogestraat ~

“The willingness and ability to look at life situations head on and to make informed choices is empowering. Instead of making decisions based on fear and negative past experiences, everybody
can learn new strategies to succeed each day. At the heart of the matter are growth and change.” ~ Eric Turiansky ~

“Discovering who we are is a lifelong pursuit. The process embraces the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects of ourselves. It is the journey, not the destination!” ~ Monika Zands. ~

“The study of the self is both an internal and external experience. The gamut of lessons we learn along the way shows us how to break habits and patterns so we expand from what we think is available to us or possible in our lives.” ~ Lee Lam ~

“Living more fully means the ability to open yourself up to the possibility that you are capable of more than you are currently doing. It is about recognizing the frustration you feel about where you are in your life, the negative and positive feelings you have about yourself, and knowing that there is more about you that
you haven’t developed yet.” ~ Korby Waters ~

Personal growth is about possibility, focusing on what you want, and living your full potential. Personal growth is in the process of being commonly understood and accepted in society. Many of us have been enjoying its value for years, while some of us may be learning about the benefits of personal growth for the first time. I ask that you start exploring what personal growth means to you as you enjoy making it a way of life. …

Loans for Retired – Good Finances For the Experienced

A fiscal opportunity to stand by you when all hopes are standstill to satisfy growing demands has come your way. Loans for retired are advances that monetarily assist senior citizens without stable means of living to support their desires. These deals involve a constant effort to fulfill wants and necessities of a person withdrawn from his employment status. Thus, these are good finances that can be undertaken by the experienced individuals without periodic income.

A permanent retreat from work does not stop a person from making himself content with monetary realization. These offers come in alternative packs to pledge an asset or not. Such a decision can be taken on account of the willingness and capabilities of the borrower.

A borrower willing to entrust his property for the sake of amounts limiting from £500 to £100,000 can decisively do so. In such finance, he is needed to pledge the asset as well as the ownership documents against which he is able to draw the desired sum. These contracts usually mature after 1 to 25 years. Hence, these funds are worth the value as they also do not involve high interest fees.

An unwillingness to pledge an asset can be adequately dealt with by undertaking unsecured formats. These forms of advance involve a sum of cash that can vary from £1,000 to £25,000. Thus, it is easy to use these finances without risking collateral and even without undergoing lengthy formalities but there is a high interest charged here. The duration for utilizing such formats is 1 to 10 years.

Through both forms of lending, the applicant can assist his self-demands. Nonetheless, it is necessary for the borrower to confirm his eligibility by furnishing details that adapt to the given pre-requisites. Thus, the applicant should cross 18 years, live in UK on a permanent basis and maintain a bank depository. It is easier to avail this contract through a site on the net. This method is uncomplicated and beneficial.…

Achieving Your Personals Goals

Most of us set a series goals for ourselves and soon forget them or loose heart in chasing them. Setting your goal looks very easy, as you just need a pen and sheet of paper to write down all those fancy action plans and deadlines. But to achieve those goals, you need an iron heart and a dedicated effort. All of us are capable to chase our own goals and reach them at a time in future. But in spite of our tremendous abilities, we can not achieve our goals. There must be some lacunae here, either in our methodologies or how we approach the problem of reaching those goals. The most important reason for failed attempt is probably the loss of momentum, somewhere on the way and our inability to pursue them again. Achieving goals is akin to climbing the tallest peak in the world; only the tougher people would reach the pinnacle with sheer effort and perseverance.

How do we achieve our goals? Are there any surefire techniques to achieve those goals? What are the reasons that are inhibiting us from achieving our favorite goals? Here is an analysis that provides you some ideas on the ways to achieve goals:

1. Our mind and composure: Probably we are the biggest culprits in any botched attempts to reach goals. We are the weakest link in the whole process; we tend to blame others and situations for our failure. Man is always attracted to anything that is negative and backward looking. But goals, their accomplishment and the ensuing beautiful life is still a mirage for us. We never believe that achieving good things is very hard and often takes a long time. We also tend to live in our own comfort zone, which often inhibits us from reaching out to realities of life. Achieving goals is a difficult task for those people who are intensely negative and fickle minded.

2. Loss of momentum and a state of lethargy: This often happens one after the other, in a clean sequence. Setting goals and achieving such goals are entirely different stories. Once you set the goal and start seeking them, you tend to loose your focus somewhere midway and loose the momentum. Once the momentum is lost, youll probably loose your interest and the will to pursue the goal again. Then a state of lethargy sets in your mindset, inhibiting you from performing the second attempt.

3. Misfit goals and intangible objectives: Probably another reason why most of us fail in our goals. We tend to overestimate our potential and capacity while creating goals. Misfit goals are those, which are not attainable and even if its attainable, may take a long time to materialize. Be to yourself and create those goals which are achievable within the given timeframe.

4. Poor logistics and action plan: When you have a goal to achieve, always create a plan that is made in sand, flexible enough to change the course at any given time. Let your …

Health Insurance Reform Weekly Medical cost trends for 2012

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Medco Health Solutions released two new views of cost trends in health care during the past week, building on the release of the Milliman Medical Index.   PwC Health Research Institute’s “Behind the numbers: Medical cost trends for 2012,” examines the medical cost trends for employers in 2012.  This new report found “Medical cost trend is expected to increase from 8 percent in 2011 to 8.5 percent in 2012.”  And two main drivers identified by PwC are provider consolidation and cost-shifting to the private sector.

Providing a view of prescription drug utilization and pricing trends, Medco’s Annual Drug Trend Report showed this week that while the overall growth of prescription drug prices is at an historic low (as a result of increased use of generic drugs), the cost of specialty treatments is still increasing at an alarming rate.  According to Medco’s report “Specialty drug trend was 17.4 percent in 2010, fueled by unit cost growth of 11.5 percent.”


There is no Federal report for this week.


ARIZONA: The Department of Insurance (DOI) held a public hearing on rate review as part of its Health and Human Services (HHS) grant activities. The DOI has retained Mercer Consulting to assist in performing a gap analysis to identify areas that need to be addressed in order to comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). During the hearing, it was noted that the state’s current statutory scheme does not authorize the DOI to review a health insurer’s medical loss ratio, potentially not allowing the state to meet the HHS requirement of having “an effective rate review process.”

The Director of Insurance and the Governor’s office also hosted their first workgroup on the implementation of an exchange. Despite the legislature’s refusal to pass an exchange bill, there is concern at the executive level about a lack of preparedness in the event the ACA is not repealed or found unconstitutional. This week’s topic was the qualified health plan certification, and participants focused on not adding requirements beyond the ACA minimum benefit requirements.

CALIFORNIA: The Appropriations committees of both houses are wading through many bills that would have varying impacts on state finances.  Bills meeting certain dollar thresholds are sent to “suspense” filing for consideration at later hearings.  Most of the legislation that Aetna and other allies have opposed has been sent to the “suspense” filing, including a bill on rate regulation and all bills on benefit mandates, because of the fiscal impact of each bill and potential conflicts with federal guidance on essential benefits. These bills may be revived at a later date, or they may be held by the committees.  We expect the majority of the bills to be voted off the suspense file by the end of the month, including.

Rate regulation – According to Appropriations, there would be an annual fee-supported special fund cost of at least $30 million to DMHC and CDI.
Rate regulation – According to Appropriations, there would be an annual fee-supported special fund …

How to Start your Own Tattoo Business

When starting any business, it’s important to gain any required training and/or education. When starting a tattoo business in particular, there may be certain training, certification and other requirements that must be met prior to opening a studio. Because of the nature of business, you will need to know how to properly sterilize the equipment and educate customers on how to care for their new tattoo in order to prevent infection. The best way to learn about local license and/or industry requirements is to call the local business office and explain the type of business that you would like to open.

Once your training and any necessary licensing are both successfully completed, it will be time to apply for a business license. This piece of paper is very important and must be displayed in your tattoo studio each and every day. The best way to do this is to place your business certificate in a frame and display it on the wall.

Now that you have a business license and any other special licenses required by your local business department, it’s time to choose a location for your studio. Ideally, any place of business would be located in a high-traffic commercial area. The more people that pass by your business, the better likelihood that they will stop in. In addition, when you advertise your business or try and explain to someone where it is located, you don’t want to have a lot of difficult directions. Instead, a simple ‘in town’ or ‘on main street’ would be ideal.

When it comes to advertising your new tattoo business, start small and work your way up. Because your business is new, you are probably working with a limited budget. Don’t worry, most new businesses are. That’s why there are alternate forms of advertising that can help you to get the word out about your new venture without spending a fortune. First and foremost, purchase a large sign to display outside of your business. Make sure that your business name, grand opening date and any special price offerings are noted for every passerby to see. In addition, decorate any windows in your store with samples of your work recreated as clear window adhesives.

Rather than starting out with a large print advertising budget, try writing a press release and distributing it to local newspapers, magazines and/or radio stations. Place flyers throughout town as permitted and on the bulletin boards of local stores. If you can afford it, offer a tattoo giveaway and special grand opening prices during your first week of operation. You may also want to consider contacting local radio stations with your plan to host a tattoo giveaway. This approach requires that you allow the radio station to award the winner on air, which will result in even more publicity for your new business when the DJ mentions the contest sponsor.

As a final thought to starting your own tattoo business, make sure that you explain the importance of proper tattoo care …

Starting A Business With A Family Member

Copyright (c) 2009 Elizabeth Ross

Running a business requires time, effort and money. Having to manage it with a family member is much more difficult. Misunderstandings would come your way. Here are some tips on how to prevent arguments within the family concerning the business.

A business not succeeding brings so much pain and frustration to all the members of the family. In some cases, when a couple divorces, it becomes a start of a failing business which was once established and successful. Despite the many challenges, are there ways to keep the business in the family?

Build a strong relationship. Starting a business with any family member – a spouse, a sibling, a relative – requires a strong foundation. In order to build a strong family relationship, open communication plays a big role. This is especially true for couples since small problems can easily go out of hand without a strong foundation.

Are you in agreement about issues involved in the business? If not, have you taken the time to talk about those disagreements and come to a solution? What would be the exact responsibility of each family member in the business? These are important questions to consider before going into a business partnership.

Anticipate possible issues. In relation to have an open communication, anticipate possible conflicts that may be encountered along the way and talk about them. Know what each person has to say to deal with a given situation. Discuss issues especially when it comes to money matters.

Who will be in charge of the business money? How will it be spent? How will it be divided? Understanding your family’s perspective on certain issues will prevent possible misunderstandings in the future.

Nurture your personal bond. The importance of being a family should be given priority despite the demands of running the business. Managing a home based business may require a lot of your time and spending quality hours with your family can easily be taken for granted.

For instance, if you’re a couple, don’t overlook the importance of going on dates from time to time. And if you have children, don’t forget to spend quality time with your children as well. Remember, these particular moments should be spent without discussing business matters.

Define responsibilities. There can only be one boss so you have to set boundaries and decide who really makes the final decision when business is concern.

Division of labor should be well-managed to prevent problems. When a responsibility is already given, respect of that authority should be observed.

Define business and family boundaries. It may be a family business but never make the mistake of treating family and business matter as one. If there are problems in the business, make sure that these issues will not be brought inside your home.

Treat your spouse or your children as a family member, a loved one, not as a business partner or a co-worker. After business hours, do your duty as a wife or as a husband. …

Home Based Business Review , Is ACN a Scam

To scam is basically to defraud or swindle, usually with the purpose of making money

Using the above definition we will review ACN to determine if it is a scam or legitimate business proposition

Is ACN a Scam -A fraudulent Business Scheme ?
To fully address this we need to consider two key points. Firstly is ACN a legitimate Company and secondly is the ACN opportunity a legitimate business ? So lets take a look at the company.

ACN is a telecommunications business. ACN is an anacronym for American Communications Network. Founded in 1993 by 4 partners, ACNs goal is provide quality telephone and internet services at reduced rates

Currently operating in 19 countries ACN is one of the biggest telecommunications service suppliers on the globe. They have a global staff of over 1000 direct employees and have annual revenuesof over $500 million.

In its 15 year history the company has garnered a reputation as a stayer in a highly competitive marketplace and now has several services it offers to its customers including digital video phone, internet and in some countries other utilities

Is The ACN Opportunity a Scam ?
While there is no disputing the fact that ACN the company is not a scam, it is clearly a legitimate business, the question remains is the ACN opportunity a good proposition for the independent rep to make earn his fortune?

The ACN opportunity is a network marketing, telecommunications business. It operates utilising a traditional MLM system where sales reps can make money by developing personal customersand recruiting and trainingtheir own business team. We will discuss the pay plan in more detail shortly. First letssee what industry leaders have to say about the ACN opportunity.

Donald Trump recently endorsed ACN as a great company and real opportunity There is no disputing ACN is a solid, reputable company with a diverse, high demand product range that offers real benifit and value to consumers. More importantly, as a telecommunications business, ACN has a rapidly expanding and growing international market for their products and services meaning there is plenty of scope for new representatives to build a significant customer and representative gruop and make some real money.

ACN is a transparent company who offer total disclosure about all aspects of their operations. Customers are fully informed about service plans, fees and charges and have ready access to this information from several sources. Similarly, ACN opportunity business owners are given full details of how the business works with clearly documented information about all aspects of the business from start up costs to earning money. Detailed information and company training is offered about making moneyincluding how much you get paid, when you get paid and how to achieve bonuses.

So here is the deal, the ACN telecommunications business opportunity will cost you $499 to set yourself up to start earning money. ACN representatives can earn money in two ways. Firstly through monthly residual income based on their customers’ use of telephony services. This includes the ability …