SBA Loan Financing, The Major Benefits

For business owners considering SBA financing as a way to either purchase or refinance a commercial property for their business, there are many distinct benefits over comparable conventional bank financing with the SBA programs.    The main benefits of SBA financing include, higher loan to value, reliability of closing, and good loan programs.

SBA Loan Financing

90% financing via the SBA loan program is common on purchases whether via the SAB 7a program or the 504 program.  85% financing on refinances is common on the 7a program as well.  Comparable conventional loans are for the most part capped at 65 -70% of purchases and 55% – 60% on refinances. 

For most small businesses keeping as much cash in the business, and not tying it up in there building is critical.  Reserve are absolutely needed to help weather the ups and downs of day to day business.  Running out of cash is one of the leading causes of failed businesses. 

SBA Loan Financing – Reliability of Closing

Banks are very skittish these days.  They underwrite files with more of an attitude of “how can we decline the file” rather than “how can we get this done.”  You probably have friends (or you may have lived through this yourself) with horror stories of being tied up with a convention bank for months, waiting for them to make some kind of decision.  Being strung along, month after month. 

The officer at the bank maybe telling you some kind of issue they are trying to figure out or get over, but for the most part the real issue is there is something going on internally with the bank.  Perhaps they have a liquidity issues, have lost their confidence in taking more risk, etc. 

The point is that the backing that the SBA provides for banks, makes them much more willing to lend.  90% of the loan (on SBA 7a’s) to guaranteed by the government.  This additional guarantee is often the difference between a funded loan or a drawn out decline.  SBA financing is easily the most reliable form of financing in the business today for small business owners. 

SBA Financing – Good Terms

The SBA 504 program offers the longest fixed periods in the market as well as very low rates on purchase transactions.  For example, as of this writing the SBA piece on the 504 is now at 5.14%, fixed for 20 years…  This is the lowest it has ever been.  And again this is at 90% financing. 

Longer amortization periods also equal better cash flow for businesses.   Most conventional banks, if they are really willing to lend, won’t go over 20 years.  Many are capped at 15 year schedules.  The SBA 7a allows for 25 years and also enables the borrower to add working capital, consolidate debt and perform renovations to their property.…

Sell A Business

Are you planning to sell your business? Are you looking forward to the day when you can retire from your entrepreneurship? Or are you facing many problems in running business successfully? Selling your business will be one of the best options for you. Selling a business is not only to look for a buyer and sell it. You should know the complete procedure to sell a business legally to a buyer. If you are not aware about how to sell your business, there are number of online and offline sources available that will help you out thoroughly. You can simply read the books that provide the complete details about how to sell your business by following legal procedures.

There are number of documents that you should prepare before selling your business. You have to perform many steps like meeting a broker, preparing the documents, meeting buyers, show your business or company, etc. When it comes to sell a business, the first step you have to perform is to get an official business appraisal of your corporation. You can even consult a business broker and take help from him or her in order to get the business appraisal. The broker will also help you in preparing all the required documents of your business.

Prepare a worksheet that shows the detail information about the company’s profit and loss of last three years. The worksheet should include the details about tax returns, depreciation deductions, payments, interest expense, interest income, and any other items of expense. Then you can hire a business attorney to get a professional outlook of your company’s current market value. The business attorney can also provide you tips on how to sell a business with current market value. There are number of companies available in the market that help people in buying and selling businesses.

You can simply locate the reliable company that can help you in selling your business without any hassle. These companies help their clients to prepare all documents and connect you to a number of qualified buyers. In addition, they can help you selling your business at best price. There are plenty of websites available that also help people sell a business at best price. You need to find out a reliable website and then register the details of your business. The companies that work online will provide with many buyers that are interested in buying your business. The choice is yours whether to use online or offline source to sell your business.…

Financing An Import / Export Business

I think the best way to finance an import / export business is to establish a line of credit with your vendor / supplier. Once you have proof of concept by showing cashflow, it should be easier to either increase your credit line, pull in angel investors or get listed. You might want to consider the SGX or BSE, because you don’t need as high of a market cap to get listed in their dollars. Later when you get big, you can use the NASDAQ.

The main thing your vendor / supplier will want is to meet with you and determine if you are financially stable enough to open a credit line. If you don’t already have an existing company with a bunch of suits to impress them, try letting them pull your credit (if its 730+) and provide a personal financial statement to show that you aren’t going to disappear (you must show assets like a nice house). If you don’t have a 730+, I may have a couple of good suggestions.

Note: In this economy it’s still beneficial to go public. Many entreprenuers think they should wait until the market improves. However, it will look better to investors if the company starts when the market is at rock bottom and then grows substantially as the economy recovers. Plus going public with a small percentage of your stock offers a lot of advantages, which includes money for advertising, expansion and eliminating debt financing. If you want to find out what your company is potentially worth, the following formula works in most situations. Take your company’s Net Annual Income multiply it by ten years and then multiply it by the average price to earnings ratio for your industry segment. This can be done by selecting three to five similar companies and then taking the average of their individual P/E ratios. Hope this article was helpful. Feel free to contact me if you want to go public.…

Individual Health Insurance – Private vs. Employer's Plan

Most of the people obtain their Health Insurance policy from their respective employer’s cover. Though, not every employer provides Health Insurance cover for their employees. Unluckily, when you’re functioning under such type of employer, you’ll have to apply for a Private Individual Health Insurance.

The benefit in Individual Private Health Insurance Policy is that, you could choose your own policy from that you can gain even more (instead of the boss selecting for you). For illustration: you could choose a policy allowing more deductible cost or leaving out unnecessary service covers, in order to decrease the premium that you need to spend for the policy.Read more Inexpensive Medical Insurance

Some drawbacks are

• In an Individual plan, huge portion of the premium go spending for the operational expenses and paying claims. So, an employer’s Insurance policy would provide you enhanced cover than an Individual Health Insurance policy.

• Group plan is to cover the entire employees or family, but individual policy might be denied when your health state is not good enough.

• As you grow older, your every month premium for Individual Health Insurance plan will also increase. In that case, you could look for new individual plan, as new plans will be costing you less than renewing your older plan. But as you get older, Insurance agencies will not offer you Individual Health Insurance policy or may become pricey.

You could also get assistance from an Insurance Agent. You must have a trust on him and soon he will trust you too. An Insurance Agent could assist you to select a good Private Health Insurance Policy that can better suit your requirements.

Queries for your Agent

·   Will the policy give cover for me for any special doc or health centre that I want?

·   The referral system – working of it?

·   Pre conditions that are to be satisfied?

·   Can the policy give cover for an individual or the family who are away from their home?

·   Deductible, out of the pocket and Premium rates?

·   Will it cost extra for going out of the network coverage?

·   Cover limit provided by the plan?

·   Any Unique Advantages?

For Jobs Info please visit Jobs…

How to prepare your business for bad weather

My hometown recently experienced an intense late summer heatwave. With temperatures hovering at a record-breaking 111 degrees one afternoon, I realized that I was the lone person outside at the normally busy community college campus where I teach.

The people I did see outside as I drove home looked understandably weary and stressed by the heat. As I stopped to pick up a few things to prepare a light no-cook supper for my family, I noticed the trashcans outside the store were overflowing with cold drink cups.

Inside the sparsely populated store, I saw some people grabbing watermelon and ice cream. A few others were at a freezer pulling out bags of ice.

There is no doubt that extreme weather affects business. On that day, stores selling cold drinks and ice were bustling, while most retail stores, restaurants and other businesses were slow.

Retail businesses usually see a significant drop in traffic during heatwaves and cold snaps or during stormy weather in any season. Even if your business does not count on in-person traffic, your employees may not be able to get to work or stay as engaged in their work during bad weather. In addition, your supply chain can be significantly interrupted by extreme weather conditions that cause icy roads or delayed air traffic.

Since even the best weather forecaster cannot fully predict how weather swings will affect a business during an extreme weather event, there are some steps you can take to keep your business afloat during bad weather.

Create a weather communication plan. Be clear about setting expectations and communication guidelines for your employees during bad weather. If you have to close your business due to a weather emergency, you don’t want some of your staff attempting to make it into work.  Notify them via group text or through your website of any closings or delays in operation.

For the same reason, have clear communication with your vendors and suppliers about what happens during unexpected weather-related events. While the weather may be a surprise, the way you handle the situation does not have to be.

Keep up with short-term weather forecasts. As a business owner, you are accustomed to keeping up with economic forecasts and with business news. You need to add weather news to that list.

Here’s an example. Knowing that its customers buy more soup in cold, damp and windy weather the Campbell’s Soup Company pays close attention to the weather.  It even links its advertising to the weather forecasts in certain markets with an algorithm called the “Misery Index.” Therefore, if you hear a Campbell’s soup ad on the radio, chances are pretty good that the weather where you are is miserable.

Diversify your product line. I recall a new small business in my town that sold primarily smoothies and iced drinks. The Hawaiian-themed drive-through kiosk seemed to be doing a brisk business during the summer tourist season. As fall neared, however, I watched closely for menu items that would reflect …

Ten Reasons your Business will benefit from Freight Auditing & Parcel Auditing Services

Surefire cost cutting stategies for your company to reduce Freight and Parcel Cost.

Free No Obligation Audit.

An immense benefit your company will receive is the experience and knowledge of Industry experts analyzing your shipping dept for ZERO cost. The company is so confident in finding savings and improving efficiencies your company will want to implement; they perform the audit process with no obligations. The company provides knowledge and information from over 400 years of combined senior level experience and staff comprised largely of former Vice Presidents and Senior Sales and Pricing Managers from FedEx, UPS, DHL, the USPS and other major freight carriers. The unique background includes, on average, over 20 years of former senior level experience from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and/or USPS. It is this unparalleled experience that makes us the industry leader in transportation cost reduction. The process has yielded verifiable results and world-class agreements for the who’s who of companies. Know 100% certain you are getting the absolute lowest rates for your shipping cost.

Parcel and Freight Audits:

There are numerous carrier billing mistakes, service delivery failures, and erroneous accessorial charges that occur on each shipping invoice. An audit of your electronic carrier invoices will produce reports that can be sent electronically to your carrier for review and resolution of open claims. Shipments can be audited by carrier invoice number, by service, or for accessorial charges, to validate what you are paying your carriers. Whether you require a full-scale audit of your UPS, FedEx, and DHL invoices, or a general reconciliation to ensure your accounts are charged correctly, the staff performing the audit has combined years of experience in senior level management of UPS, FEDEX, DHL and USPS of over 400 years. This experienced and knowledgeable staff will be an ideal partner.

Carrier Contract Negotiations:

As one of the nation’s leading logistics consulting firms, AFMS has helped over 1500 companies of all sizes negotiate “Best-In-Class” carrier service agreements. Increase the profitability and the financial value of your company by decreasing your costs in the small parcel segment of your supply chain. We also identify the shipping characteristics and practices that affect carrier pricing performance and customer satisfaction. The AFMS team includes former Vice Presidents, Managers and Pricing Directors from UPS, FedEx and DHL, all of whom spent many years negotiating and crafting agreements on behalf of the carriers. Because we know more about your carrier’s service options, technology solutions, pricing policies, and business practices than any other source, we can help negotiate better contracts and improve service levels.

Reduce Freight & Parcel Costs

Each carrier invoice processed is audited both electronically and by a professional freight auditors. Very typical to find savings of total small parcel and freight spend by identifying all refund eligible opportunities.

Reduced Shipping Administrative Expenses:

No longer would you need labor intensive hours reviewing each invoice. The robust auditing software implemented will allow our personal auditors to focus on specific areas of need while our software built from industry knowledge and expertise. …

Personal Branding

Branding a business is very common, but today it has become important on a personal level as well. Personal branding, is a process of establishing a distinct brand of you as an individual. It is becoming essential because people tend to trust individuals more than companies. Personal branding allows you to build an identity for you through the use of social media.

Personal branding opens a lot of career opportunities, and helps you in getting a better job, building good contacts and clients for your company, provides industry recognition, and much more. If you are looking for a dream job, and have already made a personal branding of you; then the potential boss can match your personal brand with something that he needs in his company.

It can also help you with the sales process in your current company. You are looking for potential clients for your company. Through personal branding, reach out and ask them to get associated with your company’s business. The client may get associated with your company by trusting you as an individual.

How do you brand yourself? Similar to business? Well, Yes. You can do it like a business branding. However, the difference is you don’t need a tag line or an ad campaign for you. You just need to put your skills, talents, achievements, interests, ethos and values altogether into a specific brand that is recognized. In order to build you as a brand, below are the steps that you need to start with:

Your own domain: Start out by taking up a domain on your name, such as, You can easily check the availability of the domain on any hosting website. If, you can’t find the same, get a little creative with your name. Choose a simple domain name so that it will be easy for people to remember and search you.

Your own website: A domain is only not enough. You need to fill it with your relevant information. So, build up a website and add your picture, a biodata, your contact details and links to your other social profiles (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).  This way, people can know you and get in touch with you in their medium of choice.

Define your area of expertise: Think about what you want to be known for. Don’t choose a general field like sales, customer service or human resource. Instead, you identify your strengths, core competencies and area of interest before you develop your personal brand statement. This will help people to know you in a better way and decide on how they can use you in their business.

Start your own blog: Once you decide on your area of expertise, the next step is to build your reputation. Content writing is the best means to build a brand image online. It’s best to start writing your own blogs on a daily basis. So that, if people research anything about the skills or expertise, they require, your name appears in front of them.…

Finding the Right Salon Supplies

In every business, the tools that people use are the foundations that make a business work. Without the tools, no matter how much the man power, a business will never be called a business. For imagine having a restaurant without the tools to cook the food. Imagine a dress shop without the clothes. Imagine a movie house without the screen. What do you think of when you imagine such ironies? Perhaps some images that would cross are “no customers”, “no profits” and “no business”.

With a beauty salon, the salon supplies are its foundation. A beauty salon is probably one of those that would make it to the top list of every person’s business endeavor. This is because it can potentially rake in a lot of profits. It is a fact of life that people want to be pampered every once in a while. This is true not only for women, but for men as well, whether they are straight, metrosexual, bisexual or homesexual.

A beauty salon needs someone who has the skill to manage it, the creativity to run and advertise it and most of all, the right salon supplies to go with it. Salon supplies are the beauty products or equipments that a customer entering a beauty salon would expect to find in the place. We are talking about hair dryers, shears, cutters, nippers, nail files, among other things. Then there are beauty supplies like creams and chemical solutions.

Now what makes ‘the right supply’? Well, that depends on the services you are most inclined to offer.

If your services run more on beauty, comfort and style, then you should have an abundance of beauty products. Beauty products are the ones that cater to customers’ need for style. These include facial beauty products and other salon spa supplies. In order to find the best of these products, you need to find the right beauty supplier that would best identify with the salon’s image. You also need to make sure that the product prices of these suppliers are not too expensive. As a businessman, you need to maximize profits at the lowest possible cost.

If your salon services are more inclined towards hair care and hair styling, then you should have a lot of hair salon equipment. A lot of people, particularly women, view their hair as that singular factor that would make or break or cramp their style. After all, it has long been observed that hair style can shape the face and frame in different ways. Hair equipment can include hair scissors, dryers, clippers and the like. These kinds of supplies are available in a few clicks online. You can even find second hand supplies that would be most friendly to your budget. Just enter the terms “salon equipment” or “salon supplies” or “cheap salon equipment” in the search bar of any search engine like Google.

Tools are very important in every business. It’s not enough to have the tools, but also to find the right ones.…

Florida Laws on Uninsured Driver Accidents

You pay your insurance premiums every month so that if you or another driver is seriously injured, you are covered. So nothing seems more unfair than being injured or having vehicular damage at the hands of an uninsured motorist. Unfortunately with today’s economic climate, your chances of being hit by an uninsured driver in Florida are 23 percent, according to the Insurance Research Council, and likely to increase to 28 percent by 2010.

Because the state of Florida does not require drivers to carry bodily injury insurance, the chances of you having an accident with someone who is not fully protected or prepared to fully protect others is increased. If you’ve had an accident with an uninsured driver in the Orlando area, the best way to protect your rights is to contact a car accident lawyer.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Insurance

The state of Florida is a no-fault state and requires its drivers to carry Personal Injury protection (PIP) and property damage insurance. However, the amounts required by law are low. So, even though you think you are fully covered by the minimum legal insurance requirements, you may be surprised when coverage is insufficient to cover your injuries. To prevent such an occurrence, Florida drivers should have the following coverage to be fully protected in the event of an accident:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Uninsured and/or underinsured motorist insurance

Auto Insurance Required by Florida Law

As a no-fault state, if you are injured in a car crash in Florida, your insurance will pay the following, up to your insurance limits, whether you were the responsible party or not:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription reimbursements
  • Lost wages

Auto Insurance Not Required by Florida Law

Bodily injury liability is not required by Florida law, so if a driver causes an accident and can not afford to pay for the damages, then the driver must purchase bodily injury liability for the future and show proof of that insurance.

To learn more about Florida law or how to choose an attorney after a car accident in the Orlando area, please visit the website of Florida personal injury attorneys Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter.…

Cyber Insurance, Cyber Risk, And How To Protect Your Company

Cyber insurance was created in order to address the increasing worry regarding cyber risk. Cyber risk is comprised of many different incidences, which can wipe out your entire business. Only the proper insurance will protect your businesses from cyber risks.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance covers the loss of data, destruction of databases and or software, and interruption of business services that occur due to hacker attacks, denial of service (DoS) attacks, malfunctioning software or hardware, viruses, and other forms of malicious and inadvertent online attacks.

Nowadays, about 29% of all American companies own insurance that protects them from cyber security risks. This is almost a five percent jump from the 25% of companies that possessed it back in 2005. Since almost every company utilizes some sort of database, businesses are vulnerable to losing business due to stolen personal data, network downtime, or other negative events.

These attacks represent just the tip of the iceberg. Phishing attackers, malicious worms, Trojans, viruses, and spybots also present serious threats to businesses.

Third Party Audits and Approval for Coverage

Most cyber insurance policies require that the insured party go through a third-party audit before being approved for coverage. This audit surveys a company’s existing cyber security practices.

Some insurance companies have developed standards by which they set premiums. These factors include the size of the company, data encryption, the amount of data that the company holds on file, the number of employees, the number of persons authorized to access the data or database, and previous claims history.

Premiums for cyber insurance are quite affordable. In fact, a typical policy for a small business usually runs between $1,000-$1,500 in annual premiums. In exchange, the company receives up to $100,000 in coverage.

Any company that is considering purchasing cyber insurance needs to analyze their existing business insurance policy. It’s possible that cyber claims are covered in the existing policy. This isn’t likely, but it’s important to check. Most new business insurance policies exclude cyber-related claims, hence, the rising popularity of the specialized insurance.

Necessity of Cyber Insurance for Contractors

Freelancers, IT professionals, and independent contractors should also equip themselves with good cyber insurance. These contractors are vulnerable to litigation, especially since they are usually tinkering with precious data. Contractors can become a scapegoat for a company that finds itself with a malfunctioning database. No one is flawless, so cyber insurance has become a necessity for any independent contractors who works in IT or web development.

While many insurance companies are now offering cyber insurance, it’s important to be very discriminating when choosing your policy. It’s wise to only select an insurance company with a proven track record in insurance. Some insurance companies even specialize in this form of insurance.

You’re better off with an insurance company that knows the ins and outs of data loss protection and electronic coverage.

Exercise Prudence Regarding Your Data

Businesses house their most important and precious data in computers, online systems, and databases. As a result, it’s extremely important …