Month: July 2020

For-Profit Vs Nonprofit Business: Where Can I Make the Most Impact?

We all long to make a difference in the world. But while there are many ways through which one can make a positive change, individuals who seek to impact the world on a large scale are left with no other option than to be daring enough to establish an organization through which they can ensure a lasting impact. When it comes to that, the choice is often narrowed down to one between a nonprofit and for-profit organization.

The most underlying difference between for-profit and nonprofit business is the reason for which they are set up. The primary goal of a for-profit model of business is profit-making. For nonprofits, the objective is to help the community. Over time, however, the difference between the two has become fuzzy. In fact, the line between them has become so blurred that one could help out the less fortunate either way and still find fulfillment … Read More

What Type of Disability Insurance Is Right for Me?

In the event of an accident, injury or illness that prevents you from working, disability insurance provides you with a percentage of your income. But not every disability insurance policy is the same. In fact, almost all of them will compensate different percentages of your income (generally between 50 and 70 per cent), along with different elimination periods and benefit periods. Elimination periods refers to the length of time to wait before your benefits kick in. Benefits periods refers to the length of time benefits will be payable, which depends on your disability and the policy you take out.

Most plans have a start date ranging from 30 days to 120 days after a disability has occurred. Coverage generally focuses on sickness or injury, and your plan cannot change without your permission until you are 65 years old.

In general, experts agree that disability insurance is a must for people, … Read More

Pajama Money – Earn Passive Residual Income And Live The Lifestyle You Truly Want!

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go.

We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig from early morn till night.

We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig up everything in sight.

We dig up diamonds by the score.

A thousand rubies, sometimes more.

But we don’t know what we dig ’em for.

We dig dig dig a-dig dig.

Pardon the jingle but, if you are of a certain age demographic you may recognize these lyrics from the classic Disney movie, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Now, I’m sure most people do not prance off to work singing (and most certainly not a song like this) however, the message in this song is very relatable to most people today. Most people are in a routine of getting up and rushing off to a job that, for the most part, they don’t have a vested interest in. You have … Read More

How Divorce Will Have an Impact on Your Business

When you decide to divorce your partner, you not only divide yourself emotionally, but you also divide financially. Financial separation can mean dividing all your assets or by paying money as a settlement. The biggest impact that a divorce has is on the business of a person, because if the divorce is not mutual, you might mess up the business due to your emotional troubles and even if it is mutual, the business might be divided as alimony.

Going through the divorce and the separation is tedious enough, but for business owners it gets worse as they need to protect their business and the assets attached to the business. Unless a divorce is filed, your business is safe and is considered as a job, but once a divorce is filed, it becomes an asset, an asset that is looked upon for division among the two. People start questioning about it … Read More

The Benefits of Insurance to Individuals and Organisations

Insurance is actually an arrangement which a company or a state undertakes to provide the guarantee of a specific amount of compensation to the person or entity for a specified loss, damage, illness or death in return for a specific amount of premium that is paid by the person monthly.

There are mainly four types of insurance policies:

• Life Insurance: it is a type of insurance that is done to provide financial security for the entire family in the event of the policy holder’s death.

• Health Insurance: it is basically a type of insurance where monetary support is provided for any serious health related issues to the policy holder or his family.

• Property insurance: this type of insurance covers the policyholder in the event of damage to his property by fire or any other means.

• Auto Insurance: your car is too precious to you, so if … Read More

Need Money Today? 7 Survey Sites That Will Cash You Out at $2 or Less

Paid Online Surveys

For anyone trying to master the art of working from home and making money online, paid surveys are often the first thing we try. There are literally hundreds of sites out there and not all of them are worth joining. I know, I’ve joined over a hundred of them and put them to the test.

Earn Extra Money

The first thing you need to know about paid online surveys is that it will NOT make you rich. Any site telling you that you’ll earn hundreds of dollars a week is being untruthful. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over a half an hour to do one survey and some of them pay less than a dollar. So you have to invest some time into getting paid.

Typical Cash Out Requirements

Most sites have a minimum amount of cash or points that you must accumulate before … Read More

New Small Business Loans Starter Guide: What Are Your Options for Financing As a New Business Owner?

It’s not easy at all for new businesses to get all of the funding they need. Even if you have excellent personal credit, you still might have trouble obtaining all of the business money you need. The good news is that there are a variety of options available these days, including online banks and crowdfunding. Just take the time to research all of the new small business loans and determine which ones you should try going for.

Microloans might be worth looking into as well. There are SBA microloans, which are typically available up to $50,000, as well as non-profit organizations that offer micro-lending options for up to $35,000.

Before applying to any kind of loan, there are a few factors you must consider about your own finances. In addition to your own credit report, you need proof that you will be able to repay the loan. Make sure you … Read More

Why You Should Get Life Insurance

There are many financial investment plans out there but, life insurance can be seen as one of the most important plans. There is a myth among people that when they get older only then they need to obtain one, but, this is all so wrong. Bank deposits and other saving plans are some other investment options but insurance tops all of that. Apart from being a means to give funding for financial goals of the future, it also provides security to your loved ones in time of need. There are many valuable reasons why you must get a policy right now.

• Security- The first and the most important thing it can provide is financial security to your family after your death. None of us can see the future and there have been many cases of premature death every year. It is your responsibility and duty to make sure that … Read More

Hard Money Lenders And Their Types

Hard money loans are specific type of asset-based loans which a borrower receives funds and is secured by the value of a parcel of real estate. Hard money loans are typically issued by private individuals/investors or companies. Interest rates are usually higher than conventional the lenders. Most of loans are typically used for projects lasting a few months to a few years. It is similar to a bridge loan, which has similar criteria for lending as well as cost to the borrowers. The major difference is that a bridge loan refers to a commercial property or that may be in transition and does not yet qualify for a traditional financing, on the other hand hard money often refers to not only an asset-based loan, but possibly a distressed financial situation, like arrears on the existing mortgage, or where bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings has occurred.

If you are in need of … Read More

Doing Business in Vietnam: Understanding the Cultural Differences


In today’s global business environment with your business it is important to have some understanding of the people and the culture that you have intentions of doing business.

The better prepared you are, the more successful your business negotiations are likely to be, “to be forewarned, is to be forearmed”, it’s your choice.

I have included some basic strategies and options that if properly used will enhance and improve your level of success. These suggestions are based on a number of years of personal business experience, in the real world with real people. Taking this approach works and I can assure you, it works well.


1. Family Culture

2. Reputation – “Saving face”

3. Name Structure

4. Greetings

5. Bribery and Corruption

6. Gift Giving

7. Standard Working Practices

8. Business Meetings – preparation

9. Business Meetings – what to expect

10. Business Culture – communication

11. Asking … Read More