Month: August 2019

Reasons to Invest In Silver

Most investors enjoy handling various assets that are available on the market, but it is crucial to understand how to determine whether some asset is a good investment or not.

This is especially important for silver since it features a small market that does not feature the same efficiency as gold.

However, at this particular point of history, we can differentiate numerous reasons why you should add silver bars to your investment portfolio. We decided to present you reasons why you should consider this particular type of commodity.

  1. Silver Is Considered As Real Currency

Have in mind that itdoes not have to be part of the currency, but it is still money.

The facts state that silver, as well as gold, is the ultimate form of money that will help you enjoy all the way, mainly because you will not be able to create it out of thin air similarly … Read More

A Drunken Memory Hidden Under My Hair

My last treatment at the aesthetic clinic in Orchard was last week. I used to hang out with my friends a lot in college. We don’t see each other as much these days, but back in the day, we were nearly inseparable. We used to do our fair share of drinking, and one night, we got so drunk that we decided to get tattoos, or at least I thought we all did. I was the only one that got a tattoo that night, while everyone else chickened out at the last minute. I didn’t remember it until the next day, but I got a tattoo of a pizza on my head.

My head was shaved at the time, because I was going through a bald cut phase, so the tattoo was easily applied. After that, I started growing my hair back out to hide the tattoo. I was afraid that … Read More