Month: June 2019

Why Build Your Reputation Online When You’re an Offline Business?

Online and offline used to be 2 completely different mediums. If information were online, only a small percentage would be able to get to it. Also, offline information took a long time before it was made available online. Now they are the same, and that is why it is so important to manage your online reputation. Find more information on how to apply here.

Right now, your offline reputation – no matter how good – is subject to opinion. Some like you, others don’t, or maybe everybody likes you. But do people know why? Do searchers know who exactly likes you? And what did they say, and what part did they like the most?

Offline anecdotes and testimonials can be lost forever after they have been told to 1 or 2 friends. But by putting it online, every right (and wrong) experience can last forever. Whenever your category and Read More