Unlocking Your Fitness Potential

Dealing with thousands of customers over a decade has led me to some startling insights into what can release a persons real fitness potential. There are consistent triggers or keys if you wish that have the ability not only to make you reach your fitness goals but to surpass them. The starting point of a fitness program seems like the BIG key to your fitness journey but there are several key decisions you must come to before you can start a successful fitness campaign.

Yes, we have many false starts in trying to become more fit. Why do most people only last three weeks or so at the gym or with many programs? Why are our good intentions lost after but a brief foray into our program of choice? Is it the program that is lacking or the lack of support from family or is it just the inescapable ravages of age? No, it is not any of those but our inability to make an informed, conscious decision to get fit. The key lies in our mind and our will.

#1 Think about it for some time

With out fail every person who has experienced any success in becoming fit has dedicated some time and effort into thinking about fitness. It is not uncommon for me to hear that people have followed my blog or U-tube videos for months before starting any fitness efforts. The conversation usually goes something like this “Hi I have thought about this for months and have visited your site many times to read the articles and work out tips. Now I am ready to start!

#2 Weight the consequences of fitness neglect

It seems that many who are now consistently fit have come from a very unhealthy back ground.Every thing from obesity to heart problems are on the list.As one male caller put it “I am so tired,I have no energy for anything, that means ANYTHING, if you get my meaning”. When even sex becomes undesirable for a reasonably young man (42) this certainly brings home the consequences of fitness neglect.

#3 Count the cost of a fitness life style

Years ago I had a professor whose Life Philosophy centered around two themes “Sex or Economics”. Well we have already mentioned sex so economics is next. Everything has a cost in time and money. Do you see the value in fitness? Does it translate into dollars and cents? No matter what your budget is you will spend money on fitness. Now don’t get me wrong no matter how much money you spend you cannot buy fitness but fitness has a price, time and money!

Thought + ( consequences – cost) = A conscious, informed decision.

A conscious, informed decision to get fit is the best start to your fitness journey. Take your time to get ready for the program of your choice. If you want a great body you need to exercise your mind now and ongoing to reach or exceed your fitness goals.

Give …

Joel Sauceda (CEO Big Value Depot) Believes in Giving Back to the Community

Joel Sauceda is a man of integrity and honesty. It shows up in many ways and one of those ways is his contribution to charities. If you are trying to find out what kind of person Joel Sauceda is just read this excerpt from his biography and it will answer any questions you have. Believe me before you finish you will know that he is honest and wants to help you. This will definitely help you make an informative decision as to whether or not to join him in business like Big Value Depot.
Joel Sauceda’s exact words from his biography. “I have always believed in “giving back” to the community in which I do business. Someone gave me a chance when I was in need and I believe in doing the same for others. San Antonio is a community that has enabled this C MINUS student to build businesses and thrive despite the odds being stacked against me. I am greatly appreciative to the many mentors and people within this city who have given me a “step up” and NOT a “hand out”

It is NOT About Me!

My goals are not only about personal success but watching others grow despite their life challenges. It is for this reason that I have chosen to endorse local charities so I can be actively involved and have more of a “hands on” approach to helping people. I like to SEE who my gifts are impacting..that motivates me to do more!

The big question that any person who wants to “give back” should ask is this..”How Do I Give And Stretch That GIFT So It Impacts MORE than one person and more important, MORE generations to come?”

Invest In Children…

Kids parents are NOT all created equal and unfortunately there are many children who do not have the benefit of good advice or even positive re-inforcement. These are the children that my heart bleeds for. These kids deserve a better chance because after all, it is NOT their fault for where they were born or WHO gave birth to them.

My goal is to impact children who did not have the start in life that they COULD of had and to let them know that they have it in them to do better. God created them and therefore they are special and ALL have unique gifts (It is just a matter of helping them find out WHAT those gifts are!).

I Joel Sauceda am proud to endorse a community center based in San Antonio and named after a HERO who I admire. That HERO to children is none other than SONNY MELENDREZ. Sonny has given of his time over the years and spoken at over 1100 schools to THOUSANDS of kids, sharing the message of HOPE with them. It was not long ago that a community center which at that time was CINDER BLOCKS and NO air conditioning (in a VERY hot city) was named after Sonny and many of San Antonio’s …

Workplace Dispute Resolution

Dispute occurs between individuals or groups, often when they are competing for the same resources or when one group thinks that another has blocked its ability to reach its goal. On the other hand, conflict develops when one group appears to jeopardize the goals of another, becomes openly antagonistic to another, and is not governed by organizational rules. Once conflict develops, it is likely to get worse, as antagonism grows, the goals become even more important to the two groups and the groups begin violating the organization’s rules in an attempt to reach their goals. (Porter, L.W., W.J. Crampan, and F.J. Smith 1989)

An organization that is complacent may become lazy; if every one agrees about every thing, no one is motivated to do exceptional work to prove the value of an idea. Such an organization can quickly get into trouble if it competes with other organizations in a rapidly changing environment.   A manager of a relatively stagnant or complacent organization may stimulate conflict to get the organization out of its ruts.   When properly managed, conflict can lead to creativity and productive change in an organization. For instance a moderate amount of conflict between two people who are interested in the same issue can lead the people to raise new questions, new doubts and perhaps new solutions. People in conflict may acknowledge the existence of problems that complacent people would have ignored. To stimulate this type of productive conflict, a manager can take number of actions. He or she can change the relationships between people by, for instance, forcing people to compete more for scarce resources or moving them closer together physically, he or she can train people to recognize the value of conflicts and avoid easy, superficial agreement (Stein, L, May, 1995).   A manager may even enter discussions with the purpose of playing ‘devil advocates’, opposing the generally accepted ideas stirring up trouble to try to uncover opposition to the accepted goals or methods. Compaq Computer uses this approach in making most major decisions.   Conflict between groups can raise specific kinds of problems that require specific resolution techniques. The compatibility of two groups and the importance of their interaction for attaining the groups’ goal determine which of the following strategies are useful:   Accommodation is recommended approach when two groups have compatible goals but do not need to interact in order to reach their goals (Porter, L.W., W.J. Crampan, and F.J. Smith. 1989). The two groups will typically have friendly meeting to decide how they can both work towards their goal accomplish their inter-dependent task while spending the least time and energy.   When two groups are incompatible and neither groups need interaction with the other in order to achieve its goal, the two groups may simply avoid each other. The research and the financial departments of the company may have different ideas about how the company should spend its money and these differences many lead to a good deal of conflict when the two departments discuss the issues. However, because …