PSU Jobs- Secure Present and Safe Future

There are many questions that arise when it comes to choosing between options of private and PSU jobs. PSU jobs are chosen by most of the people. There are various reasons for people choosing these jobs. Some reasons include flexible and good work, pension plan and most importantly job security. The private sector jobs benefits only those people who wish to earn money quickly. A secure present and a safe future are provided by public sector units. This is due to pension scheme which these jobs have.

Getting PSU jobs is very easy. But one has to do a lot of preparation for cracking various rounds involved in selection process. Most of the public sector unit jobs exam includes written tests that are followed by interview round. Then lastly, there is a physical test. Major benefits of the public sector unit jobs include transportation allowances, housing allowances, promotions on time, regular increments etc. There is no firing due to the medical allowances and economical slowdowns. There are various public sector vacancies in various sectors like medical, education, banking, railways, telecom etc.

There are many people who show their interest in public sector unit jobs. They are advised to go through the employment news sections in newspapers as well as the online job portals. Online job portals are the easiest and the best way to keep oneself updated about the latest vacancies in PSU jobs. A person can get regular updates via email and this is the biggest advantage of online job portals. But this can happen only if one subscribes to the receive email service. One can also get a lot of information about the jobs in other sections of the country as well. Online job portals are very advantageous. Following are their benefits:

•    Hassle free and easy information about the job.
•    It is very easy to download application forms when appropriate links are given
•    Previous papers and sample papers are given by many job portals thus making the preparation for examination easier.

The advantages of PSU jobs.

•    The job boards are very good as compared to inward jobs.
•    The employed hours are inferior.
•    One can get many retirement benefits.
•    One can get a reputed relation in society like magistrate, official, commissioner,  bearers and inspectors.

Disadvantages of public sector unit jobs

•    There are many downfalls of the public sector unit jobs. A low salary is offered by these jobs in comparison with the close employers.
•    The opportunities for career maturation are very few. The promotions are very standard. There is lot of oldness seen in these jobs.
•    The public sector unit jobs are often perceived as very inferior jobs.
•    Another disadvantage of these jobs is the nature and routine of these jobs. The jobs are very monotonous and they often lead to complacency.
•    The opportunities for work maturation are very less.
•    There can be no plasticity and creativity due to various rules and regulations.
•    Environment is …

Not Everyone "Wants In" On Your Mannatech Business

If you’re a distributor involved with Mannatech, I can almost guarantee you that you’ve heard this blatantly false lie at one of your trainings “Everyone is your prospect!” Or maybe it sounded something like this. “Everyone wants this, they just don’t know it yet!”

This horrendous lie has some distributors talking to everyone within a two-foot radius of them about their awesome business opportunity. Whether it’s a college student waiting tables at Red Lobster or if it’s a middle-aged cashier working the register at your supermarket, they all want in on your business! Listen to that nonsense! And to think this blasphemy is passed off as an effective prospecting and recruiting technique by mlm companies to their distributors.

People wonder why the network marketing industry has such a bad reputation. I can’t imagine why. Maybe it’s because these cave man methods of recruiting have placed Mannatech distributors on the same level as that one college student outside your gas station peddling “wholesale designer fragrances.” It’s hard to take him seriously when he’s offering you a 1-liter bottle of “Kenneth Cole’s Black” for only 15 bucks. The same can be said for network marketers who try to recruit anything that moves and breathes into their down-lines.

Let me give it to you straight up. In network marketing, everyone isn’t your prospect. This idea might be hard to chew on, but it’s true. Everyone doesn’t have what it takes to run their own business and be an entrepreneur, and some people just don’t want to! Some people really enjoy waking up and going to Blockbuster Video for another eight hour shift, and some people have all the money that they’ll ever need. Whatever the reason might be, you shouldn’t spend your time and energy trying to convince anyone to become involved with your business. Because no one is worth your time until they’ve shown an interest in what you’re offering.

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve all targeted that “perfect mlm prospect.” That special someone who upon joining your Mannatech business will explode your downline. This person just got layed off, has ridiculous social skills, knows all the right people and would be an absolutely perfect fit. Sure, you could potentially approach this person, but he’s not worth spending any quality time on until he’s seeking a solution to his problem.

If you decide to approach your prospect this way, it shows them that you’re the type of businessperson who isn’t professional or successful enough to invest in some respectable marketing methods. You’re advertising yourself and your business in a very amateur way. Again, this gets into the whole issue of all the negativity surrounding the industry, and why distributors aren’t taken seriously by their prospects.

It comes down to this one simple principle. You can’t pursue prospects, and relentlessly pitch them about your Mannatech business opportunity. It just won’t work, because this method screams desperation! Your prospects will view you as an unprofessional nuisance. In mlm this isn’t a good …

Huna Technique is a Science of Preparing Psychic – Matrix



A famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om was like that …..

Itni shidaat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,

hi har zaare ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai.

In mystical world this means that …..when you once set into motion the occult force of intense desire,you begin to attract the elements that shape the events you desire.

Thoughts are things .Thoughts are the creative building blocks out of which cosmic mind creates the destiny that you have selected. Huna has a power of mystical alchemy ,which converts thoughts into things, events and circumstances. 

Every thought you project from your Higher Self has form and dimension . It has the vibratory power to go out into the invisible universe and propel needed atoms and molecules to take on the form and shape of the thought or desire projected.

Huna will give you the ability to form these thought-images more accurately and project them with sufficient momentum to lode in the minds of other . Also it, can create a whirlpool of psychic energy and cause the invisible protoplasm of the cosmic building blocks to take on the form and shape of the things you mentally desire .

 Huna Technique is scientifically designed to create something in the outer , objective world through the inner, subjective power of  Mind or the one’s Higher Self. mental energy must be built deliberately , just as one develops a muscle by continual use.


When you enter Huna  meditation to create your future world ,you must know how to prepare the psychic matrix into which Higher Self can pour its invisible mystical protoplasm for creating what you desire. Psychic matrix is the mold into which invisible energy flows and shapes the objects to be created. 

Just as an architect draws a blueprint before the workers build a house ,so too your Higher Self  must give shape and form to the design you want the master builder of the universe to shape as your destiny . 

Actually Huna principle works under the first law of universe the laws of action and reaction. When you project any command from your Higher self in the universe …… Let it be done !!!! this command starts the atomic creative action in the universe which began all creation ,atomic power begins to flow when you command the forces of nature to obey your dictates. 

 Huna is the science of creating blueprint that can bring you money, power, fame, health and success in every department of you life.


Geeta Jha 

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