Christian Weight Loss Support and Encouragement for Overweight Women

Deciding to Change, The First Victory Step to Success

You were created for a special reason. As a Christian woman of God, your wonderfully made body and your daily deeds stand as ambassador for Jesus Christ here on the Earth. This should motivate and encourage you to lose weight because you represent Jesus as a believer, and it’s important to set a good example to the world by living a healthy lifestyle and being at a healthy weight. It is God’s will for you to be in good health so you can live an abundant life through Jesus Christ our Savior. God still loves you unconditionally, even when you’re overweight, but we need to do everything that we can to show respect and honor for the body that He has given us. One of the ways that we can show respect is to eat healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis because if we don’t, chances are we can get very sick with:

hospital roomStroke

Heart disease

Heart attack

Back Pain



High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Sleep apnea




Low self-esteem





Low to no sex drive


…plus more problems and illnesses that are too numerous to name here.

Now how can we be a very effective witness for God our Father, if we are busy wrestling with these diseases and emotional issues that make us look and feel totally defeated by the Devil? God wants us to be totally free from sickness and disease, and one of the best ways to improve our health is to put our food vices aside and take what I call “Victory Steps” toward making healthy living our personal style of living. 

In order to make healthy living our personal style of living, we must first make a real decision to change. We have to make up in our minds that we are completely done with…

Beating up on ourselves all the time

Being tired and depressed about our weight and our lives

Joining health clubs and never going and wasting our money

Buying diet pills for fast results knowing deep inside they won’t work

Trying weight loss detox diets hoping to get a “jumpstart”

Buying exercise gizmos seen on TV… that don’t work

Considering weight loss surgery even though you’re scared of being put to sleep

Thinking about throwing the food back up after binge eating

Comparing our bodies to other women like model, actresses seen in magazines

Setting a poor example for the kids, because they watch everything we do

Thinking we’re meant to be fat because “it runs in the family”

Dreading getting on the scale because we know it’s going to be bad

Losing weight and gaining it back because the yo-yo dieting is unhealthy

… I should go on and on, but I think you get the point. Once you truly DECIDE that you’re completely DONE with the negative impact that excess body weight and emotional weight is having …

What Is An Open Ended Investment Company?

We all want to invest our money wisely and we want to get good returns from whatever investment vehicle we choose.

Part of the task we have is to make sure we fully understand the investment we are making and there are lots of different ones around that may be new to us.

One good example is an open ended investment company. These are worth looking into if you have an interest in the stock market and you want to follow up on that interest. The stock market is a complex place if you aren’t used to it, and an open ended investment company could be what you need to help you take that first crucial step.

This kind of investment is very similar to a unit trust as well, so you might see the two mentioned together. They are both referred to as ‘open ended’. This means there are no restrictions on the size of the investment, which comes from lots of different investors. There are differences though and it is important to understand what they are.

One key point to remember is that unit trusts are made up of units, hence the name. As far as open ended investment companies are concerned, you are investing in actual shares. This is true even though they are both concerned with the stock market.

You should also be aware that prices for both of these investment vehicles are worked out every day. Whereas a unit trust has both buy and ask prices, an open ended investment company will have just the one price. You might see this referred to as the single price, and it is the only relevant price you need to worry about.

Of course an investment of this nature is not the safest one you will ever come across. While they often provide good returns, there is never any guarantee that you will make a profit. Indeed, you could lose some or all of your money. This is not meant to scare you, but it is a fact and one that you should bear in mind if you are seriously considering investing in an open ended investment company.

Furthermore as is often the case with the stock market and related investments, this kind of investment should not be viewed as a short term venture. You need to be happy to sink the required amount of money into an OEIC, as they are also known, for several years.

This tactic means that any short term losses will hopefully be ironed out and made back again. The stock market does typically improve in this way over the long term, which is why an open ended investment company is worth considering as part of your overall investment strategy.…