Sponsordaddy – Just Another Online Network Marketing System?

SponsorDaddy, the latest, claim-to-be-greatest online network marketing system which is now in pre-launch, has managed to create a bedazzled buzz in the online network marketing world.

So what’s all the fuss about SponsorDaddy anyway? Do we really need another over promise / under deliver online network marketing system? What makes SponsorDaddy so great?

As little as 2 years ago, there were only a handful of funded proposal style MLM systems, which gave any newbie the opportunity to be branded as “The Expert” in the industry. Today the internet is jam packed with tacky landing pages delivering endless “free” reports and overpriced eBooks disguising the obvious intention of lead generation.

So, when we received an invitation to check out the SponsorDaddy’s online network marketing system, naturally our defenses went up.

If any online network marketing system is going to compete against the masses, it obviously needs to stand out amongst the crowd.

What we found as unique was the ‘plug and play’ approach to work for any MLM system, not just a lead generation tool, but as a way for you to brand yourself, together with your MLM opportunity.

In our experience, most online network marketing system provide excellent methods of lead generation, but a poor follow through on directing those prospects to your primary MLM opportunity. SponsorDaddy has that feature automated, making it easy for anyone new to the business as well as MLM professionals.

Adding to that, SponsorDaddy has the ability to market multiple MLM opportunities under the same platform, to the maximum of three different opportunities.

On face value, the above benefits are enough to grab any successful network marketer’s undivided attention. But seeing online MLM system’s come and go, one has to ask: Can they deliver what they promise?

SponsorDaddy is classed as the new kid on the block, but the founders are most definitely not.

NaXum Online Marketing Services has been the provider of tools and services for home business entrepreneurs for about 6 years, enabling them to successfully market products and services online. From powerful custom flash movies, to custom newsletter systems, to a live spokesperson welcoming your website visitors, Naxum Online Marketing Services has touched every aspect of online MLM.

With the experience gathered from dozens of custom branded online marketing system’s for affiliate companies, direct selling companies, their MLM leaders and distributor force, Naxum created SponsorDaddy. The same platform used for custom systems, now universal.

SponsorDaddy’s system appears to be rock solid. How about the money? Although SponsorDaddy system was designed as a MLM tool to promote your primary business, there’s a compensation plan attached which seems foolish to ignore.

SponsorDaddy pays out on direct coding bonuses (fast start) and weekly, residual income through a new style, very generous binary compensation plan.

If you are in need of a online network marketing system which can easily be self funded, your time might be well worth spent having a look at SponsorDaddy.…

Holy Day Rituals in the Second Holy Temple

Holy Day Rituals in the Second Holy Temple

Arthur L. Finkle


In delving into instances of shofar occurrences, we have discovered a rich panoply of rites performed for the holidays celebrated in the Holy Temple. This article will describe some of these rituals that, heretofore, may have been hidden.

With this knowledge, we can achieve a better understanding of the sacrificial cult, the place of prayer and ritual.

Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that gives it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering. And this is the offering which you shall take of them; gold and silver and brass… (Exodus 25, 2-3).

This teaches that the Holy One showed three offerings: one of tabernacle, one of the First Temple, and one of the Second Temple, as it says: gold, silver and brass.

Gold – to reflect the Tabernacle that Moshe made, which was beloved by the Holy One Blessed be He as gold.

Silver – this is the First Temple that Solomon built of which it is written: silver was not valued at the days of Solomon at all (Chronicles 9).

Brass – this is the Second Temple that was missing five things: the Ark, the Ark-cover, Cherubim, (heavenly) Fire and Holy Spirit.

Descriptions do not generally include the abattoir of sacrifices which the Temple had become due to the method of worship during that particular time period.

This contribution is dedicated to my wife, Linda of 50 years, my children Andrew and Daniel and my grand-children Julia and Joshua asd well as to my daughter-in-law, Heather.

Inspirating me to articulate this history were my mentor Rabbi Jack Pianko, zt’l; Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom; and Rabbi Eric Wisnia.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1

Rosh Hashanah. 4

Origin, Name and Date. 6

The New Moons. 6

Sounding of the Shofar or Trumpet?. 7

Further Confusion. 9

The Moon of the Seventh Month. 10

The Mishnah: Beginning of Repentance Theme. 11

The Talmud: Life or Death. 11

Compromise on the Shofar Notes. 13

Yom Kippur. 13

Feast of the Harvest (Sukkot). 16

Water Libation Ceremony. 16

Role of the Trumpet (Shofar). 18

Water: Special Significance. 20

Aravot (Willow Branch) Ceremony. 20

Transition of Water Willow Dance to Hoshana Rabba. 24

The Order of the Hoshana Rabba Service. 25

Passover. 27

Feast of Weeks (Shavuot). 30

The “Seven Species” of the Land of Israel 31

How Are the Firstfruits Separated?. 32

The Pilgrims Make Their Way to Jerusalem.. 33

In the City of the Assembly Head. 33

The Approach to Jerusalem.. 34

Bringing the Firstfruits to the Temple. 35

Decorating the Baskets. 35

The Rich and Poor of Israel Give Thanks Together. 36

The Firstfruits are Brought Opposite the Entrance to the Sanctuary. 36

Reciting the Biblical Passages Out Loud. 37

Waving the Firstfruits. 37

Setting the Firstfruits Down. 38

The Twin Loaves. 38

Preparing Wheat for the “Twin Loaves”-The Procedure of “Rubbing and Beating”. 39

Trumpets, Flute and Song as …

Transitioning From the Military to the Civilian Work Force

The best way to start your transition from the military to the civilian work force is before you even enlist. By picking the right military career from the beginning will put you a step ahead of most people whether they took the rout of the military or college. By studying for the ASVAB and taking it a few times to get the best score possible is something a huge step towards this goal. You will need to score high enough to qualify for the career you choose. You should take the time to find a career that is compatible with your personality and that has a good job growth rating by the Bureau of Labor. I go into much better detail on how to choose your military career in the article, “How to Get The Most out Of Joining the Military”. Once you are have started your career it is already time for you to start planning for your transition into the civilian work force. It does not matter if you plan on only spending four years in the military or twenty because the things you do to prepare yourself for the civilian job market will help you have a successful military career. The military looks at schooling just as much as companies will when you enter the civilian work force. The more classes you take and the more certifications you can get will significantly increase your chances of getting promoted sooner rather than later.

Go To School

The military is very supportive of those who want to take college classes or certification exams. Depending on your job will determine what path you should take. If you have a job that requires certifications in the civilian sector you will want to get a few of those certifications as soon as you can. Once you have a few certifications you can then decide whether you want to take some college courses as well. You can never go wrong with a college education and it is a great compliment to any certifications you have. You can choose to major in the same field of expertise that you have your certifications in or you can find a major that compliments your skill set but is in a different area of expertise. For example if you are a network technician and major in a field in electronics or computers your collage courses compliment your certifications even though they may be in a different field altogether. If you are not sure what kind of college courses you should take a business management degree is a very good choice. A degree in management can compliment any area of expertise and is a good degree by its self. Because you will be going to college part time while you are in the military you can take it nice and slowly. Start by taking one course for a semester and see if you could fit in a second one the following semester. It may take you four years …

Love marriage problems solution by powerful vashikaran

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