Sun Into Taurus 2012: Love And Money

    When the Sun moves into sturdy, dependable Taurus at 9:12 A.M. PST on April 19th, it initiates a cycle abundant in earth sign resources, and one that includes a full Scorpio moon and the beginning of a Venus retrograde in thinking, communicative Gemini.  This cycle is also preparing us for a set of powerful eclipses on May 20th and June 4th, the Venus occultation of June 5-6th and the Uranus Pluto square of June 24th.  As more systemic change approaches planet Earth, the patient, powerful Bull arrives to share its enduring wisdom.  Its ruler Venus is traveling close by and urging us to make love our guiding principle, a choice that will make all the difference.

    Astrology’s earth signs are associated with nature, finances, health and the physical realms of reality, and Taurus is renowned for its capacity for construction.  Whether a personal chart is heavily aspected by planets in earth signs or not, the cycle ahead is loaded with ample opportunity to turn thoughts into things.  First and foremost, the new Taurus moon of April 21st. with Its trines to Mars and Pluto in fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, sextiles with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and conjunction with expansive Jupiter, now also in Taurus, offers a sound and inspiring foundation for building.  The Sun follows suit and bolsters our enterprises with a Neptune sextile on the 22nd, Mars and Pluto trines on the 23rd and 29th and a Jupiter conjunction on May 13th.  Those harmonious angles to indelible Neptune and healing Chiron in holistic (water sign) Pisces are important. Taurus’s easy going style agrees with Piscean gentleness, and this combination helps us access our creativity and intuition.  On May 8th, our minds also acquiesce to the Bull’s calm assurance when Mercury enters centered Taurus.  From there it sextiles Neptune on the 10th and trines Mars the 13th and Pluto on the 14th.  On May 16th Mars and Pluto trine, and on May 18th the Moon returns to Taurus.  The earth sign stamina, solidity and stability available throughout this cycle provide especially fertile ground for seeding our immediate and long-range goals.  They can also instill a sense of security that will prove useful as 2012’s larger events (the 99% Spring, earthquakes and changes at the Fed?) unfold.     

     To counteract an unhealthy emphasis on the material side of life, every Taurus cycle includes a full Scorpio moon.  Destructive and transformation, Scorpio demands honesty and necessary change.  This year the annual battle between the tangible and impermanent takes place on May 5th, the same day Mercury, still in independent Aries at the time, will oppose unyielding Saturn in arbitrating Libra.  Our Taurus quest for sensual pleasure and gratification is accountable to no less than the truth, and individual desire must be reconciled with communal concerns.  Part of a larger global trend, these aspects remind us that the exploitation of resources via our economic and environmental practices must be brought into line with our values and balanced with our impact on …

AIMS (UK) offer Online MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance

Considering the growing demand of proficient professionals and experts for Islamic Finance Industry, Academy for International Modern Studies or AIMS launched an internationally accredited Online MBA Degree in Islamic Banking and Finance. The objective of this MBA program is to produce highly competent executives, who are well qualified and practiced, not only with the Islamic Banking and Finance subjects; but also other professional areas, required for the successful business administration and management. The MBA program comprise of 12 graduate courses and a Thesis in Islamic Finance. There are total 36 credit hours are awarded on the completion of this MBA program. This degree program is ideal for (i) Professionals seeking career enhancement, (ii) Bankers seeking career growth, and (iii) Students looking for a bright future in fastest growing financial sector.

This Online MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance Degree is affiliated with Pebble Hills University, which is fully accredited by the International Commission for Higher Education. This institution provides professional quality control mechanism for Colleges and Universities’ standards. Their Accreditation gives a public record of your learning that will be widely accepted by employers, professional associations, by other colleges and universities, and recognized internationally. AIMS and Pebble Hills University has International Offices in many countries, including: United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Egypt, Pakistan, Argentina, Iran, Jordan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jamaica, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco and Nigeria.

Muslims worldwide are directed to avoid certain types of banking products and investments due to the involvement of Riba/Interest and they are more interested in dealing with Islamic Banks for Riba-free banking products. The demands of Islamic banking and Islamic insurance products have been increased in past few years and these products and services are being introduced by well-known financial institutions. In addition to that, large numbers of new Islamic financial institutions are being introduced internationally, who requires qualified human resources for the proper execution of Islamic Financial system, within their organizations.

Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) is an Islamic Banking and Finance institution, based in Chatham, United Kingdom. AIMS’ main objective is to facilitate individuals to become expert Islamic finance professionals and companies to establish better Islamic financial system. AIMS has made a significant contribution in Islamic Finance Industry. Over the years it has maintained a purposeful mission of promoting industry professionalism and best practices in Islamic Banking and Finance industry through research, consultancy, product development, corporate trainings, seminars, workshops and publications. AIMS also offers several online certifications in Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking and Islamic Insurance.

Educational programs at AIMS are designed and facilitated by renowned Islamic Banking and Insurance Sharia Advisors and Product Development Managers. These scholars are working in renowned Islamic Financial Institutions. Study material is updated on regular basis to make sure that the graduates are well trained in implementing and managing Islamic Financial products and services. The updated study material prepares graduates to work with the most upto date …

The Balance Between Life and Work

Balance between professional life and personal life is of paramount importance and significance. These days it is a highly improbable (although still possible) task to achieve this balance between work and life. Technology has played the main role in disturbing the equilibrium. It is technology that has made it working in a 24 by 7 environment within the bounds of possibility. The progress in the technological sphere has ensued in work frenzy as all the employees are within easy reach round the clock. Another reason behind this increased frequency of work around the globe is unemployment. Factors such as recession and economic slump have resulted in a dearth of job opportunities. Secured jobs have reduced drastically in number as these days no one is guaranteed job security, especially in the jobs pertaining to the private sector. In such a situation, employees are compelled to adhere to the company policies irrespective of the fact whether these policies are in their favour or not. Employers have grown wiser over the years and have learnt to manipulate this situation using it to their favour. They compel their employees to work for hours and hours in order to generate the maximum amount of profit.

Nevertheless, whatever the reasons behind this disturbed balance between work and life these days, it is only fair to assert the truth of the matter. Work and life balance is a topic that is subjective in its essence and its perception varies from individual to individual. Some might consider working for hours without paying much heed to the life outside office a routinely matter. However, that doesn’t imply that people can sustain happiness in life without attaining the all important balance between work and life. We all comprehend the fact that working is must for survival, but if we devote all our time towards working it will defeat the very purpose of it. We work so that we can provide for our families, fulfill our desires and secure out future. If we don’t enjoy on the cost of our earnings, what fun will remain in our lives. The entirety of our life will be spent in earning money and we won’t even have the time to spend it and enjoy. The time we spend outside the office premises must be dedicated towards our personal life and activities pertaining to it. Work must be confined to a defined period of time during the day and the rest we must insulate ourselves from work related stress to live a healthy and happy life.…

Finding Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities

Given the state of our economy everyday thousands of people are looking for affordable home based business opportunities to either replace a lost income or to make sure they have enough money to live comfortably.  Here’s some food for thought and a few ideas for you to think about for your business that you would like to run from home.

Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities – Honest Observations

Affordable home based business opportunities allow a person to try (test) a new system or program, without having to spend a ton of cash. Even though it would be wonderful if all of the business opportunities that you could run from home were immediately successful; the truth is, it doesn’t always work out that way.

In fact, most don’t turn out to be a good fit without at least some experience. Some efforts can be quite successful but many will not be. Many times, it involves some trial and error to discover what works best for you.  Affordable home based business opportunities allow entrepreneurs to try out a new program while not having to hand over massive amounts of money.

Please don’t allow the honest observations to discourage you. Finding affordable business opportunities that can be run from home takes some research, time and a willingness to try new things in order to become successful. It’s totally doable with persistence as well as empowering yourself by learning as you go.

Which affordable home based business opportunities should you try?

That question is actually very personal since not every program is good for every person.

Think about the things that interest you. Is there something you’re passionate about such as fly fishing gear, children’s education, a musical instrument etc? It will help you narrow your search for affordable home based business opportunities.

To help you brain storm and further narrow your search here are a few ideas:

Affiliate marketing
Social media marketing
Multi-level marketing
Auction sales
Cash gifting

These and many other programs could be the right business for you and all are affordable. If you’re just starting out with online business, be sure to research each company, take your time, learn the program and apply what you’re learning to see if it’s the right thing for you.

You just have to find affordable home based business opportunities that interest you and start working with the opportunity. It does take some commitment on your part to consistently learn and grow your business, especially when you’re first getting started.

Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities: The Potential

There is amazing potential for your business that can be run from home and it’s not uncommon to make several thousand dollars a month from a business you can work at from your study, kitchen, or bedroom.

If you’re truly interested in working from home, make a commitment to yourself and your business. There will be ups and downs as you’re learning. There will also be some frustration to work through.

When you’re determined and if you treat …