Can you beat a red light camera ticket in California?

People often wonder if its possible to beat a red light camera ticket in California. These kinds of cameras have been in use in many areas of the state for a good number of years. These can catch drivers that go through an intersection when the light is changing but these also capture people that make right turns in a places that have, “no turn on red” signs posted at corners.


How these work


This product type has been used in some areas of the world since the 1960s but only started being used in the United States in the 1990s. These take an image of the car if it is in the intersection at the time the light is red. The ticket is then mailed to the car owner.


One problem that has come up over and over again is the fact that many times the time period in which the light is yellow is considered to be too short, making it impossible for someone to pass through the intersection without being present at some time during the red period. This has caused tickets to be canceled and in some cases, the cameras to be removed.


There has also been controversy over finding the right person that was driving the vehicle as well as concerns from some groups about the violation of privacy by being photographed and observed. This has caused some cities to rethink using these, either canceling plans to install them or removing systems in place. Another issue is the validity of a private company having the authority to legally issue a citation.


What can be done?


People can sometimes take these to court to fight them but for the average person, this may not be feasible. People have to provide some information to show why they shouldn’t have been given a citation and often people are at a loss to provide this. People may not have the time available to take off work to go to court.


There is another method that people can use to fight this kind of citation. There are companies that handle this process for a fee. These companies often have good success with this process because they are familiar with what needs to be done to fight them. This can save clients money on the ticket but also it removes the moving violation from the record, as this can be a factor that increases insurance costs.…

CieAura Review – Is The CieAura Opportunity Legitimate Or Just More Hype? CieAura Scam?

CieAura is a network marketing company that prides itself on having a product that is extremely unique to the marketplace and provides numerous benefits to the consumer. CieAura carries a line of products that work much like a nicotine patch and they claim that they can provide consumers with increased clarity, focus, reduced joint, back, and hip pain, improved night sleep, and more energy throughout the day. These “holographic chips” are placed in the same areas where you would have acupuncture done and provide much of the same benefits.

Although I was extremely sceptical of these claims at first, after visiting their company site I was surprised to see that many retired professional athletes were using these products and provided very valuable testimonials about CieAura. This led me to conclude that the product line itself was true to their word and really did provide the benefits that they claimed.

While CieAura carries an extremely unique product line, there are a number of questions you need to consider before you even consider getting involved with a company such as this:

1)<b>How strong is the management team?</b> There have been countless network marketing companies over the years that have come and gone due to the fact that their internal team was unable to sustain the growth of the company as a whole. Having done some due diligence on my own, the only thing I was able to find about the management team was simply pictures of who the people were but was unable to find any background information about them.

2)<b>What is the company vision?</b> This question may seem irrelevant however, companies that lack a strong mission and vision have more often than not failed within their first year of business. CieAura seems to carry a strong mission is that their goal is to raise the health and well being of society.

3)<b>What training is being provided to representatives?</b> This is a MAJOR issue that ultimately determines the success of the organization as a whole. Although CieAura carries an extremely unique line of products, I am concerned that their training is not as “up to date” as their product line is. After reviewing their compensation plan structure, the company is training their representatives to build their business via word-of-mouth marketing (i.e. making a list of friends and family).

Although CieAura has been experiencing record growth even in this troubled economy, I have major concerns that they will be unable to sustain this growth based on the training that is being provided to representatives. While this training worked extremely effectively in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the marketplace has changed drastically and more and more people are turning to the internet in order to leverage technology to systematically build their businesses.

To learn exactly how you can use the internet to grow a CieAura business, make sure you read the resource box below and click on the link for more information. …

Credit Scores & What Risk Category They Fall Into

Consistently paying bills on time can increase an individual’s credit score, higher Credit Scores can mean lower interest rates on loans and credit cards. Keeping balances close to account limits can also lower a person’s Credit Score. Checking your own Credit Report will not lower your Credit Score.

Here is a breakdown of credit scores and what categories they generally fall into. 

Low Risk (726 – 830): Lenders rest easier when they extend loans and credit to individuals with high Credit Scores. Plus, you may be able to save money by negotiating a lower interest rate or a better term on a new loan or credit card.

Low – Medium Risk (700 – 725): Lenders may be more willing to extend credit to individuals with Credit Scores in the low-to-medium risk range. In this range, you may get better-than-average rates and terms on new loans and credit cards.

Medium Risk (626 – 699): Lenders may still be willing to extend loans and credit to individuals with mid-range Credit Scores; however, you may only get average rates and terms.

Medium – High Risk (551 – 625): Lenders may be less willing to extend credit to individuals with Credit Scores in the medium-to-high risk range. In this range, you may not enjoy the best rates possible.

High Risk (330 – 550): Lenders may be wary about extending loans and credit to individuals with Credit Scores in the high-risk range. You may be denied credit, or pay higher rates.