Risk: Identify, Prioritize, and Manage It

A Google alert steered me to an article called “Beating the Odds When You Launch a New Venture” that had just come out in the May issue of Harvard Business Review, authored by Clark G. Gilbert and Matthew J. Eyring. It was one of the best pieces I’ve ever read about entrepreneurs, their attitudes, and management of risk. They said that entrepreneurs aren’t cowboys-they’re methodical managers of risk. I thought their concepts applied equally to small and big business. I contacted one of the authors, Clark Gilbert, to discuss his ideas and decided I wanted to share his thoughts with my small business friends. The result is my interview (below) with Clark. My comments follow his answers and are primarily addressed to small business owners. Clark Gilbert is the president and CEO of Deseret Digital Media and was formerly a professor at Harvard Business School.

1. BR: Do you think Small Businesses spend enough time identifying their risks and planning on how to deal with them?

CG: Because capital is scarce, start-ups are not likely to get very far without having to adjust to data from the market. In this sense risk identification is almost “imposed” on a start-up. The scarcity of capital forces discipline. That said, entrepreneurs who think more carefully about the risks they face, systematically target the most critical risks, and remove them will be more successful that those who do not. When you start a new venture, you donʼt have all the data to make the right decisions. You just have to wade into the venture process and learn from the data that comes out. For example, you might have a hypothesis about the pricing structure and you can do things to test it, but until you actually close a sale, you don’t have the data as to the price people are really willing to pay.

BR: I have found that in start-ups and small businesses, so much time and energy is spent on putting out fires and surviving, that risk management gets short changed. Periodic time outs for reflection are needed.

2. BR: Does this differ between start-ups and established companies?

CG: Believe it or not, one advantage start-ups often have vs. established companies is the lack of available capital. This forces start-ups to be more disciplined with their at-risk capital either because it is scarce or it will cost them equity. Too often, big companies had an overabundance of capital, which makes them less responsive to changes they need to make while the venture is being formatively developed.

BR: To bolster this point and no. 1, I would like to tell you about an interview I had with Stephen Gordon, the founder of Restoration Hardware. In response to my asking, “What were the factors that most contributed to your success?” He answered, “If sufficient capital had been available to me in the company’s early stages, I might not have been as successful as I was.” I myself learned that Bootstrapping out of necessity …

Emotional Intelligence against Domestic Violence

Anna StevensI am writing my first book now. What is the book about? This book is about how a woman survived Domestic Violence applying the concept of Emotional Intelligence. The woman was me, and for a long time it has been my dream to spread the message about how Domestic Violence happened to me and how I survived it, to all the women who experience or have experienced this destroying problem and are in need of empowerment and inspiration.

Did you know that in the United States of America, a woman is being bitten up every nine seconds. On average, 24 people per minute become victims of rape, physical violence, or being stalked by an intimate partner in the United States, according to new findings released in December 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Over the course of a year, that equals more than 12 million women and men. Those numbers only tell part of the story – more than 1 million women are being raped in a year, and over 6 million women and men become victims of stalking. These findings emphasize that sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence are major public health problems in the United States.  

The main reason why I am writing this book is because I know that many women  in America and worldwide do not realize what Domestic Violence does to them. They are unable to recognize Domestic Violence. They think that emotional and physical abuse, mental and sexual assault, intimidation and threatening are a normal, and for some even essential part of a family life. Some time ago, I was one of these women. I truly believed that my husband had the right to yell and coerce at me, call me names, threaten me, push me, hit me, not to mention texting and calling me over 80 times a day asking about what I do, where I am at, whom I am with, when I will be home and why at the time I named and not earlier (regardless of what time I named). I thought it was normal for him to stand behind my back and watch whom I e-mail to, and ask me what I say (as I would write in Russian), how I know this person, why I gave this person my e-mail address and so forth. I was considering all this “true love”.

The day I realized that all that is not normal was the day my husband almost killed me. 

I called the police. I actually hanged up on them, but something amazing happened…. the woman from 911 called me back! My complicated journey had began that very day – April 9, 2009. I was taken to a shelter for victims of Domestic Violence. My life was saved, and I now had to survive. At the time, I spoke no English, had no legal documents, no money, no job, my car was repossessed as my husband stopped paying for it, my Driver’s License was …

Efficient and Affordable Rental Property Accountant

I guarantee you are exploiting all passable derivations and aide you on what records you have to keep, particularly essential for the individuals who have occasion homes, or properties that are leased discontinuously. Staying up with the latest all around the year is as significant for investment property holders as it is for entrepreneurs, changing from shoebox style record keeping to a more proactive style of record keeping can give extra time to want to what might have overall been a surprising duty bill. Also improving the probability of distinguishing that an occupant has missed a rent installment inside a day or two of the missed installment.

Rentable house holders must represent all wage coming from their venture. The salary connected with investment properties is the month to month rent gathered. Proprietors must keep a record of each one rent installment check or immediate store accepted.  Rentable house holders need to consider devaluation, which is the physical wear and tear, on their structures every year to claim it as an assessment conclusion. The devaluation is ascertained by subtracting the quality of the area from the buy cost of the building.

Rental bookkeepers is into the business of giving capable accounting organizations excessively little and medium scale associations. We offer a far reaching mixed bag of organizations in accounting, bookk­eepin­g and business guiding. Viability, Affordability and Confidentiality are our top by and large necessities. Our clients extra up to additional expense of obtaining an in-house accounting staff since we charge them short of what they may have paid an in-house staff. You don’t have to outfit us with a workstation, a work region or an office space to work with yet you have a whole assembly of master accou­nting staff managing the accou­nts of their busin

Rental accountants gives reasonable bookkeeping administrations in an expert, pragmatic and auspicious way. Having some expertise in little business and rental return Keeping the records exceptional is a crucial a piece of any business; nonetheless it’s not what most individuals start a new business for. Opportunity Taxation can provide for you Freedom from your records and bookwork, abandoning you time to concentrate on your business and your customers or to take a load off in the information that your records are exceptional. All the profits of a substantial bookkeeper’s  firm at a reasonable cost.

We can help you get a moment preview of where your cash is going so you can settle on better choices about rental rates and repair uses. We can even help you track capital changes and devaluation for every property about whether.

Think about execution month-to-month. You can reconnoiter salary and liabilities for every property you claim starting with one month then onto the next and analyze your properties so you’re generally on top of your rental ventures.  We spend significant time in giving fundamental bookkeeping and assessment administrations for Small Businesses, Partnerships, Self Employed Contractors, Companies, Trusts and Rental Property Own We provide services at affordable rates and will arrange …

How to Find Mystery Shopper Jobs

Mystery shopper jobs aren’t just a myth. They really do exist! There are marketing companies out there that will pay for your night out on the town or your next shopping spree. Most major cities offer mystery shopper jobs at chain stores, banks, restaurants, and retail stores. Go out with your friends for shopping and a bite to eat–free.

As major companies expand and programs change, the need for mystery shoppers rises. Vacancies open up due to mystery shoppers moving or quitting; and also, those who aren’t timely with the review of their experience or thorough in the description of their experience may be replaced with someone willing to try harder.

Here’s how it goes. You go to the store or restaurant. Keep track of your experience. Save your receipts. Then, you turn everything in for reimbursement (yes, you get to keep the product). It’s a great way to make some extra money and have fun.

You’ll find a lot more jobs in larger cities, but the competition for these positions is stiff. In a less populated area, you may find yourself in demand. If you do a good job, the companies and schedulers will give you as much work as they can.

There are no pre-qualifications. You just need to be attentive and dependable. If you can follow directions, you can mystery shop. On the other hand, if you have experience in hospitality, retail, or customer service, make sure you let the company know.

If you don’t have computer access available, mystery shopping jobs are harder to keep up with. Most of the correspondence is done online. This is where you will see recruiting, assignments posted, and reports completed.

You can join as many mystery shopping companies as you want. The more you join, the more chances you receive assignments. Keep your eyes wide open for quality mystery shopping jobs that pay on time and have plenty of jobs available in your area.

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Misbeliefs of what women think men want

Sometimes the opposite sex can have a totally wrong idea about the other sex, among them, is the picture of what guys want. Well we’ve listed a number of the most usual misconceptions women assume guys like, but actually don’t. There is also a list of things they do want, so that you realize what you can trade those wrong ideas with to please him.

Lines on the face

Women are all swept up about the smallest details on their face and spend money and stress on lotions that really won’t get them away.

The truth is;

It’s really only you who will notice. Also, the thought that wrinkles are sexy only on an aged man, is a fable. A lot of guys find that the wrinkles on a women show character, and is also sexy.

Skirts too short- Sometimes men don`t desire their woman to be dressed that provocative. Women can put too much importance here, as men don’t want their woman to wear such sexy outfits. It may be because they don`t desire others looking at their woman, or they believe that she looks great whatever she wears.

As an alternative

Give him more intimate time. Just because a man doesn’t want you to go out with the neckline of your shirt plunging down to your stomach doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of some skin. Treat him to some extra time in the bedroom, and show him that he’s the only person who can see you that way.

Fake attitudes

Men don`t desire someone who handles problems like a little girl, they want a woman, someone who handles things maturely.

On the other hand;

Do not play games on him, and don`t be fake. He would desire things handled in a mature, intellectual manner.

Playing hard to get

It`s only a fable that guys will enjoy you playing hard to get with him. Most men are searching for genuine relationships and will desire you to express your real emotions to him.

The truth is;

Playing games with him will only get a guy who plays games with you. Acting mature and smart will catch a guy who reciprocates that with you in his relationships.

A man wants you to be loyal, after he’s worked to earn your trust, you should show him that he can confide in you in return. Be loyal to him, and prove that to him so that he won’t worry about all the other guys in your life. Make sure he knows that he’s the only guy for you.

Acting sexual

Maybe she’s had a long day, and doesn’t feel like having sex, but he really wishes to. It can be wounding if women pretend to be into it or just plain unattractive if they moan and fake their way through sex just to get it over with.

As a substitute;

At least make an attempt in getting in the mood. Get him to romance you, or get something a …

What Is The Real Goal Of Any Negotiation?

I’d like to clear something up right off the bat. Negotiating is not something that you and I do every once in awhile. It’s not limited to something that we prepare for and then come to a room, sit down, and start. Rather, it’s a part of every day of our lives. We negotiate with everyone that we know all the time. In order to get good at doing this, we need to understand what negotiating really is…

Defining Negotiation

All too often we can get hung up on the belief that a negotiation is all about two people trying to agree on a price. Negotiation is a lot more than this. In the words of George Ross, Donald Trump’s head negotiator:

Negotiation is the sum of all of the ways in which we convey information about what we want, what we desire, and what we expect from other people.

Note the negotiation is also how those people communicate the same information back to us. What a lot of us fail to understand is that negotiation is about more than just the language that we use.

All too often if you ask a beginning negotiator what tools they have to use, they’ll tell you that it’s their ability to talk, to listen, and their ability to bargain in order to reach a deal. They would be wrong.

A great deal of what goes on in a negotiation is communicated nonverbally. This can take many different forms: showing up late to a negotiating session, not taking your phone call, not taking a phone call that comes in during a negotiation, cutting a meeting short, or even allowing another meeting that conflicts with your planned negotiation session to be scheduled. Keep in mind that anything that the other side of the table (or you) allows to impact the negotiations that you are involved in should be considered to be part of the negotiations.

What’s The Real Goal Of Any Negotiation?

Which of course brings us to the really big question, why do we negotiate? What should our goal be? It can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the reason that we negotiate is simply to get the best deal possible. You need to keep in mind that just because you are able to get a great deal, does not necessarily mean that the other side of the table is going to be left feeling satisfied with the results of the negotiation.

Instead, what you should be attempting to do in every negotiation that you participate in is to find a way that will allow the other side of the table to become satisfied by the deal that will meet your needs. Your goal should be to create a relationship with the other side that allows a deal to be created that meets both of your needs.

To make this happen, you need to take the time to fully understand how the other side of the table thinks …

Making a Career as Business Analytics Professional

Analytics is the process to manage data and support decision-making in operations. An analytics course would equip the students with the skill needed to make a rewarding career in the field. They would get familiar with SAS programming language, hypothesis testing, data preparation and predictive modeling techniques.

Analytics has now become integral feature of business processes. It is a defining feature of business intelligence, with analytics tools being increasingly used to tackle daily problems and opportunities. The tools are used at all operating levels – sales managers, product managers, researchers, marketers and engineers.

Business analytics is defined as the scientific process of analyzing data and bringing out business insights from the same. Analytics is several steps forward from BI (business intelligence) allowing the executives to monitor the assumptions and key performance metrics.

Modern organizations deploy analytics to manage data and operations and support decision-making. Analytics professionals, equipped with quantitative skills needed for the converging fields of information technology and business analytics, are involved in data analysis and decision support.

People keen on making a career in business analytics need to enroll themselves in an analytics training program that would equip them with the skill set required. A typical analytics course would involve modules like Introduction to business analytics, Fundamentals of SAS programming language, Univariate statistics, Hypothesis testing and ANOVA to guide decision making, Data preparation and cleaning and Predictive modelling techniques. The program would conclude with simulation of an analytics project.

Students would learn about the various applications of analytics and get to terms with the analytics cycle. They learn to manage and manipulate data and datasets, and use SAS programming language to work with data. An important topic they get introduced to is the creation of hypothesis, test and validate it through data within a statistical framework.

Analytics professionals are tasked with coming with clear and formal numbers to support decision making. Real world data is rarely clear, which means the professionals should be ready to deal with missing data points, incorrect data and variables needing to be changed. They will need to spend a good part of their time on data preparation for analysis. It would make for more accurate and stable analysis.

Predictive modelling techniques include Correlation and linear regression, Logistic regression and Techniques of customer segmentation like K-means clustering. Statistical model makes the core of predictive analytics and regression is an effective tool for making prediction by analyzing data. Logistic regression is used to make predictions in cases that have outcomes dual in nature. Techniques of customer segmentation help statistically segregate a broad customer market into various segments.

Simulating an analytics project involves solving an actual business problem through analytics. Students are completely hands on and learn how they can use whatever they have learnt to solve a business problem using analytics. They are provided with several real world case studies to gain practical exposure. A top-of-the-line program will also essentially have review session to help students work on all the doubts they may have.

A …

Podcasting for Learning and Sales Enablement

Copywrite 2006 Tim Keelan, StoryQuest Inc.

What do Duke University, IBM, Capital One, Newsweek and Barenaked Ladies all have in common?

Answer: they are all reaching out to staff, students, and customers with a new and powerful tool – podcasting. You may have heard about podcasting from your kids or on the news, but podcasting is much more than some phenomenon started by the rock and roll or techy crowd. Podcasting is a powerful communication tool being used to reach global and mobile audiences, save people time and, most importantly, really connect with their audiences in news ways – in today’s communication/message glut. But let’s take a look at what podcasting is, who is using and why it is so effective for both business and individuals.

First, we’ll look at the size and scale of the podcasting phenomenon…

— A recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that more than 22 million American adults own Ipods or and MP3 player and 29% of them have downloaded podcasts or listened to podcast that have been “pushed” to them. That equates to 6 million people listening to podcasts. Market researchers and analysts continue to buoy up podcasting’s future with latest figures suggesting a US audience alone of 56 million by 2010.

— Jupiter Research recently predicted that US digital music player sales would grow to 56 million by 2010, up from 16.2 million in 2004 and by 2010, three-quarters of all people who own portable digital music players will listen to podcasts, a growth from less than 15% last year.

What is podcasting?

Whether you describe it as the greatest communication tool since email, or as an RSS feed for audio, podcasting is a way to “push” audio content to subscribers for virtually zero cost. Podcasting allows anyone (me, you, IBM, or NBC) to post audio content that gets pushed to any subscriber’s desktop and then directly to their iPod or MP3 player. This is global. Anyone, anywhere can “tune in” to your podcast and learn what you have to offer or say. You don’t need to be NBC with a global distribution infrastructure. Now people can “subscribe” to a podcast and have new content “pushed” out to them without them having to surf the web, download MP3s or burn CD’s.

Ideas/Stories/Voices -to- Audio/MP3’s -to- Internet -to- PC -to- MP3 players

Notice: all the arrows go in one direction! Once someone has subscribe to your podcast, your content get “pushed” out to them. There is no turning in to stations with podcasting. You don’t have to visit a website to find streaming podcasting. Podcasts show up (pushed) when new content is produced. If you are a subscriber, you get the podcast right then. All you need is an Ipod or MP3 player of any kind for listening, thus the word podcasting.

The term “Podcasting” is derived from the iPod (Apple Computer’s popular device for playing compressed audio files) and “broadcasting.” Podcasting allows for audio files that would have …

3 Tips to Prepare Magic Spell Potions at Home – An Exclusive Free Guide

It is now possible for you to create magic spell potions at home. It is not as scary as it seems in movies or fairy tales. By adding each ingredients of a potion properly and stirring it for the required amount of time you can very easily create a magic spell potion all by yourself. No need to take help from any psychic to prepare it. Here we will discuss with you the tips to prepare such a potion.

A lust potion

As the name suggests, this has got to do with lust. This potion is helpful in making someone long you and desire you. Preparation is quite simple. For the preparation you have to drop 6 drops of 6 different oils. The oils are olive, nutmeg, Rose, sandalwood, clove and patchouli. This potion acts like a magnificent perfume. Store it for sometime and spray it on your body whenever you think there is a chance to meet this person. The interesting thing about this potion is that it is quite powerful and has the ability to attract others as well. So use it judiciously. This potion is good to attract men, if you want to attract a woman then use amber oil in the place of rose oil.

Love potion

For the preparation of a love potion you need to mix 4 liquids properly. A dash of nutmeg and oranges, orange juice, rose water and lastly spring water. If the former thing be ever brought by your lover then you can be rest assured that the person adores you. After the preparation of your powerful philter both you and your lover may consume it. Do not let the person know what the drink was about. After the consumption you shall find true love in the person’s eyes for you and you will immediately know that it has worked.

Employment potion

To prepare this potion you need five different oils. They are patchouli, sandalwood, clove bud, frankincense and nutmeg oil. All of these should be added in equal proportion and mixed. On a full moon night, put all of them in a cloth and tie a ribbon around it and keep it on your altar. On a parchment paper draw the symbol for Jupiter which is the symbol for money, with gold or a green ink pen. Make a list of things that you look forward to in a job. Now on a green candle write the word “prosperity” with the pen. Consecrate the candle with the oil and allow it to get burnt completely. Sprinkle this on your resume as well and sleep with the sachet under your bed. You will see results very soon.

So here are some simple recipes of potions which you can prepare at home.…

Dogs Love Mammoth Dog Beds of Their Own

Dogs are territorial by nature and they love having beds of their own. Beds are a place of comfort and security where your dog can feel that he is in charge. Even if your dog sleeps at night in a crate or in your bed, he or she needs a bed in the room where you spend most of your waking hours.

It’s a good idea for the people in the household, too. Few people have enough furniture in their family rooms or living rooms to dedicate a position on the sofa to the dog, especially a big dog. Even if one did, there would be the whole question of how to keep the dog’s personal sofa clean. It’s much easier to have a dog bed that can be kept clean in the washing machine. When you choose a bed for your dog, get one that has good support and that’s the right size. Mammoth Dog Beds has beds for every size of dog and different shapes, materials and support systems.

Mammoth has been researching dog sleeping patterns and designing dog beds for over ten years. Mammoth Dog Beds are sized according to the weight of the dogs: small and medium dogs up to 50 lbs; large dogs of 51 to 100 lbs; extra large dogs of 101 to 200 lbs; and big dogs of over 200 lbs.

You can get a round or oblong bed, a donut bed or a dog couch. The circular and donut dog beds are great for dogs who like to curl up and sleep. The donut bed has a bolster around the inner pillow to give back support. The oblong bed is perfect for a dog who likes to sleep stretched out. The dog couch combines the comfort of the oblong bed with side and back bolsters. Mammoth also makes mats for a great variety of crate sizes.

All of the Mammoth Dog Beds provide orthopedic support to your dog’s spine, hips and the rest of his skeletal system, which is particularly important for bigger dogs. There are several pillow options. The fiber-fill pillow is made of 100 percent virgin materials that are high-memory and bounces back into shape even with the biggest dogs. The polypropylene liners allow the pillow to fully decontaminate during the wash cycle. The greatest orthopedic support is given by the high-density and high-memory foam pillows. The foam can withstand a weight of 250 lbs.

The Mammoth Dog Beds have velcro openings so that covers can be easily taken off and thrown in the washer. There is an incredible variety of fabrics on the Mammoth pillows. The denim and canvas fabrics come in 30 colors. There are 8 colors of lamb-skin fleece. The leatherette covers come in 6 colors. The beds are treated to be stain resistant, anti-bacterial, and have anti-odor properties.

Mammoth Dog Beds give you so many sleeping options that you can pick a bed that fits your dog’s needs perfectly. The beds are so affordable that you …