The Facts Of Faith

The Facts Of Faith

The Bible defined Faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of unseen realities.

A lot of people either misunderstood this definition or wrongly apply it to their situations.

Faith no matter how small –even as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

Faith says “I may not have seen those things I desire with my optical eyes yet they are very real to me”.

Faith is the proof of the existence of something that is not tangible to the senses. However,

Faith is not the denial of facts…

True faith does not the fact that there is economic meltdown or there is a feeling of pain somewhere in your body rather it denies these facts the ability to detect to it or dominate it. True faith doesn’t mean there is no pain or trouble it rather means “I see the challenges alright but I refused to consider them or give them a thought, I won’t give them the chance to run my life”.

Someone who feels sick and says ‘I am not sick” is actually lying, that is not faith. But if he says “this illness you are not permitted to stay here, you are a stranger here, therefore leave and never return’ is a faith person unleashing his faith, he will get a better result than the pervious example. The reason is because the other instance he was denying the existence of the illness even when he knows it is there while the later instance, he acknowledged the presence of the illness but he declared faith- filled words that the illness needed to hear and obey.

Faith is calling done what you are yet to do:

When you are walking by faith, you stop believing that God is going to do what you’ve asked Him instead you see that He has already done it and you start acting that way.

Remember faith is not in the realm of senses; faith goes beyond the realm of the physical- reasoning out issues with your mind.

Faith is when you are feeling ill and someone ministers to you, you are not expected to still lie down on your bed feeling sorry for yourself instead you get up and begin to do what you couldn’t do before.

Faith is knowing and acting as if you have those children you prayed about, you have the job, you got that contract, you have that money. Know it of a surety and act it out.

The God-kind of faith:

This is the type Jesus asked us to have as believers. This kind of faith makes declaration and doesn’t go back to check whether those declarations are working out or not.

God declared light into being at the foundation of the world and light came out of darkness. God saw a chaotic mass that the earth was and spoke orderliness into the earth and the world responded by coming orderly with waters gathering together at a place with set …

How To Make Your Home A Green Environment

Creating green spaces has become a popular way to save money and help the environment, but a lot of people do not understand exactly what it means. They may think of expensive appliance replacement or they may assume it is something businesses or politicians handle. While they know everyone is talking about it, they may not realize how it affects them and why it is a good idea. Even if you do not believe small changes you make will have a major impact on the environment, you can still personally benefit from creating a more environmentally conscious environment. It will make your home safer and boost your bottom line. The less you waste, the less you have to spend. One of the simplest ways to practice green-living is by using reusable bags or recyclable bags. By carrying fabrics sacks to the store with you, you save on trash and many stores even offer you small credits for each sack you bring with you.

Another method for turning things green is to recycle. This will take some time separating your various types of waste, but when you consider how many items you are keeping out of local landfills, you will feel better about your efforts. Many areas require you to recycle, but even if you live somewhere that this has not caught on, it is a good practice to get into. Items you use can be reused, so consider if you have other uses for it before tossing it and if not, be sure to include it with the items that can go on to serve other purposes in manufacturing elsewhere.

One of the healthiest ways you can create a green home is to use natural products. Swap out cleaning products and personal products filled with chemicals for natural solutions. If you are using toxic products, consider tossing them immediately. If they are not dangerous, just use them up and restock with natural options. There are natural cleaning products on the market that work just as well as their chemical counterparts and in most cases, your home will smell fresher and feel cleaner. Those who are truly motivated to clean up their way of cleaning can create their own cleaning products using materials like baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils.

When going through your daily routine in your home, cut back on the amount of energy and water you use. While you may be skeptical about how much this helps the environment, it will help your pocketbook. Just being aware of how frequently you leave lights on when not in use can save you hundred of dollars each year.

A final method for creating a green space is to build a garden in your backyard. Gardens help all aspects of creating a green environment. They make your home healthier by providing you with nutritious food options that are just a few steps from your kitchen. They help you save on waste by giving you a place to apply compost. They also …

Misuse of Social Networks by SEO Experts and Web Marketing Professionals

Initially, Social Networks were intended for people to connect with each other, keep in touch with friends you can’t regularly meet and know what’s going on in their lives, share information, photos, interesting stuff and much more. Simply put, social networks emerged as everything it took to relieve day to day monotony and bond with family and friends.

After some time, another aspect that highlighted the use of social networks came forward, when business professionals thought of it as a good way to promote their products/services and target those who were interested. Although this was a good thing considering the fact that social networks were also planned to connect people of same nature, looking out for the same things, but were strangers. This made social networks a platform for people having same interest but no interaction, to communicate with each other and fulfill their requirements.

But no one knows how this simple plan turned into a rotten marketing practice, and now it has taken the social networks by storm. If you happen to have an account on any of the social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, StumbledUpon etc. you must know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes! You got me…I’m talking about unknown friendship requests you get, I’m talking about that new friend you just added whose constantly filling your profile by advertising unwanted products, I’m talking about the unasked emails you receive in your mailbox with reference to your social network subscription, and so much more!

What’s all this nonsense anyways? In simple terms, we call it “misuse”. Social networks are being badly exploited by many SEO experts and marketing professionals. But the worst thing is that these so-called specialists do not even know whom to target and how! One free of cost tip for all you SEO’s and internet marketers would be to create a proper group regarding the entity you are promoting and then target the audience whom you think will be interested and ask them to visit that group. You can also join all the groups that relate to you and then add connections.

This will not irritate the users as the thing you are marketing will be of their interest (which you have identified earlier through target market analysis) and it will broaden your chances of getting some solid customers. This will also diminish the misuse of social networks, and will improve the productivity of it.

There is a dispute among web marketers about which marketing method is more effective—social networks or search engine optimization? With the growing hype of social networks, many believe it works wonders and supersedes SEO, but the truth is quite opposite. So, without going into further details I’ll explain how.
Take it like this: when people create a profile on social networks they don’t do it to purchase certain products and services, they do it for relaxation and to keep in touch with those whom they have lost regular contact with. But when a person enters search phrases in …