Benefits of using the online mode for purchasing Drugs and Medicines

There was a time when people used to be cynical about making online purchase and used to doubt if the quality would be not up to the mark as promised or shown in the picture. A few years back there was an impression that online products are cheaper because they lack quality but we have been proven wrong by various online retail shops as well as certain online pharmacies. Some online pharmacies have shown that you don’t always have to shed out extra money from your pockets in order to get the best product. There are several online pharmacies in Canada, which supplies extremely good quality medicines locally as well to foreign clients at much lower price.

Canadian pharmacies primarily focus on making sure that every individual, be it poor or rich have access to good quality of medicines. There are no restrictions for anyone who wants to place an order on the online platform of any of the online pharmacies in Canada. If you compare the prices of medicines of your local chemist shop with any reputed online portal, you’ll notice a huge difference. Millions of people have already shifted to use these internet pharmacies and the numbers are still increasing at a rapid pace.

There is no doubt that online pharmacies are going to stay for a long time to come, where as some experts also predicts them to be the future of the pharmaceutical market. People nowadays want everything to be swift and quick, as they do not always have time to go to a pharmacy every time they run out of their medicines. Online pharmacies make sure that once you place your order, the medicines get delivered at your premises in the quickest time possible. They are so professional in their approach that they have also established international fulfillment centers across the globe so that they could reach their foreign clients as early as possible.

You can also expect world class customer care support services, especially from the more renowned online pharmacies. The expert staff renders round the clock services in almost all the countries. You can look up for the toll free numbers that are mentioned on the official websites of respective pharmacies in Canada. Another thing you can expect is the warmth and friendliness of the representatives, who genuinely tries to resolve all you queries in the best possible way.

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IRA Distributions – Avoiding the 10% Penalty

When a client takes money out of an IRA before reaching age 59 and a half he or she is liable not only for income taxes on the distribution, but also for a 10% penalty – which is based on the withdrawn amount. However, a client can avoid the 10% penalty if he or she meets the requirements of § 72(t) of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”).  Specifically, the client must structure the withdrawals as to take “substantially equal periodic payments” (“SEPP”) at least annually, and for at least five years or until they turn 59 and a half – whichever is longer.

In structuring the SEPP the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) allows the IRA owner to choose one of three methods:

  •     required minimum distribution (“RMD”)
  •     fixed amortization (“FAM”); and
  •     fix annuitization (“FAN”).

The RMD method applies the calculation that is used when IRA owners reach age 70 and a half.  Each year the owner uses a divisor based on his age to determine how much should be withdrawn.  This method will cause the required amount to vary from year to year.  The FAM method calculates the amount based on the life expectancy tables in IRS Publication 590, along with the applicable federal rate.  Once the initial calculation is made, the amount will remain the same each year.  Finally, the FAN method, when distributed over the IRA owner’s life expectancy, is based on the present value of the IRA.  It is also a fixed payment, determine in part by the applicable federal interest rate.

IRA owners choosing the RMD or FAM methods must also decide which of the three life tables they will use to further determine the withdrawal amount.  Clients who choose either FAM or FAN get one opportunity over the duration of the SEPP to switch their distribution calculations to RMD.  Clients who commence their SEPP with the RMD method may not change until either five years have passed or age 59 and a half is reached.

When working with a client who is facing a Medicaid spend-down the only method that provides the result that is needed (converting a countable resource into an income stream) is the FAN method.…