Fresh recruits for the AIFF before the beginning of a new season

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) wishes to have seasoned campaigners onboard, before the Indian team finally begins its preparations, for the upcoming I-Leagues and FIFA championships. It was recently, that Kushal Das, the Chief Financial Officer of the ICC and International Management Group (IMG) India, was appointed as the General Secretary of the AIFF, for the second time, in November 2013 for a span of three years. It was first in November 2010 that Das was appointed for the same post. The current AIFF President Praful Patel believes that these seasoned campaigners bring in a lot of experience with them. The experience would further help the budding talent of the Indian football, to perform to the best of their ability. Apart from Das, the two other members who got a year’s extension were Robert Baan (Technical director) and Wim Kovermans (National Team Coach). Kovermans will be serving the Indian Football team, until October 2014. He would also be an integral part of the India’s campaign 2014 Incheon Asian Games. It was in June 2012, The All India Football Federation appointed former Netherlands football player Wilhelmus Jacobus Kovermans, popularly known as Wim Kovermans, as the new head coach of the Indian national football team. Ever since, Kovermans has always been an integral part of the Indian football team, be it aboard or on home soil.

Kovermans always lived upto the expectations of the AIFF. This is another reason that the AIFF wanted to extend his contract, with the Indian football team. There has been a lot happening, ever Since Praful Patel, the AIFF President, got home the rights to host the Under 17 FIFA World Cup. He also said that he would travelling to a few countries this year, to strengthen India’s chances of winning the bid, to host the Club Championships, to be held in 2015-16. India has already placed the bid and Patel believes that the nation has a good chance, of brining a few more laurels home.

In his recent interviews, Patel said that India would live upto the FIFA standards, in terms of infrastructure. Even the India football team, will put a good fight and surely give the other teams, a run for their money. It is for this reason, that India signed an agreement with the Australian football Federation (AFF). The AFF will in turn help the AIFF, by providing assistance in various segments such as administrative, financial and technical support. The recently concluded Grassroots Program in Delhi is a shining example of the fact, that AIFF is giving it all, to steer the nation, towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It shall be a huge moment in the history of Indian football, if it qualifies for the tournaments. Until then, Praful Patel contributions, towards the AIFF shall be pivotal.…

Why Divorce Mediation is Better than Legal Process

Divorce!!! its a word which could never be used in the happy situations. When anyone speaks this word divorce, it reveals a great type of pain in itself. Divorce means the dissolution of marriage. Obviously going through a divorce is not easy but what would be the situation of the people who go through this specially through the court rooms. But could there be a better option then the court room for this where both the people have not be be agreed on all those points where they don’t want to be or we can say without hurting each other by looking on the tough situations especially when there is the case of a child ownership then yes, we can say that divorce mediation process is such another option where both the people need not to rush to the court room and also need not to spend a lot of money.

Mediation is a better way to get separated for divorce instead of running to the court rooms. But what actually is divorce mediation process? So, we can say that mediation is an alternative to the courtroom battle. In this process a mediator plays the main role. He goes to the step by step process and collects all the information from the staring to the situation of divorce decision, he also generates options after knowing all the situations and after that make the settlement for both the parties. He also helps to redirects their energy to a new level so that both of them could move on in their lives.

In divorce mediation process there are two people want divorce and third is the mediator and sometimes the kids. The job of the mediator is to make such type of settlement between the two that both of them need not to end the relationship in the bitter results. We can not say the mediator a judge, he is a volunteer who does not play its part on one side only but on both the parts. He talks to both the people separately when needed and then resolve the issue and makes the settlement.

All the mediators follows a similar process for the settlement. They talk to both the person and explains the whole process to them, ask their expectations and reply to the various queries arises by any one of them. They don’t go to the court for this process but works in their office. Once the primary process for the negotiation completes they move to the another.

There are benefits of this divorce mediation process. First of all the legal process takes a long time period to complete instead of this mediation process takes a short time period. Also legal process is much expensive than mediation process and like so it can be said that divorce mediation process is much better than the legal one.…

Is LifeCell a Scam

When it comes to any kind of beauty treatment and wrinkle cream, there are many questions that are asked. Is it safe? Does it work? Is it affordable? The questions can go on and on. In our days and times, people really care about buying and investing in a beauty product that is able to deliver on quality, quantity and affordability.

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LifeCell offers a product that has been discovered to be a scientific break-through. Many celebrities and wealthy people have decided to invest in this anti-aging cream because of its fantastic benefits as well as its ability to improve damaged skin.

LifeCell has many benefits that help to prove just how important and helpful using this product is if a person is really serious about caring and improving his or her skin. LifeCell: protects skin from aging, revitalizes skin; eliminates lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, reduces circles and puffiness from eyes, and makes lips plumper and sexier.

Do the benefits of LifeCell remind you of another popular product called Botox? LifeCell is much more affordable than Botox and it delivers the same results. Their website provides testimonials from satisfied customers who have used LifeCell and are saying that it is the best wrinkle cream.

Most people like to read what other customers are saying about the very products that they are interested in. No one wants to waste their hard-earned money on something that doesn’t work. People are scammed into buying products that don’t deliver every day. It is a good thing that the website lists ACTUAL testimonials from REAL customers.

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Some may ask what ingredients make up the life changing results of LifeCell. There are five key ingredients that contribute to the effective results. The first ingredient is called Dithiolane- 3 Pentanic Acid (D3PA). This is a universal antioxidant that fights the free-radicals that cause wrinkles. Ubiquinone is a Super Ant-Oxidant that boosts our body’s ability to produce collagen; elastin and other skin molecules that we need to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Ascorbyl Palmitate is another name for Vitamin C which is an excellent vitamin that protects our skin and promotes collagen. Deanol helps to firm and tone the muscles in our skin and actually improves the look of our facial features. Studies have shown that Deanol is better than collagen injections because it helps increase circulation and tones the lips which help to create fuller, firmer lips. Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 offers the same results of the popular chemical Botox.

Dr. Janet Allenby proudly stands behind and recommends LifeCell as an effective treatment for skin problems such as aging skin, dry skin, lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, circles and puffiness from eyes and thin lips. Reputable sources such as Time Magazine, NBC, Fitness Magazine and The England Times has published stories on the miraculous results of LifeCell.…