Geography and your Children’s Health: a Worthy National Topic of Debate

It may seem odd at first; to phantom that the very natural resources that we need to live, work and play, are also associated with an array of health problems. The truth is a hard one to swallow. So, don’t be surprised that you haven’t heard the following information blasted on local news! However, this crucial information affects our children’s health at epidemic rates.

Amazingly there are 25 million children who live in areas that violate national air quality standards for ozone, particulate matter from coal fired plants and sulfur dioxide. Another 35 million children live very close to power plants and 2 million kids are asthmatic…which is linked to airborne pollutants. A recent health study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that air pollution levels in major U.S. cities pose a health risk comparable to second hand smoke. Does this mean that it is just as bad to go outside in the fresh air, as it is to eat in the “non-smoking” side of your local restaurant? Well, you be the judge, however, in some States or Countries… it is better to be in a smoke filled restaurant.

There are so many health hazards, (fossil fuels, VOC’s, smog, etc.) it‘s difficult to begin a discussion without sounding overly negative and pessimistic. So, I would like to leave this “personal disclaimer” before, stating the following information. “The U.S. Government, along with other countries, is making valiant efforts to minimize our ongoing threat of potentially devastating health and life consequences, emitting from our current energy sources.”

But…Clinical trials prove air pollution; including SMOG has devastating effects on our children’s health! The best research we have at the time was researched by USC in 2004, called “A Children’s Health Study”. The study showed that long term exposure to air pollution has long term effects on children’s lungs. This “should be” a National platform for Environmental Change. Yes, Global Warming is factually warming the earth…which has been occurring for 100’s of years. The long term effects of global warming may include, health issues, derived from Extreme Weather Conditions. But, again, our children’s health is currently deteriorating, due to current ozone related issues.

Research has shown that kids who live in certain geographic areas of California, experience a 10%-15% decrease in lung functionality, than kids who were raised in other parts of the country. Further research shows that kids are far more likely to experience Lung damage as an adult from living and growing up in areas where high levels of smog have been measured.

In 2004, The Journal of the American Medical Association linked higher death rates caused by smog or often called ‘ground ozone”.

Smog has the following effect on our children:

• Damaged cells in the lung’s airways, causing inflation and swelling of the lungs.

• Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sneezing, wheezing and other neurological problems.

• Decreased breathing capacity (cough and chest pain)

• Decrements of lung functioning (reduced ability to take a breath)

• …

Spiritual astrology vs. Daily Horoscopes and Free Astrology Readings

spiritual astrology

I would like to share my vision about what spiritual astrology means, this esoteric science through which we get to truly know ourselves and which helps us understand our own being more deeply, as a human being as well as a divine being.

For this, I feel the need to make a parallel between what is practiced today under the label “astrology”, and the spiritual aspects of this millenary science.

The free daily horoscope

Our lives are already full of daily horoscopes, offered by any magazine or newspaper that is of a certain level.

What is interesting, is that although many people do not believe in astrology, these horoscopes tend to influence their lives in a more or less dangerous way. The sugestions, not all positive, with which we are bombarded daily, are complemented by the playful horoscopes that people open eagerly, even if they don’t really believe in astrology, to see what that day has in store for them.

More or less serious, being curious, they have the tendency to indentify with some of that information. The majority of the information there, are unfortunately relatively trivial, if not exaggerated. Those orientating after this kind of information better become conscious about the fact that every single human being is born unique and has a unique and personal astrological structure, defined by many astrological factors, and it is permanently influenced by the astral transits in the same unique and personal way.

The daily horoscope “analises” (in fact only takes into consideration the position of the Sun in the natal chart) can indicate only some important aspects, but on the scale of the whole chart, they’re just a trace of the whole. They do indicate some aspects of the relationship we have with our soul, our vital energy, the way we manifest our will and how we perceive ourselves as an individual. The Sun from an birth chart, is positioned in one sign or another, depending on the birthday, and it can be positioned within a radius of 30 degrees from the beginning of the sign, moving about a degree a day.

Any influence of the transits (on which the horoscopes should base upon if they are authentic) is of maximum plus or minus 4 degrees, and it shows us that a transit can manifest its influence on the birth Sun only for those born within a radius of 8 days, that fall under this margin.

At the same time, the influence of the transiting planets manifest in one field or another, of our lives, taking into consideration the astrological house from the birth chart that it transits or in which the planet with which it interacts is in. If we consider only these mathematical elements, we can already realise the complexity with which these influences manifest in our lives and that any generalisation is a restraint of common sense, in a lesser or greater extent.

Stay tuned, and if you have unanswered questions, decisions that you need to make or want