Month: October 2017

Fractional Vacation Ownership: Strengths and Disadvantages

Rising ever more popular since its beginning, and now more than ever because of all the special advantages, is the business of vacation ownership. 

With many benefits to vacation and leisure enthusiasts, more and more travelers cannot withstand joining the increasingly popular trend of possessing a timeshare. Nevertheless, just like the saying “you can’t please everybody”, timeshare isn’t for everyone. Notwithstanding its growing industry, some would rather keep it safe in the curb instead of risking thousands of dollars in having shared homes that are located very far from home, and which they might not make the most of.

And while all of us wish to have that worry-free fantasy vacation that the industry claims, we must always keep in mind that there are inevitable benefits and negatives in getting a timeshare home. And these are factors that we all need to think about before diving into the timeshare trend.… Read More

Teaching Jewelry Making Workshops for Profit

Teaching jewelry making workshops is a fun and easy market niche, with the opportunity to earn good money by sharing something you love to do.

You’ll find a ready supply of students waiting to learn from you; currently there’s a big demand for jewelry workshops and classes.

Many people are thrilled with the idea of creating jewelry, but don’t want to invest in the supplies until they’ve tried it. Or they may want to add a new jewelry making skill to their repertoire, or simply enjoy socializing while they create something beautiful to wear.

Teaching is a good way to keep money coming in during the times of year when sales are slower for your finished jewelry. You can even choose to limit your workshops to only those months of the year when you’re not busy selling your own jewelry at shows.

Teaching opportunies abound. A few examples of places … Read More

Does Agile Work?

I want to get started on this short article by mentioning that, at one particular time, I used to be not a proponent of Agile in the slightest degree. I labored over an amount of assignments, which ended up stalled or failing, called agile projects. In a nutshell, they have been definitely a warped standpoint of “Agile”, or what everyone thought was “agile courses sydney”. In reality, these initiatives have been the identical old Waterfall/ SDLC projects, making use of the conferences and terminology of Agile.

Does agile work? Much like any software, when applied appropriately it works. However, all through my profession, I have witnessed it staying implemented incorrectly, whereby a single environment soon after yet another experienced contorted the methodology to fit quite outdated, inefficient processes, instead of re-evaluating the procedure to suit the methodology, which might have rendered an the best possible final result.

Will agile work … Read More

Investing properties accounting information

The overall objective of the financial accounting reporting according to the conceptual framework of the International Accounting Standards Table (IASB), is to provide users with the most decision-useful information. Measurement of investment property at fair value according to the IASB more relevant information than the alternative transaction-based historical cost, by presenting a value that represents the market value of the property, ie that it can be sold in a transaction at arm’s length, between knowledgeable, willing parties. The financial statements reflect the company as a direct return in terms of rental income and indirect returns in the form of changes in value of the properties. The goal is to provide users of financial statements relevant information. Unreliable information will not be relevant to a user of the financial statements. Type and extent of the additional information provided must be determined by how reliable fair value can be determined. Investment properties … Read More

12 Accountant’s Jargon Phrases Explained

If you are a new business and have not had the experience of accountancy, you may come across some terms that are regularly referred to by accountants. The terms used can seem confusing at first so we have prepared a jargon buster list to help give you some understanding of what the terms mean.

1. Accountant – An accountant is a person who looks after the business finances of companies. Services accountants offer may depend on the needs of individual clients. Accountants can provide analysis and advice and prepare financial reports, manage financial data and submit tax returns on behalf of their clients.

2. Actual Accounts – Actual accounts show a true and accurate record of a company’s business at year-end and this usually includes all assets and liabilities.

3. Audit – An audit is an official inspection of financial accounts for a company. Audits are usually done before the … Read More

Virtual Assets Marital Property?

Written by Wyckoff Nissenbaum [ www.MAFamilyLawBulletin.com]

A great tech blog, Gizmodo, recently featured an article titled “Virtual Assets Are Not Community Property”. For those who do not know, online gaming worlds have virtual goods for sale that cost real money. The article discussed a recent divorce ruling in China addressing whether virtual assets are includable in the marital estate.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 208 Section 34 lists 14 factors to consider in determining an equitable division of marital assets. While it is important to understand how the Court will ultimately divide the assets, first it is necessary to determine what is as a marital asset. The Court determined that “A party’s “estate” by definition includes all property to which he holds title, however acquired. Therefore, this provision gives the trial judge discretion to assign to one spouse property of the other spouse whenever and however acquired” See Rice v. Rice, … Read More

Accounting Services are Very Handy in a Lot of Ways!

An accounting service provides various forms of assistance a business or an individual might be in the requirement of. These comprise but are not bounded to external auditing, managerial advisory, final accounts preparation, system design and normal tax services. Development of an accounting system works best for corporations and companies. It is done by analysing and evaluating the present control systems taken under use by the organization, finding out any areas that need improvement and then designing a system that match well the organization and its procedures. External auditing, in contrast, tops the line of services required by organizations and companies when they employ an accounting service. This normally entails an independently working as well as Certified Accountant who inspects an organization’s and company’s financial statements in the most serious manner to make sure that their contents are absolutely fair. Moreover, advisory services are offered by an accounting service for … Read More

Improving Employee Engagement to Drive Business Performance

A New Strategic Wave 

The Employee Engagement Revelation

Executive leaders and human resources (HR) practitioners are more frequently recognizing the importance of an engaged workforce and its potential to drive business performance and impact the bottom line. Engaged employees are people that are highly motivated and vested in the success of their organizations and are willing to make an extra, discretionary effort in their daily work.

Academics, consultants, psychologists, and even financial analysts have written much on the subject of employee engagement during the past fifteen years. Most of their focus has been on what drives engagement, with empirical research identifying several factors. These factors range from the employee-manager relationship, to a challenging work environment, a company’s focus on customers, outstanding performance recognition, and career development opportunities. By understanding the most important factors that drive engagement, HR leaders are able to develop effective engagement programs.

A more compelling outcome of … Read More

Office Makeover – How To Do Things Properly

Is a makeover for your office in the wings? While it is normal to feel excited at the prospect, remember that office makeovers are generally hectic and stressful affairs. There are a lot of things that can and do go wrong. Having been in the commercial fit out industry for quite some time now, we know what mistakes most businesses make during a make over.

In this post, we’ve outlined the five most common mistakes that businesses tend to commit during office makeovers. Avoiding them will make a lot of difference to the final look your office make over gives your Sydney office.

1.  Diving in – headfirst: An office makeover needs to have been analysed, budgeted and planned out before you start work on it. Remember that you’ll be investing time, effort and money on the makeover. Diving in without having formulated a concrete plan of action … Read More

21% In Pima Now On Ahcccs

One in every five Pima County residents is now enrolled in a state health-insurance program for Arizona’s poorest residents.

As the economic downturn persisted in 2009, the state’s version of Medicaid added more than 200,000 people, including nearly 30,000 in Pima County.

It’s a significant, historic jump, state officials say. No state program in Arizona has grown faster than AHCCCS, the governor’s office says.

Between 2004 and 2008, the number of Pima County residents enrolled in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System jumped by 27 percent.

During that same period, the local population increased by about 13 percent.

AHCCCS is for extremely low-income individuals and families in Arizona – in general, for people living at or below the federal poverty level. That would mean an annual income of less than $10,830 for an individual, or less than $22,050 for a family of four.

The income caps are so low … Read More