How to use Facebook

How to use Facebook? 


Privacy concerns about Facebook are there since early days and they will be there forever. Not all of them are false. In the light of outrage over Facebook’s recent psychological experiment prompted me to write this small guide about judiciously using this social network. Almost everyone aware with this situation is worried about privacy and safety they can achieve using Facebook.


  1. Rule No 1. Never ever share your personal feelings on Facebook. There are lot of data harvesters those try to use your mental inclination to lure into buying something you do not want. And yes, it do not happen on Facebook. You are targeted using emails and other websites you least suspect. Keep your posts limited to your friends. In rare case you shall make your post publicly visible. 
  2. Never share your private contact information. It can be clearly misused by some hyper excited marketing dorks, criminals or even by an phoney educational institution to ‘enrol’ you into something.
  3. Do not post personal photos. Especially photos of your kids and relatives. Most of the criminals use those photos to identify the target. In some cases, photos could be morphed and misused. Do not share location all the time. You can share location only when that is important to mention, like a restaurant where you are enjoying food. 
  4. DO NOT share your contact book or photo album on your phone or iPad with Facebook. It may upload all the information to its servers, I do not trust Facebook here. It remains there forever even if you deactivate your account. You cannot ever DELETE your Facebook account. There is no such provision. There are other ways to almost delete your account, but again, you cannot tell your all files are really deleted. Facebook is notoriously dubious on this issue. 
  5. Never be friends with unknown people. If you find a lady with curvy features who just have sent you a friend request, it is not your lucky day. You may be in trouble someday. Usually such profiles are con. Do not listen to any marketing or travel offers. Never shy to unfollow/block the one who do not give you pleasure, or give pain rather. Facebook is not mental tolerance test, you are here for fun, do not let anyone ruin your mood. 


If you follow above five rules while using your common sense in right mixture, Facebook can be an enjoyable experience.…

Ultimate Solutions in Your Business Cash Flow

When you find not enough time to review the structure and overhead costs of your business and unknowingly enhancing the chances of potential dangers creeping into your business, it is high time that you should seek help of a professional company who will provide you with detailed report on your business systems, costs and review. There are SME companies who will do extensive review on the key areas of your business which will help you to realize what is going wrong.

Key areas of service

The key areas on which Management Accounts Birmingham will work on include:

  • Management of working capital
  • Management of daily finances
  • Methods of purchase and payment
  • Processing of internal accounts
  • Reporting the financial data which are important
  • Telecommunication and utilities

These professional FC review services will help your business to grow through providing unique solutions which will eliminate unnecessary expenses and cut down on overhead expenses and thereby save money.

Use of modern technology

They will use the latest technology while computing accounts which include cloud computing for accounts, storage of data through application of latest software and use of Skype to ensure that there is no communication gap with their clients. Cashflow forecasting Birmingham approach the work through working stage by stage so that at every stage, the review made is based on authentic and accurate observations.

How they work

Their first task will be to segregate the works that are must to do which include reviewing the final accounts and scrutinizing the corporation tax return. Management Accounts Birmingham will do the work of a Financial Director shouldering all responsibilities to ensure that your business is not running at risk of depleted cash flow. This will save you a considerable amount of money which would have been paid as salary and other benefits to the Financial Director.

Salient features of FD Review companies

The salient features of these FD review companies which make them the most wanted include:

  • Confidentiality – they will keep all business information confidential
  • Abide by the provisions of law
  • Carrying out monthly forecasting of cash flow
  • Budgeting on a regular basis

Managing cash flow

Services rendered by these cashflow forecasting Birmingham consultancy firms will ensure that there is a regular cash flow in your business and will provide monthly statements of incoming and outgoing cash while forecasting on monthly cash flow along with helping in implementing new strategies that will help in increasing the flow of cash and increase the amount of working capital.

Financial resources

They will arrange financial sources in case your business needs working capital, and will negotiate with lenders to find a viable solution so that your financial needs are solved. They will provide you with financial planning that will ensure smooth running of your business and maintain a regular cash flow.

These FD review services are the best ones as they engage Chartered Accountants having at least 3 years of practical experience after undergoing a stringent training process. They are committed to render the best professionals …

HR – A Dynamic Career?

In the old days the HR department was known as Personnel, and people who worked there were responsible for doing the paperwork for hiring and firings and leave and that was about it. Today not only is the role of the HR professional far more demanding than it’s ever been before, its also now seen as essential to the success of the business.

Whereas before someone working in an HR position would have been viewed as a function of payroll, nowadays they’re often regarded as a partner of senior management in devising growth strategies for the company.

Over the last 20 years the HR function has evolved into a dynamic and popular career choice and the role now encompasses a number of areas.

Today’s HR professional will find themselves dealing with a range of issues, like time planning, pension, staff development and training, and occupational health and safety, among others.

The role has changed in response to progressive legislation that governs the relationship between employers and employee, which has grown complex in recent years. Legislation has evolved to reflect the contemporary culture of equity and human rights.

It’s an exciting time to be an HR practitioner. The field has widened so much that human resources is now shedding its image of a little grey, back office, job and is now considered one of the hot careers for people entering the job market.

Why the HR role is important
Employees can make or break an organisation. Organisational success therefore depends on finding the best qualified people for a job and then nurturing and retaining their talent and skills and this is where a good HR practitioner can play a vital role. Equally, HR is important in communicating with employees that no longer fit the organisational profile or who no longer have goals that are congruent to that of the organisation.

Human organisation and relationships can be incredibly complex, more so when there is compensation and defined hierarchical structures involved. It needs specific expertise and skills to manage those relationships.

Demanding role

For a career in the field of human resources, you need to possess a range of personal qualities and skills including so-called ‘soft skills’ like integrity, fair-mindedness, and a persuasive, congenial personality. You should be able to cope with conflicting points of view, function under pressure, and be skilled at communication at all levels.

It needs a good level headed approach and it is important to remember that many of the responsibilities of the job are very confidential.

‘Hard skills’ are also necessary, which includes things like computer proficiency, strong written and oral communication, math, and principles of business.

Human resources managers are there to assist companies to utilise effectively the best of their employees’ skills, to provide the appropriate training opportunities to enhance those skills, and to look for ways to boost the employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and working conditions.

A good HR manager therefore should be able to bring a range of skills and experiences to the …

The Responsible Car Owner

Those purchasing a car for the first time may be excited about their purchase but will overlook the most important part of the buying process. Once the papers have been signed and the car is yours, you need to turn out of the dealership and go straight to an auto parts store to complete the process. There are a few tools any vehicle owner is going to have with them. These are jacks, jack stands, a good sturdy socket set, rags, funnel, and a bucket, a pair of jumper cables, a strong pair of pliers, and a screwdriver set.

I know that you are probably saying, “I have a warranty on my car”. This is good for the first year but exactly what happens when the car starts to get older and the warranty is gone. What if you are not buying a new car but a used vehicle? What happens if you do not have the money on hand to have things repaired by a professional shop? You might want to start now with the beginning of your purchase to start the process of learning how to care for the do it yourself issues. Knowing now will prevent issues later when the problem comes up.

With the right tools in the car, you will have them ready for any situation. You might even find that others on the road can benefit from your thinking ahead. How many times do you see people who are stuck on the side of the road without a jack or a set of jumper cables? You can ease off the side of the road and offer your assistance. Not only will you feel good about planning ahead, you have been in a position to do something nice for someone else. The feeling you get from being able to help someone else will not be surpassed by many other things.

If you can not afford to buy all these extras at once, make sure you have at least a set of jumper cables and a jack for flat tires. Tires never last as long as the warranty and could need to be changed at any time. Take a little time to search the manual in your car for proper tire changing instructions. Each year, many individuals get hurt because they did not set up the jack properly and the vehicle falls.

Take a firm stand with yourself to begin to learn more about repairs you can easily do on your vehicle. You never know when just the knowledge will come in handy. Your car seems to choose the most inopportune times to break down and being prepared will make it a less scary event for you. Imagine for a second what would happen if you were traveling at night and were stranded on the side of the road. You will feel much better when you get in your vehicle for not only the long trips but the short commutes to a place of work or …

Why Life Insurance For Young People Is A Must

Getting life insurance is a fantastic thing to possess. No matter if you are an grownup or a child, man or woman. Everyone needs, or should have, life insurance.

Kids must have life insurance just like adults get it for themself. Accidents and injuries do not care how old 1 is. It’ll strike an individual regardless of how old or youthful they are.

Parents and grandparents ought to get some type of life insurance on the children. Getting life insurance on the small children isn’t any guarantee death or injuries won’t happen. However it does offer the adult in the child’s life some reassurance that if a youthful child does die, that you’ll see some type of help to cover the funeral services.

When a parent and/or grandparent starts the life insurance policy for any small youngster, then it’ll help in the lengthy run when the kid turns into a grownup. Many life insurance policies build cash value as both it and the child matures. Frequently even the monthly rate doesn’t increase or will barely go up once the kid becomes an grownup. This will assist the kid when the child becomes an adult and starts paying the insurance premiums.

There are a variety of types of life insurance out there. When trying to find the right one for the small child, if the parent and/or grandparent doesn’t have an concept what business to undergo, then google children’s life insurance. By googling it, a variety of businesses that offer children’s life insurance can come up. Then your grownup will require to compare which 1 she or he thinks is the best for the small youngster. Two good ones for children’s life insurance are: Globe Life and Gerber Life.

If an grownup thinks having life insurance is a great factor to possess for themself and their spouse, then they should also get it on the minor kids. These small youngsters are adults waiting to occur. So what’s right and insure the life of these kids. Demise does not discriminate against individuals just because of their age. And age doesn’t matter as it pertains time to pay for funeral companies.

So besides loving and nurturing your children and grandchildren, insure them, insure their life. Simply because when life occurs the only factor stopping it’s death. Life insurance may bring some type of assurance to the adults inside a child’s life.…

Commercial Debt Recovery – Essential for Business Owners

Commercial debt recovery is a necessity for your business. Ensure that your company is not losing money that can easily be recovered by employing an experienced commercial debt recovery agency.  Take action and avoid having to write-off as a loss, money that you earned for products or services you provided to a customer in good faith.

Should You Attempt Commercial Debt Recovery In-House or Outsource to an Agency?

Commercial debt recovery can be very time-consuming and expensive for businesses to try on their own, whereas placing your bad debts with an experienced commercial debt recovery agency takes the burden off of your hands; and, with most commercial debt recovery agencies, you only pay when they successfully recover debts on your behalf.

Commercial Debt Recovery – Additional Benefits:

Commercial debt recovery can turn your company’s bad debts and unpaid invoices into cash-flow. 

Using an experienced commercial debt recovery agency is essential, not only to recover debts, but to meet the requirements of the IRS for writing off uncollected debt. 

Selecting a Commercial Debt Recovery Agency:

When selecting a commercial debt recovery agency, do your research and make sure they are compliant with collection procedures in your state.  Check to see if they are registered with the BBB and Dun and Bradstreet and look for affiliations with commercial debt recovery associations to ensure that the agency you select is held to a high standard.


Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc. – Commercial Debt Recovery Agency, offering contingency-based commercial debt recovery services.

Collection Agencies List – Collection agencies list and free commercial debt recovery quotes.…

Revolutionary Way To Grow Plants By Using Led Grow Lights

A light emitting diode better known as LED is a semiconductor light. These devices are used for lighting. These LEDs have many advantages such as low consumption of energy, small size, long life, immense durability, and dependability.

The advancement of science has permitted the production of cheap bright LED Grow Lights, which emit the wavelength of light similar to chlorophyll absorption limit. These are also called LED growing lights which are helpful for indoor plant growers. The indoor LED grow lights come in four different LED types to strike all four chlorophyll peaks.

These LED grow Lights are very helpful for gardening indoors, plant propagation, and for the production of food. These LED plant lights are helpful in many ways including:

*Lowering the cost: The LED grow light help in saving money compared to the ordinary bulb as it uses only six watt or nine watts of energy.

*Longer self-life: The expected self-life LED grow lights are twelve to eighteen years.

*Less wastage of heat: Even after hours of operation such lights are just warm to touch.

*Light weight: The LED flowering grow lights weigh less than a pound.

These LED planting grow lights are less fragile and pose fewer hazards to the environment.

If you want to have an indoor garden even when living in a place like Alaska or any extremity during the winter months, you can now have your dream garden blooming with the help of these LED grow Lights. You can also grow pepper, tomatoes, basils, roses, and plenty of other food producing plants all over the year.

Three Spectrums Of Light Which Can Be Used To Grow Plants:

These LED grow lights are available in blue, red, and a combination of blue and red, which can be used according to the growth cycle of the plant.

*Blue light: It is used for young seedlings and vegetables.
*Red light: It is used for leafy plants.
*Dual light: It can be used for mid-cycle plants.

These lights are a very good alternate when wanting to grow plants indoor without any botheration. They help a cold winter day to glow by growing plants inside. Such lights keep turning on and off everyday imitating as day and night. That is why they are also called as the intelligent LED lights.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying LED Grow Lights:

Never be attracted to products which are cheap or where the quality of the product is compromised.

Always take into consideration the following points for your protection.

*Beware of any type of hidden cost.
*Don’t make advance payments unless very sure of the company.
*Don’t blindly follow what the site says.
*Look for quality of the product and its guarantee.
*Buy a licensed product.

Choose from a wide selection of LEDs, whether a professional or perusing a hobby. Grow any plant in any season, the way you always wanted to. Save energy and protect the environment.…

Strategies for Writing Concise Descriptions

Concise writing is clear writing. By definition, concise writing communicates in as few words as necessary. Everything in a sentence other than the subject, verb, and object is description. Descriptions cause most of the “fluff” in sentences, but, fortunately, some simple strategies will help you write concise descriptions.

Simplifying ownership

You can show ownership in two ways, with a possessive or a prepositional phrase. Prepositional phrases always make writing less concise. Using possessives, such as the apostrophe-S, will make writing more concise.

Example 1.a, prepositional phrase: The purpose of the CEO is to create an environment for efficiency. (12 words)
Example 1.b, possessive: The CEO’s purpose is to create an environment for efficiency. (10 words)

In example 1, revising the prepositional phrase reduces the sentence’s word count by 2 words. This might not seem significant, but it is. First, if you do this multiple times in a document, the overall effect is more concise writing. You will have removed many unnecessary words. Second, the writing will be stronger overall because you will have removed the weak prepositional phrases.

I only endorse prepositional phrases for ownership when the “owner” is a phrase of 3 or more words. With the possessive, the sentence may be confusing or awkward because the sentence has multiple descriptive words before naming the thing being described. Each case needs to be considered carefully. In example 2, the sentence with the prepositional phrase may be better than sentence with the possessive.

Example 2.a, prepositional phrase:The design of the ergonomic latex foam chair compensates for spine curvature.
Example 2.b, possessive: The ergonomic latex foam chair’s design compensates for spine curvature.

However, when you have multiple owners, possessives are generally better. Example 3 demonstrates this concept with mutual owners, and example 4 demonstrates this concept with separate owners.

Example 3.a, prepositional phrase: The agreement between the owner and the buyer resolved the confusion. (11 words)
Example 3.b, possessive: The owner and buyer’s agreement resolved the confusion. (8 words)

Example 4.a, prepositional phrase: The offices of the president and vice-president display the constitution. (11 words)
Example 4.b, possessive: The president’s and vice-president’s offices display the constitution. (9 words)

Simplifying adverbial phrases

Adverbial phrases describe how an action is performed. They answer the question “How” in regards to the verb (e.g., Ran how? Worked how?). You may be able to replace the phrase with one or two words without changing the meaning. Although I generally don’t recommend using adverbs, a single adverb is far superior to an adverbial phrase, as seen in example 5.

Example 5: Wrote in a manner that used few words to convey the message = Wrote succinctly In fact, this is one of the few cases in which I recommend using adverbs. Use this strategy only when you can’t find a verb that explicitly describes the action and doesn’t require a modifying adverb or adverbial phrase. If you can find an accurate verb that doesn’t require modifiers, use it, as seen in Example 6.

Example 6: Drove …

The Symbol of Personal Creation

Early in the morning of July 17, 1991 in Wiltshire County, Wessex, England, near the base of a Neolithic hill fort named Barbury Castle, a vast, tetrahedral design of around twelve thousand (12,000) square yards manifested in a wheat field. Mysterious lights could be seen along with the sound of massive and prolonged thunder that lasted far too long to be considered as originating from an ordinary electrical storm.

The electrical power to a nearby town was also lost and the local military base moved all its helicopters as fast as possible to investigate the commotion. After the military temporarily blocked access to the formation, a witness going directly into the wheat field pattern was overwhelmed by a huge electric charge in the air causing his ears to hurt and the hairs on his arms to bristle.

As a spiritualist, I  believe that some crop circles are the result of an advanced scientific method developed by extraterrestrials (possibly in collaboration with some human souls from the astral worlds) existing on a slightly higher vibration rate than that of the Earth’s material vibration rate.

Plants, such as wheat or corn stalks, are biochemically sensitive enough to be affected in ways not normally possible with non-living material forms. When extraterrestrial space craft reach our level of vibration, they appear in our atmosphere and even sometimes try to land. If they have a visual method of communication, and wished to leave evidence of their visit, would it not most likely consist of the sort of geometric shapes, images and symbols often found in crop circles?

Unfortunately, over eighty percent of crop circles are man-made hoaxes where the plants are broken and look trampled in a somewhat chaotic way. However, in some crop circles, all the stems are only bent as if they were radiated from one side without any evidence of trampling whatsoever. Additional phenomena would also be observed such as strange balls of light, high radiation counter readings along with intense electrostatic fields similar to those experienced by very credible witnesses at the RAF Bentwaters Rendlesham Forest incident.

The design itself, being highly significant in sacred Hermetic wisdom, is equally remarkable. It contains the overriding order of the cosmos that seemed to be at the foundation of all archaic communities, while containing a repository of geometrical, musical and arithmetic harmonies. It portrays the Trinity of Creation and the oneness of the Supreme Being. Some scholars and mystics interpret this symbol as representing the three etherial elements of the cosmic egg (a sacred design of creation) represented as sulphur, mercury, and ether, being transformed into the material elements by the inhalation and exhalation of the Supreme Being.

The complete area of the three encompassing circles equals the area of the central circle. The addition of the total area of all the circles comes to 31,680 square feet. 3168 is also the gematrian numeral symbolic of the Christ incarnation. According to certain pagan religions 3168 is the number of the Creator as being the …

Essential Tips for Underground Room Windows

A awfully major part of making your basement added habitable is to use of good quality underground store windows in your abode. Window selection plays an worthy part in the feel and overall design of your finished basement.

Most of the time people are of the opinion that basements are only for extra storage space and should be treated as such, therefore they do not pay any attention to it and install particularly low quality windows. Due to this, moisture can without difficulty enter the underground store and add to other underground store issues.

A big instructions to transform your damp basements into liveable basements is to spend money and invest in good quality underground room windows.

For installing underground store widows you first need to check out your windows installed at existing. If you check the windows currently accessible in your apartment, you will have some idea as to what model or style of window should be installed.

If you can attain out the time to do this before heading out to purchase original underground room windows, you can save to a big extent of time and effort in case you only wish to change the windows to give your basement a at last another look.

The overall appearance of your offered underground store windows may be satisfactory for you but they may not provide proper insulation. Just remember that whatever the model or dimension of the window, the paramount one is that which controls the interior temperature and humidity.

As an example see that the double pane windows are preferred over the single pane ones due to this reason alone. The presence of air between the two glass panes is the actual reason why cool or hot air from the outside does not reach the warm interior of the abode.

You can have dual advantage of longer lasting coolness in summer and heat retention in winter. The impact on cooling and heating bills in undeniably great.

Be aware of the fact that using these windows will cost you heavy bucks. From purchase to shipment to installation, all the charges will multiply. Therefore, assemble clear in mind to reach a midway in selecting the best window style as well as the cost it will bear.

If you only wish to buy the finest contemporary underground store windows, then you have the options of either purchasing it, or ordering for them online and getting them delivered straight to your apartment for installation. Try to get precise measurements for your windows.…