Cremation Jewelry – A Unique Wearable Memorial

Many consumers find comfort in creating a special memory of a loved one that has passed away and the memory can be in the form of a collage, a memorial or even a special photo that’s been framed and placed strategically in an area of the home. New and innovative jewelry has taken memorializing a step further and allows family members and friends to not only create a special memory but to keep that memory with them all the time. Cremation jewelry is available in a wide assortment of designs and materials and takes honoring the deceased to a new level.

What is Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry

consists of a pendant, ring, bracelet or another type of accessory that has been crafted with a hollow interior. Depending on the jewelry urn chosen and the material from which it’s been made, the keepsake will hold approximately a pinch of the chosen remembrance. The tribute is then sealed inside the cremation jewelry by adding a drop of epoxy or adhesive to the threads of the stopper before twisting to close.

Choosing a remembrance

Families have a number of options when it comes to choosing the remembrance for the interior of the cremation keepsake. One of the most common remembrances is cremated ashes but consumers are in no way limited to just ashes. If the deceased was buried, some ground from the site of burial makes an apt and touching remembrance for the interior of the cremation jewelry. A few strands of hair or some ashes from a burned photo are other examples of small tributes that can be utilized to create a cremation charm in memorandum of a family member or friend that has passed.

There are different options to choose from for a remembrance for cremation jewelry such as:

  • Cremated ashes
  • Ground from the site of burial
  • A few strands of hair

Customized urn pendants

Memorial jewelry is a versatile choice for consumers looking to create a personal memory in honor of a loved one that has died due in large part to the variety of materials at their disposal. Sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14 karat gold are a sampling of the metals that urn pendants are crafted from in addition to glass, crystal and wood. Adding engraved text to the surface of the remembrance keepsake gives families the option of customizing their selection if they choose.

Families and friends can select cremation jewelry as a personal and customized reflection of their love and devotion to the deceased. Pendants, ring, bracelets and even keychains can be filled with a chosen tribute such as cremated ashes or ground from the burial site and sealed inside the keepsake. The wide assortment of materials and personalization options gives family members the versatility to create a remembrance that is unique and individual.…

Solar Financing Solutions – Have You Heard The News ?

If you’ve found the webpage due to the fact that you’re curious about unique solar financing solutions, you’re going to be really inspired. I will teach you a sophisticated but easy method to almost immediately start enjoying abundant electricity for your whole family, as well as earning cash for it. Does this sound crazy? Just wait and see for yourself – take a moment to check this out.

What’s the point of spending your hard-earned money on electricity if clean, green (and free) energy can be yours with a simple solar set-up, right on your own roof or somewhere else on your property? Happily, there is no steep price tag; that may have been the case up until recently, but technology advanced and prices dropped.

How do i know all that? Well, like you, i was searching the internet for more information about unique solar financing solutions and i realized that while it was fairly new to me, there were many who had already “seen the light” and had found success with state-of-the-art green technology which generates a vast amount of electricity from the power of the sun, quickly and easily. I wanted to find out more about this, and was happy to learn that you can get up and running at an amazingly low initial cost we can all afford (who can’t afford to save money?). Finally, every one of us has access to a green energy system which provides us with the means to take advantage of abundant, free power as sure as the sun will shine.

Whether you’ve just begun research on unique solar financing solutions, or you’re ready to start using one, take a few moments to get proof that this is all true – by using the latest solar technology, you will enjoy limitless free energy, and you don’t have to be dependent on the electric company or any other corporate to furnish your power supply. Yet another benefit of this – it’s commonplace to actually get paid by the local power company for any excess energy created by your system. There’s another aspect to this that i want to call to your attention – by using green energy you contribute your part to preserve our planet for all of creation.…

Insurance Fraud Gives Inglewood Bail Bonds

Insurance Agent came under fire by the California Department of Insurance and was arrested on October 9th, 2010, in Inglewood, CA. Its quite certain that he will be issued Inglewood Bail Bonds for at least $25,000 each, but that is yet to be determined.

The agent was charged with one count of grand theft and one count of identity theft. Each offense usually carries $20,000 Inglewood bail bonds value. The agent was in court and plead not guilty to the charges andinglewood bail bonds next court date is November 6th, 2010. The Agent would submit bogus insurance applications and receive payments upon those.

The payments were advanced commissions. After the insurance company noticed an exorbitant amount of cancelled applications, they started up their own investitgation. The agent would use his bank account information on the applications and the rest of the applications would contain false or stolen information for social security numbers, birth dates, et al.

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is taking administrative action against the agent and the results of the investigation are not conclusive enough for CDI to make a decision yet. Since 2007 there have been approximately 1900 arrests involving insurance fraud. This is the highest amount of arrests made in any two year period at the CDI offices.

Inglewood, CA isn’t the only place where there is insurance fraud. Take any city in California and there is someone committing insurance fraud. For the agent receiving these Inglewood bail bonds, hopefully he’s got a good lawyer and bail bonds agent. Most of the time the need for the fraudulent insurers to commit the crimes is from a lack of income. In today’s market, more and more arrests are happening since there is less and less moneys coming in from the general public.

More and more people are decreasing their insurance and quitting their life insurance policies. Therefore the insurance crime, as well as all other crimes, are on the rise due to the fact that more and more general public are either very desperate or getting very desperate.

Actually, there are some reports that Inglewood bail bonds issued in 2009 and 2010 are much lower, for a few reasons. Many people don’t have the discretionary income to pay for the bail bond premium, which is 10% of the overall bail bonds cost. So, a $50K Inglewood bail bonds, would require a $5,000 service premium.

Years ago when salaries where higher and the economy was bustling, many parents, cousins, and/or uncles wouldn’t mind putting down $5,000 to get their cousin, uncle, and/or son out of the Inglewood Jail. But now you have the indemnitors leaving the defendants in jail until their court dates. Why?

A couple reasons. One; they are more tight on money now than ever and are willing to leave the defendant in jail until their court date. This court date is normally a couple days after the arrest. Two; the indemnitors and defendants have more knowledge of the jail system and are willing to wait …

A guide for switching to new health Insurance Company

Portability in Health Insurance of India

To terminate your bitter relationship with your health insurer, the policy developers have implemented as switch making process in 2011 for people of India. You can change your health insurance company if you desire. But, making a port can be a complex procedure because the health insurance company you are porting to have right to approve or disapprove your Port-In-Request.

The full probability of health insurance is made to provide flexibility to insurance customer and improve the service performance of companies allowing development of competency. With a aptitude of long run in industry and customer centric approach of progress allows the portability to dwell the standards and requirements of health insurance sector.

The port request should be placed minimum 45 days before the date of policy renewal. But, before making a port you have to be assuring of portability facts that are essential regulations in initiating health insurance portability. The list of portability facts is described below: –

*Portability Essentials

  • The switching is applicable to health insurance policies issued under general or non-life insurance plan

  • The portability allows similar-to-similar exchange where the reimbursement of your previous and current policy should remain same

  • The flexibility of difference in premium and benefits is allowed under switch of health insurance policy

  • No financial expenses are involved in portability of health insurance

  • The new insurer has right to accept or reject the portability request and if required new insurer can gather more information from customer within 7 days of request submission

  • The existing insurer also needs to transfer all the information to new insurer within 7 days of request initiation

  • The advantage of no-claim bonus will get eliminated from your health insurance because the new insurer will treat your policy as a naive one

  • You can perform policy up gradation within same health insurance company under portability

  • The portability can be initiated at branch office or through insurance agents or corporate agents

  • There is a risk of rejection in case of family floaters for one member having higher sum assured in policy

  • The non availability of last three years health insurance policy documents can end with rejection of port request

  • The assurance of no break in cover even of single day is mandatory fact in portability, required to be checked by customer

    Be aware when your make health insurance Policy choices because even if you have a option to switch the provider it isn’t a child play. As an Insurance Advisor, I am Sahil diwan provides this information to help you understand the procedure of changing your health insurance company in India.  

Insurance Bad Faith – in Denial of Disability Insurance

When a person purchases insurance, they assume that they will be protected by the insurance company against the loss for which their purchasing insurance for – either from injury or from some major or catastrophic event.

Unfortunately, it is our experience that this is not always true. Insurance companies sometimes look for ways to deny claims even if they do not have a valid or justifiable excuse for the denial of the claim. They do this because they know that many insured will do nothing and accept the insurance company’s denial of their claim. Even if they know their denial is wrong. When this occurs, it is called “bad faith”.

When you purchase insurance from your insurance company, the law recognizes that you place your trust, confidence and faith in them. This breach of that trust and confidence and the betrayal of the denial of your claim is the bad faith which is the basis of bringing a claim against the insurance company for its wrongful failure to pay you the benefits of your insurance policy. Examples of bad faith can involve a disability insurance company failing to investigate a claim, the delaying of the claims investigation for no apparent reason, the failure to provide payment on a claim which is covered, or the misrepresenting of the contract language in the insurance policy. Unfortunately, all of these items often occurs.

Consumers and professionals who have been unfairly denied long-term disability benefits may be entitled to compensation. Nadrich & Cohen are experts in insurance bad faith and in obtaining disability benefits for those who have been denied.

If your insurer has denied your disability benefits, please immediately contact us at the national Law firm of Nadrich and Cohen to learn your legal rights. Contact us at 1-800-218-4658 or by completing the email questionnaire by clicking here.

We are insurance experts. Our law firm and our affiliated law firms have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in recovery on insurance denial lawsuits.

Please immediately contact our Insurance Denial Hotline at (800) 718-4658 or email us.

Underwriting Basics

What is underwriting? You have heard this term from time to time when dealing with insurance or maybe even when applying for a mortgage. But what is it? In terms of insurance it is simply the name for the process of deciding what risk an insurance company is willing to take on. What is risk, you are wondering? It is the chance of a loss occurring as a result of an unfortunate consequence.

There are many factors that an underwriter weighs when considering an application for insurance. Ultimately, the insurance company will decide on an applicant’s insurability. Each individual case, or application, is put through a process and a final decision on what the insurance company is wiling to do is made. Always keep in mind that if you are working with an insurance agent that person may never guarantee a policy’s issuance or how it will be issued.

The items that an underwriter will use to consider your application are the application forms themselves, a physical exam, information obtained by various consumer reports, an attending physician’s statement, and an inspection report. Different cases require different underwriting requirements, so not all cases require any or all of these items listed here. However, when the case applies, and depending on the amount of insurance applied for, usually higher amounts, the insurance company may want to have an inspection report be done to verify things like, verifying a person’s character and reputation.

The underwriter will eventually be able to match the proposed insured to a risk classification. This is a grouping of people of similar insurability. You may have heard of the common names of these groups such as, Standard, Preferred, Non-Smoker and Smoker, to name a few. Someone who has been deemed a substandard risk may still be able to obtain insurance coverage. They will get it based on being a higher risk. The health implications of someone who is a smoker will allow for the company to apply a higher rate and therefore, charge a higher premium for taking on their risk.

There are different ways that companies figure out the extra amount due for a substandard risk. One example is the insurance company may apply charges based on something called the “health age” of an applicant. But, a more common way of assessing a higher rate, and therefore premium, is the Tabular Rating Method. With this way, tables are created and utilized by the insurance company to apply the proper percentage more of premium that would be due. This can range from approximately 25% higher to maybe 400% higher, which would be indicated by referencing a respective table assigned by the company.

When thinking about getting a life insurance policy in place to protect your family in a time of need, there are many aspects of obtaining insurance that can be educational. With the common practice of using the internet there are very easy ways today to log on to a website and get connected with an insurance agent …

Personal Alarms, A Must For All Women

Ladies, here are some unfortunate statistics that are undoubtedly disturbing: One in three of you, (American women) will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime and one in four female college students have either been raped or have suffered from attempted rape! This is truly unacceptable in today’s society, but in reality it’s an ongoing trend that never seems to subside in spite of our continued education and ever expanding punitive laws.

I hope that you are like me, a realist, in the fact that we should be proactive in trying to protect ourselves by any means possible if necessary. I’m aware that many of you ladies are hesitant to even consider carrying a weapon for various reasons, this is understandable, that is why I would like to discuss a second option that can be very effective in itself in warding off an attacker, this is the “PERSONAL ALARM.”

PERSONAL ALARMS are small electronic devices that are carried on your person at all times and are activated by you if you are accosted in some way. These alarms emit some big noise, generally they are in the range of 100 to 130 decibels each, the noise being adequate enough to be heard a good 1/4 mile away.

So why are they so effective? Just think to yourself….does an attacker want to stick around a crime scene if there is a blaring signal that calls attention to your plight? An effective PERSONAL ALARM is a call to action, it is a distress call that will either bring help or curious onlookers and that would more than likely be enough to convince a would be attacker to flee the scene. I would even suggest it as a deterrent device, if you think that a person is getting too close to you and you sense a potential problem, just activate your alarm!

The Police have also long espoused the use of PERSONAL ALARMS for women because they are a non-lethal and effective form of self protection. Women who attend college, in lite of the alarming statistics mentioned earlier, should all carry a personal alarm. As a parent, you might want to insist on this. The sad truth is that many rapes on campus occur in a room that is surrounded by other rooms that are occupied at the time, if an alarm were to sound, more than likely many of these rapes could be thwarted.

PERSONAL ALARMS are varied, some can be carried on a key chain for easy access or clipped on a belt or purse. Some alarms also have an added feature of a flashlight or LED light, these are great for real estate agents that work at night or night shift employees. Probably the best type of alarm, in my estimation, is the kind that comes with an activation pull out pin. This type of alarm is activated by pulling out a wrist strapped pin from the unit, this is a great feature because an attacker will not be able to …

Managing the Non-Employee – Freelance Workforce

Managing the Non-Employee – Free Lance Workforce

Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc.

by Frederic J. Buse, Managing Director

Beginning in 1985, the New York State Dept. of Labor began issuing occupation- specific guidelines to clarify who should be classified an employee and who is an independent contractor.

From 1985 to 2005, guidelines covering 10 industries were issued but and none since.


Chart 1
Existing NYS Dept. of Labor Guidelines Cover the Following 10 Occupations:

Form Number:   Description

IA318.11:           Agricultural Employment

IA318.16:           Organized Camps

IA318.17:           Performing Artists

IA318.18:           Insurance Sales Industry

IA318.19:           Newspaper and Shopping Guide Publishers

IA318.20:           Translating and Interpreting Industry

IA318.21:           Tour Guide Industry

IA318.22:           Van Operators In The Moving Industry

IA318.23:           Magazine Publishing Industry

IA318.24:           Messenger Courier Industry

Source: (See ).

By  contrast,  California’s  Employment  Development  Department  has  issued  “Information   Sheets”  covering  22  occupations  or  industry  segments.  

It is difficult to determine what constitutes employment to establish employer liability for UI taxes and claimant coverage for unemployment insurance purposes. With the exception   of   certain   specific   exclusions   and   inclusions,   the   term   “employee”   is   not   defined and there is no statutory basis for distinguishing between and employee and an independent contractor.

In most instances, this issue is raised when a worker applies for unemployment benefits. The last employer is contacted by the Dept. of Labor and asked for the circumstances of job loss. If the employer indicates that the worker was an independent contractor and not an employee, information regarding the facts and circumstances of the  claimant’s  work  status  will  be  requested  by  the  Liability  &  Determination  Section  of   the   Dept.   of   Labor   (“L&D”)   — typically from both the claimant and the employer. After completing its fact finding, L&D will issue a determination letter. If they find that the claimant was an employee, the Labor Dept. will notify the office which processed the claim that the claimant is eligible for UI benefits. L&D also will send a determination letter to the employer citing the factors which led to the decision regarding employment, instructing the employer to file amended UI tax returns to include the taxable wages of the claimant and all other similarly situated individuals. The employer has 30 days to appeal the decision to an Administrative Law Judge. The next level of appeal is the UI Appeal Board.

If the employer fails to respond with revised tax returns and does not appeal the decision, he should expect a visit from a Dept. of Labor auditor. The auditor will review payroll information concerning the applicant for unemployment insurance and all other workers with similar work responsibilities. Approximately 10,000 such audits are completed annually. As a result of such an audit, requests/demands for additional UI tax payments plus penalties of $50,000 or more are not unusual.

The NYS Dept. of Labor adjudicates many more employee vs. independent contractor cases than any other state agency. It is increasingly clear that it has targeted considerable audit resources to indentify employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors. At the request of the …

How To Make Money With The Limu Company

What is The Limu Firm?

limuAfter hearing the story about Gary J. Raser, the founder of the Limu Firm, and how he discovered fucoidan within the limu moui, you possibly had some questions about it. And should you also knew about the mangosteen business XanGo and one of its founders Joe Morton, then you certainly understand that those stories aren’t just a coincidence. The fact is: if they have a terrific story to tell, some distributors locate it less complicated to sell merchandise. At the least, that’s how the old network advertising techniques operate and that is also the main cause why firms that reached a specific age still market place their products with such a romantic story. But it is not just a comparable story that Limu and XanGo have in widespread; the Limu compensation strategy is also really considerably a copy of the XanGo compensation plan. In the following evaluation I will point out what it really is that makes Limu, and of course also XanGo, a fantastic network advertising company to perform with.

Which Merchandise Is Limu Marketing and advertising?

As I mentioned above, the Limu Firm was founded by Gary J. Raser in 2003. The corporate markets three merchandise: Limu Original, Limu Lean and Limu Power. The flagship item is being named the “Limu Original”, which is a health drink with 83% pure Tongan limu mou. The “Limu Lean” is really a line of weight loss merchandise (divided in 3 distinct categories: a meal replacement shake, an appetite controller and digestive health cleanse) as well as the third product could be the “Blu Frog” (Limu Power) which is an power drink of fucoidan-rich limu moui extract. All of those merchandise are without a doubt of a top quality and by means of the years there has also been performed a lot of investigation on the health advantages of the limu moui. Merely put, in case you have a superb product to offer, you are already on the initial step of the achievement ladder. Let’s have a look at how it is possible to climb that ladder!

The Limu Compensation Strategy

Limu distributors can sign up at no cost and begin to make cash based on the “Limu Prosperity Plan”. With a maximum payout of 53% Limu offers its reps with an typical commission % . The Prosperity Program uses exactly the same rank descriptions and qualification requirements as XanGo, but the payout %’s are higher due to the fact it pays out 8 levels deep instead of 9. You can find 7 approaches to get paid: Retail Profits, Quickly Start Bonus and Pool, Level Bonuses, Matching Bonus (up to 25%), Money Bonus and Global Bonus Pool (a pool in which every single 20K or above earns a share inside the five,5% pool of the worldwide income).


Simply because it is significantly less difficult for distributors to earn a share of the global income Limu undoubtedly overthrows XanGo on the enterprise side. In addition, both business …

Be Aware – Dating Fraud Overview

Dating Fraud Overview (september 2006)

About dating scam

This article is a warning for typical fraudulent scenarios devised and successfully employed by dating scammers. In general they want “money by deceit”. So you should be warned !
In this article we will review;
– scam scenarios
– recognize warning signs
– how to avoid being scammed

1. Scam scenarios

1.1 The fake online dating services
You will be paying for a membership of a non existing dating community and maybe you also could be charged extra for non existing contact addresses. On the pages of such agencies there are profiles of false look alike models, which were taken from the Internet. Most likely the agency will exist a few months and the websites are frequently on free hosts

1.2 The false full service dating services
Full service could mean you pay for the ‘non existing additional service’ as you will only receive meaningless replies with no actual information and an absolute disregarding of your questions — just blah. False dating bureaus and dates let you pay for organized fake and mass production on internet like matching, mediation, translations, visa’s, tickets, hotels ect.

1.3 The begging for money
After a while the scammer begins urgently to ask money for covering expenses for using Internet, translator payment, foreign languages courses, driving courses and so on.
Be sure: a sincere dater would never beg for money

1.4 The faking trouble and sick
After a while your date turns out to be paying enormous money for fake urgent needs and only a miracle — you — could help your date! Most common are the stories of children, parents, relatives, that got ill and need expensive operation or/and medicines or land-house problems, buffalo and tractor

1.5 The visiting opportunity
A very expensive kind of scam and in this kind of scenario you will not be suspicious with the scammer and the shallow requests as other scenarios ! Your date has to be perfect in all way. But suddenly there is the opportunity of some weeks of holidays for visiting you.
Now your date all has planned and has help from friends and relatives but you have to decide quick — to pay for a cheap trip, a passports, visa, insurance, etc.

1.6 The visiting problems
It can be worse if the scammer succeed and will go on with the next stage of the scam. Proved by look alike ‘official registration document’, travelling and visa problems occur and there will be a need for more money; visa can be received in another city, expensive travelling costs, additional cost for living and food, ect.

1.7 The travel preparation
Your date will insist on visiting and meeting worried and inpatient family and parents. Cash will be need for organise your staying, a special program and gifts.

1.8 The bubble fairytale
You have met and your date is perfect and a wonderful host. You will overload your date and family with gifts, luxury and overspend as you can not …