Traffic School and Clearing Points

Riddle-me-this: What is the shortest distance between you and two points? When it comes to driving, there are a dozen correct answers to that question; 12 vehicle code regulations in California that you can violate to earn the DMV’s equivalent of the Scarlet Letter of driving – a two-point offense on your driving record.

And two point offenses cannot be masked on your driving record by going to traffic school.

If a single point on your driving record can put a painful squeeze on your wallet by increasing your insurance premiums by as much as 20 percent if you don’t attend traffic school (depending on your driving record and insurance policy provisions) a two-point offense might just leave you seeking alternate means of transportation altogether.

Most common traffic violations are worth a single point. If you drive a little too fast or too slow, if you do a graceful “California Roll” through a stop sign, or if you think that a traffic light that has just turned to yellow means “go faster”, you might be well-acquainted with one-point offenses. Once every 18 months you can do a little traffic school time as penance and – presto! Your point is masked on your DMV record and your insurance company is none the wiser.

However, if you get a second single point violation in 18 months and go to traffic school for it, the point will be visible on your driving record as “dismissed”. Your savvy little insurance professional will then know that you had a second violation in an 18 month period and may raise your rates accordingly. So much for circumventing the system.

While the DMV says that you are a negligent driver if you receive 4 cumulative points in one year, 6 points in 2 years or 8 points in 3 years, your insurance agency will probably stop having warm, fuzzy thoughts about you after you receive even one two-point offense.

Aside from the horrific potential many two-point offenses have for causing injury or even death, the list of additional possible consequences is daunting. Jail time. Huge fines and penalty assessments. Impound fees. Court fees. Attorney fees. Expensive, court ordered correctional classes. The previously mentioned No More Mr./Mrs. Nice Guy from your insurance agent. Oh, and for many of the offenses – the DMV will assure that your driver’s license becomes as worthless as a three dollar bill.

Two-point offenses in California:
~ Evading a peace officer/reckless driving
~ Driving while license is suspended or revoked
~ Hit and run with injury or property damage
~ Driving on the wrong side of a divided highway
~ Speed over 100 MPH
~ Reckless driving
~ Reckless driving causing bodily injury
~ Speed contest/exhibition of speed
~ Minor driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 percent or more
~ Driving under the influence (DUI) of an alcoholic beverage or drugs
~ DUI/causing bodily injury or death
~ Transporting explosives

While your first single point offense can be cured by …

Google And Yahoo Financial Analysis






Google and Yahoo financial analysis:

According to an E- business report by Larry Freed in 2009 Google has retained its position in the E businesses a market leader, the report shows that in 2009 Google internet searches amounted to 63. 9% total internet searches while yahoo amounted to 21.3% of total searches. These results show that Google internet searches are triple those of the yahoo company. (Larry Freed, 2009)

The report also indicates the customer satisfaction indices for the company; in 2002 Google customer satisfaction index was 80 while in 2009 the customer satisfaction index was 86. On the other hand yahoo customer index was 76 in 2002 and 78 in 2009. This shows that yahoo the second largest E business company customer satisfaction index has remained relatively lower than the Google company value. (Larry Freed, 2009)

This paper discusses the differences and similarities of the two companies and which company would be the best investment option, a number of financial ratios are indicated to highlight the level of activity, debt, profitability and liquidity in the two companies.


1) Introduction:

2) Financial rations:

i) Liquidity:

(a) Net working capital

(b) Current ratio

ii) Activity:

(a) Average collection period

(b) Average payment period

(c) Fixed asset turnover

(d) Total asset turnover

iii) Debt:

(a) Debt ratio

(b) Debt equity ratio

iv) Profitability:

(a) Net profit margin

(b) Return on total assets

(c) Return on equity

(d) Earnings per share

(e) Price earning ratio

3) Conclusion:

4) References:

1) Introduction:

Major companies in the internet information technology providers industry include Yahoo, Google, MSN and ASK IT, (Larry Freed, 2009) Google is the market leader in the industry with over 50% of the market share. The industry’s market capitalization is $231 billion which comprises of 171.75 billion for Google and 22.1 billion for the Yahoo Company. In 2009 net income after tax was 0.433 billion for the yahoo company and 6.52 billion for the Google Company, this indicates the income differences between the two companies and therefore Google is the best investment option. (Yahoo Finance, 2009)

2) Financial rations:

i) Liquidity:

Google and yahoo liquidity ratio shows their ability to pay their short term debts, creditors prefer a higher current ratio and also higher net working capital (Tamari, 1998)

(a) Net working capital

Google working capital net working capital in 2009 was 26,419 million while yahoo’s working capital was 2,887 million, this indicates that Google’s working capital is 10 times higher working capital and therefore the company would easily obtain funds and expand its operations.

(b) Current ratio

The current ratio is also a good indicator of creditworthiness of a company, (Tamari, 1998). Google’s current ratio was 10.62 in 2009 while yahoo current ratio was 2.67, and this means that Google’s creditworthiness is relatively high meaning that it can easily obtain funds to finance its operations.

ii) Activity:

Ratios that indicate the level of activity in a company include average collection and payment period (Tamari, 1998), fixed …

Financing Investment Property: Options and Benefits

Financing investment property is a good means to gain revenue.When you are in real estate business, you will have to buy a property, have it renovated and sell it at a higher price or you can also have it rented or leased to get a continuous source of income.

However, some people with no sufficient means make the mistake of using their own money to purchase or repair a property.This can usually lead to losing a lot of money before earning some of them back, or worst case scenario, they might go bankrupt. You may be asking now whether there really are other options when it comes to getting some resources for an investment.

There are known options in getting more finances and it’s best to understand how this works to give you more ideas in financing investment property. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each for your benefit.

Personal Funds

Some people make a mistake of using personal funds thinking that it is the only choice available for them. This is simply using the your own finances without any outside support for financing. Good thing about this is that you will not have to worry about paying anyone for the debt, lending company or partners and the profit will be all yours. While this will help a person avoid having to do a lot of paperwork and following some strict requirements from financing companies, this can also lead to bankruptcy if the person is not careful.

Bank Financing

This is known as the most common means of financing investment property. This includes borrowing from a bank or securing a line of credit. Then if you will have the property leased or rented, you will be able to get a monthly revenue to help you pay off your debt or interest. Many people use this because it is the easiest and possibly most conventional source of getting some funding for an investment.

Partnership Financing

It is also a good alternative if you have one one more investors to support you in financing investment property.This means that you do not have to use all your personal funds for financing a property, and you do not have to deal with a lot of paperwork. This is normally done with commercial property, but it is also useful to keep in mind if you wish to invest in a residential property. This is great choice if you have a good relationship with your partners and maintain that partnership if you don’t want to have any complication in the future.

Personal finances is not the only option available in financing investment property. You need to research and find out which alternatives would benefit you more. If you want the bank to finance your investment, you also need to secure a line a credit and have to go through a lot of. Or you may get some business partners to help and support you with your resources but you will have to report all you …

How to Market Your Small Business

Copyright (c) 2009 Alan Gillies

Marketing is a required pursuit for every organization. It stimulates the balance sheets by directing revenues into an organisation. The processes required for the successful marketing of the company are controlled by the scale of the business under way. Creating a marketing strategy for a small business is quite often a challenging activity, as usually such businesses don’t have the kind of financial backing that’s required to pursue large markets. Therefore, small businesses have to consider – and intelligently direct, innovative ideas if they want to expand their business.

Some tips which can assist small organizations in their race against the global giants are:

1. Being on time is not enough – be early. If a deadline is Tuesday, complete the assignment a day before the due date. Answer messages and e-mails in as timely a manner as possible.

2. Small businesses must realize that they can be successful only when they clearly define their targets and widen the desirability of their products and services. This method will guarantee that vast amounts of cash aren’t spent casually, and that whatever sum is invested – is used effectively.

3. Try to be as different as possible. Be innovating, create, discover, and invent. Do whatever you can to stick out from the crowd – make yourself be noticed.

4. Be consistent in your appearance, presentation and the treatment you provide to each of your customers. Besides this, appreciate your customers – and always make them feel valued.

5. Be honest when you’re catering to the needs of your customers. Sincere attempts at satisfying their needs are paid back in the form of a significantly increased overall level of customer satisfaction.

6. Always be open to new ideas – and new technologies. By constantly adapting your business to the changing market, you convey to your customers the message that you care about their individual needs.

7. Train your employees in the art of subtle communication skills. Such methods really work, and in the case of small businesses, people may come back to you for the sole reason that you dealt with them in a different and more favourable manner than that which they have been accustomed to.

8. Do not imitate large businesses by trying to spend as much money as they do, as this will do nothing apart from making your debt-equity ratio worse. Instead, attempt to excel in each individual area of business where you already have a solid foundation.

The real problem is that if you aren’t able to match the scope of your competitors; go for improving your obvious strengths instead. Cater mostly to that part of your market which you think can be monopolized, then study the required marketing material, make a choice – and stand by it.

Shelby SuperCars Undergoes First Round Financing: $5,000,000 of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock

Shelby SuperCars, Inc announced recently it has signed with Sheffield International Finance Corporation to provide Investor Relations services for its raising $5mm through the company’s confidential private placement issuing 5,000,000 shares of preferred stock at $1.00 per unit for total proceeds of $5,000,000.

SSC has developed conservative pro-forma based on capturing an exclusive segment of the market. The Company expects to use the proceeds to finance the construction of manufacturing facilities, ramp up full-scale manufacturing, fund the development of the Ultimate Aero EV (SSC’s first electric Supercar) and to continue the research and development required to keep SSC exciting in the marketplace.

With the proposed manufacturing facility and the expected showrooms opening worldwide, the Company expects its projected sales of the Ultimate Aero and the launch of the Ultimate Aero EV to increase significantly. A full breakdown of the Company’s projections is provided in the Confidential Private Placement Memorandum through investor relations firm Sheffield International Finance Corporation.

This offering represents the Company’s first acceptance of outside capital since its inception. To date, SSC has achieved its world-class status with internal funding only. The Company will take in $5,000,000 in first-round financing via the placement of its Series A Convertible Preferred Stock providing a 12% cumulative annual dividend to investors. The Company expects to entertain several exit strategies including a merger, acquisition, or IPO in the near future.

Interested parties capable of placing a minimum investment of $250,000 may contact Sheffield International Finance Corporation for a complete Investor Kit but the offering is said to be invitation based restricted to select invitees.

While auto enthusiasts and high profile financiers are reeling over the company’s recent announcement of a 100% electric supercar, Shelby SuperCars remains on track to deliver 4 clean supercars by end of year 2009. With the SSC brand securely engrained into the international automotive industry, SSC will follow its ever popular Ultimate Aero and Ultimate Aero EV with a lower priced, higher volume 4-door luxury, super-sedan, the “SSC Luxor”. The super luxury sedan is said to include reclining, heated and air conditioned rear seats, full time wireless internet and will maintain SSC’s commitment famous performance being first luxury sedan to be capable of speeds greater than 220 mph. Beyond GPS, Bluetooth, an infotainment center the luxury automobile will contain a fully capable personal computing system, accompanied by a 24 hour concierge service catering to the owner’s every need.

With all American engineering guided by one man’s vision, Jerod Shelby SuperCars, SSC is expected to keep the auto industry baffled with its ultra efficient business model. Although the minimum investment is $250K, the company expects to keep the number of investors to a minimum limiting the list of invitees to those who share a long term vision for SSC brand. The private placement is subject to final approval.

Shelby SuperCars, Inc. (SSC) is an all-American auto manufacturer based in West Richland, Washington. Founded in 1999 by Jerod Shelby, SSC has achieved design and engineering excellence in just seven years with …