Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

Objectively, Money Is The Root Of All Good.

Money is a subject that everyone has an opinion about and equally deep emotional attachment to.  So much can be said about money that it is even invoked as a rival to God.  Let us look at some of these common sayings systematically.

Money is a tool of exchange:

Money can’t exist unless there are goods produced and humans to produce those goods for exchange.  Money is not the tool of con-artists who take the product of your labour with tearful lies.  Neither is money the tool of thieves who take it by force.  So we see objectively that money is the tool of men who are productive and this is good.

Money makes the world go round:

Money is a human tool for exchange and even in a poetic sense money means almost nothing to the non human majority in our world.  Rationally, we can only say money has sway over civilized humans and not all of humanity.  Most of the good our civilization has produced with individual liberty was negotiated thru money.

Money is the daughter of the free market:

From the moment the first humans gathered to exchange the products of their free labour the foundation was build for some form of money to act as the intermediary tool of exchange.  Not long after this, people realized that whatever form money would take, its form would be determined by the free market.  The free market is good for all production including money.

Money value is determined by supply and demand:

Money is a commodity like everything else produced.  Like all commodities, the value or cost of that commodity is determined by the available supply.  As a tool of exchange, any limited form of money can be divided infinitely to serve as money, while a form of money that can be produced at will to infinity only makes the value of money approach worthless as the supply increases.  The paper money supply is only limited by the evil of those who attempt to control it. Gold and silver are limited in supply and unlimited in the good to be divided freely among all productive men.

Money is the means of survival in civilization:

No achievement in our civilization was possible without money, individually or nationally.  But if we achieve something based on a lie like paper then it can be taken away from us unless that paper is a promise to redeem free effort for free effort in the form of a limited commodity like gold.  It takes the love of life to survive and the love of money to live a civilized life.  We give gold and silver to express our love because those that love money and gold understand how good it is.

Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue:

Only those that don’t need money are fit to inherit it.  Because a man who would be productive no matter where he starts out and no matter …

Finding the Best Hot Tub Price to Fit Your Budget

Which Hot Tub is Right for You? Portable Inflatable Hot Tub, Used Hot Tub or Mounted Hot Tub?

So you are in the market for purchasing a hot tub. Have you compared hot tub prices and decided which is right for you? Are you willing to spend between $5000 and $19000 for a brand new continuous cast acrylic shell? Maybe you are thinking about purchasing a used hot tub for much less, around $2500, and forgoing the warranty? Perhaps you are a bit more frugile and are looking at inflatable hot tubs coming in at a price range of $600-$3500? No matter which option you decide fits your budget, you need to consider hot tub chemicals to keep your water clean and bacteria free. Also be prepared for the “minor” breakdowns (including pumps, filters, or perhaps a torn cover) that are quite frequent for hot tub owners and should be considered when choosing the right hot tub price for your budget.

About Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs:

These are a relatively new invention and are just perfect for the frugile buyer. Inflatable hot tubs are extremely light (compared to a mounted unit anyway) and can be moved easily from place to place. Portable inflatable hot tubs can also be taken camping if you feel the need. Perfect for the first time hot tub owner or anyone who wants the convenience of a portable hot tub. The inflatable hot tub price begins at $600 for a “bare bones” model that only fits two people, and the hot tub price rises to $3500 or more for the deluxe models that fit 4 or more persons. I suggest checking a number of hot tub manufacturers before purchasing any inflatable hot tub, as they can vary widely in pricing and warranties.

Ever Popular Used Hot Tubs:

If you are the adventurous type, you might try picking up a used hot tub. They can be found here and there, online and offline, but regardless of where you find one, you will be facing the same problems. These tubs do not come with a guarantee or warranty, so if anything happens you are responsable for the cost. If you have bought a used hot tub that ends up with a cracked shell you could be looking at thousands of dollars in shipping and repair bills, so I will leave it to you to decide if this is the right hot tub price for you…

Traditional Mounted Hot Tubs:

Mounted hot tubs are definitly the better of the different types of hot tubs, these types of models seat more people, you never have to look for a plug-in (after initial installation) and can be as simple as turning it on and getting in. These heavy units come at a hefty price. If you want the absolute top of the line you will need to spend close to twenty grand, uninstalled! If money is no object then you will find these to be the perfect fit with all …