How Much Does An Average Bathroom Remodeling Cost In Tampa FL?

Modern day bathrooms are considered the new living rooms these days. More and more people in Tampa FL tend to go to their bathrooms to relax after a stressful and hectic day at work.

As such, a lot of ideas when it comes to bathroom remodeling projects have sprouted from everywhere. Despite the differences among these ideas, the general theme of comfortability and modernity dominates the whole bathroom remodeling scene.

In Tampa FL, bathrooms are moving towards spacious areas with large showers, steam baths, and soaking bath tubs. The general feel is that you have a spa right within the comforts of your own home.

However, what we should never forget about bathroom remodeling projects is that every element in the bathroom should have its function. Aside from being functionable, elements should be positioned in such a way that the space is maximized. Space maximization gives better comfort and ease in terms of traffic and people movement.

Now let us move towards the financial aspect of a bathroom remodeling project. There are three factors that affect the average bathroom remodeling costs in Tampa FL. These are the features you want installed in the bath, the model and brands that you have selected, and the place where you have decided to buy all of these things.

These three factors place average bathroom remodeling costs in Tampa FL between $6,000 to $12000. These estimate usually include the professional fee of bathroom remodeling contractors. Nevertheless, this is still subject to change depending on the specifics of what you want to have. It is advisable that you contact local bathroom remodeling contractors in Tampa FL to have a more accurate estimate.

The usual bathroom elements that make average bathroom remodeling costs higher are bathroom cabinets, fixtures, and other fittings. These are expensive due to the installation fees that accompany them.

One mistake that most homeowners do is to underestimate the costs of little details such as towels and towel racks. These seemingly tiny details can actually account for an additional $500 to $1000 dollars from the earlier estimate of average bathroom remodeling costs. So always take these things into account.

Last but not the least, never ever think that you can cut back on average bathroom remodeling costs by remodeling your bath by yourself. Experience of various homeowners in Tampa FL revealed that hiring professional remodelers prove to be more practical and money saving in the long run. It helps you save time, effort, and money.

In case you are really facing financial constraints, then you can cut back on costs by doing any of these bathroom remodeling tips:

  • Reline rather than replace your existing bath tub
  • Re-grout bathroom tiles for a cleaner, fresher look
  • Refurbish vanity mirrors, countertops, and sinks
  • Repaint the bathroom walls using a combination of colors of your choice
  • Re-do tiles the cheap way: place tiles from the floor to chair level and then paint the remaining space from the wall up to the ceiling.

Scope of financing decisions – dividend policy decisions

Each organization has different functions and finance is one among such functions and when it comes to the functions relating to finance, it is concerned with the following types of decisions namely; financing decisions, investment decisions and dividend policy decisions.

In the case of financing decisions, the organization is concerned with the issues relating to raising of funds from different sources namely external sources and internal sources.

In the case of investment decisions, the organization deals with the utilization of funds mobilized in regard to various investments which are required for the production and manufacturing process.

In the case of dividend policy decisions, the organization is concerned with the decisions in regard to payment of dividends to the shareholders or investors.

Dividend policy decisions:

Profits earned by the organization belong to the owners of the organization and in the case of the corporate form of organization, the shareholders are considered to be the owners of the firm and they are entitled to receive the profits in the form of dividend. However, there is no specific law or statute which specifies as to how amount of profits should be distributed by way of dividend and how much amount of profits should be retained in the business. The alternatives available to the organization; i.e. distribution of the profits in the form of dividend on the  one hand and retention of profits in the business on the other hand in the business have reciprocal relationship with each other.

If the dividends paid are higher, the retained profit is found to be very less and in case the dividends are paid less, the retained profit is found to be more which can be reinvested in fixed assets. In case the organization pays higher dividends, the shareholders are very happy as they get more recurring income and the company may be able to gain the confidence of the shareholders. However, the orgaanisation can be in financial problems as payment of dividend results into the withdrawal of profits from the business. On the other hand, in case the organization pays less dividends, the organization may be in a favourable situation. However, the shareholders are likely to be offended and as such the organization is required to take the decisions regarding the payment of dividend in such a way that neither the shareholders are offended nor the organization is in financial problems. As such dividend policy decisions are the strategic financial decisions and are concerned with the answers to the questions namely;

a)            What are the forms in which the dividends can be paid to the shareholders?

b)            What are the legal and procedural formalities to be completed while paying the dividend in different forms?…

Is The Average Cost of Marriage Counseling Worth It? Will It Save Your Marriage?

Marriage counseling has become a very commonly prescribed solution to marriage problems in America today, thus you’d think it’d be able to repair your marriage. Many couples have turned to marital therapy, so does that mean you should too? Does couple’s counseling even work?

As you continue reading this article, I want to talk to you about the following:

  1. What Is the Average Cost of Marriage Counseling?

  2. Is It Covered By Insurance?

  3. How Many Sessions With a Couple’s Counselor Do You Need?

  4. Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

  5. Are There Any Better Alternatives?

As you can see we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so I don’t want to waste too much time with an introduction…Let’s go ahead and get to the meat and potatoes of this FAQ!

What is the Average Cost of Marriage Counseling?

First things first, how much does marriage counseling cost? Is there such a thing as affordable marriage counseling?

Well, the best data I could find said that most marriage counselors charge between $75 and $150 an hour on average. Of course, prices vary and some counselors will drop down to around $50 an hour on the cheaper end and up to over $200 an hour on the more expensive end.

For 90% of professional marriage counselors, one session equals one hour, so their hourly rate is also their rate per session.

Most marriage counselors recommend at least three months of therapy (12 weeks) with at least one session per week. The first one or two sessions are usually an assessment of your current marriage problems, and your marriage counselor may recommend extra individual or group sessions depending on what he/she sees through their experience with you.

If we do the math, we can see that the average cost of marriage counseling is ~$1,200, but could be anything between $600-$2,000+, for what would be considered a minimum trial of a marriage counselor.

Marital Therapy is NOT Covered By Insurance

Another question you often hear about marriage therapy when considering the cost of it is “does my insurance cover marriage counseling?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Insurance companies will not cover the cost of your marriage counselor.

The only exception to this rule is if a court has found one or the other spouse is suffering from some sort of debilitating mental disorder. In that case where there is documented mental illness, your insurance may cover the cost of a marriage counselor. You have to have a mental health problem, and many insurance companies will launch an investigation for this sort of claim if they sense something fishy.

If your marriage counselor tells you that your insurance covers your therapy and you don’t know about any mental illness between you or your wife, that’s certainly something to be worried about!

Marriage Counseling is Always Cheaper than Divorce

…If it works (more on that later).

This is really the question you should be asking yourself… Is your marriage headed for divorce? Is your wife ready to leave …

SR-22 and DUI

Road accident investigation involves police officers who require identification cards and proof of valid insurance from all parties. Failure to produce insurance card is punishable by driver license suspension, fines, and jail time.

Another possibility is that the driver must now get SR-22 auto insurance. SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility to make the driver meet at least the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage requirements for a period of time. A driver has the obligation to purchase and carry SR-22 certificate for these reasons:

  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction
  • Uninsured driving
  • Involvement in serious accidents that cause injuries or deaths
  • Large points on DMV records due to various traffic violations

SR-22 is often a requirement to revoke the suspended driver license. The Department of Motor Vehicles will inform anyone who needs the certificate.

How to get an SR-22

In most cases, SR-22 is only necessary after an event of serious incidents such as road accident or recurrent violation. This is not a standard proof of insurance, and therefore the process to acquire it is also more complex. Some insurance companies provide options to acquire SR-22, while others choose to reject any application for it. The main problem is that a driver who asks for SR-22 falls into high-risk category. From insurance companies’ perspectives, drivers of this category are too risky to insure; bad DMV records and DUI are strong indicators that the driver tends to be careless behind the wheel. Carelessness leads to accidents which force the insurer to give payout. Application denial is not uncommon, but helps are available from non-standard insurance companies.

Driving under the influence or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) causes surcharge in auto insurance premium. In worst scenario, an insurance company cancels a policy after a conviction of DUI/DWI. After cancellation, a driver has the obligation to find new insurance provider because it is a crime to drive without valid proof of financial responsibility. DUI and cancellation also changes a driver’s risk category from low to high. Now that the driver is high risk, many insurers are unable to provide coverage.

As difficult as it is to get coverage with DUI, there is small number of insurers who specialize on high-risk customers. Most of the difficulties come from standard insurance market. The term “standard” describes an insurance market almost all policyholders are low-risk. They have clean DMV records, low annual mileage, and preferable vehicles. However, insurance companies have their own variables to determine whether a driver is high risk or low risk.

Non-Standard Insurance Market

In ideal circumstance, any insurer checks all applicants’ records to see if they have records of accidents, traffic violations, and insurance lapses. When the applicants meet or exceed the minimum requirements for approval, the insurers are glad to provide coverage. Some companies even check credit score, too. Bad credit score has strong relevance with the possibility of late premium payment, …

10 Reasons to Buy Disability Insurance

1.       Becoming disabled is your biggest risk.

The chance you might suffer from a long-term disability in your life is about 50%. That means one in two Canadians will experience a long-term disability in their lifetime. The younger you are, the greater the risk. This is because there are many more years ahead of you to work, and the risk of injury is much higher in younger years. If you do suffer from a disability that lasts longer than 90 days, the average time off work is 2.9 years!

2.       Group disability insurance is limited.

Even if you have a group disability insurance policy, chances are you don’t have the full coverage you might think you have. Here are a some reasons why your group disability policy might be limited: you earn bonus or incentive income that is not part of your regular salary, and is not insured; your group plan has limits or a cap on monthly benefits, and your earnings far exceed the monthly cap; you are a professional with specialized skills who would be forced to take ANY type of work after 24 months on disability if you are still not able to do the job you were trained for; your group disability policy only covers TOTAL disability, so if you come back to work part time you lose all your benefits. These are all common examples of the limitations of group disability insurance.

 3.       Your health is your wealth.

In order to go to work each day and be effective we all need to be healthy. It seems like a cliché, but you really don’t know how valuable your health is until you’ve lost it. When suffering from an injury or illness, it becomes difficult to go to work each day, and income can be reduced or cease altogether. Would your bank understand if you can’t make the mortgage payment because of a disability? Will the utilities company forgive your bills? The answer is NO – and no bank will lend you money while on disability. Remember, you have to buy insurance while you are still healthy. Once you become sick or hurt, you become uninsurable.

4.       Your lifestyle depends on your ability to earn an income.

The lifestyle you are accustomed to, and the future dreams you are planning for, depend on your ability to earn income today. The retirement plan you have designed needs to fed each month with your savings. Buying that house, cottage by the lake, RV, etc. all depend on you continuing to earn an income. If income suddenly stops, your future dreams could also go up in a puff of smoke if you are not insured.

5.       You don’t want to do a job you hate.

When you are sick or hurt, do you want to be changing jobs? Maybe you can no longer do the job you love, but do some other, easier job to earn at least some income. Would you want to be forced into doing a …

3 Easy Ways to Improve Business Profits

One of the ways to improve business profits is to practice great money management. Most of the time, companies and start up businesses overlook their everyday spending and can, for most of the time, be saving a significant amount of money if they did. These are called the ‘not critical’ aspects of the business, or certain things that can be replaced with cheaper and just as effective techniques. There are entire companies that are dedicated to this, called damage control.

The damage a business does to itself is not tightening the tap on the money tank, their employees or even their basic infrastructure seems to be spending on things that are totally unnecessary and totally inconsequential. You need to investigate every aspect of your business and how your money is being spent. Sit down with your partners and your employees and bring out the accounting sheets, tracking every dollar down. You would be shocked and surprised at the sheer amount of money that you would be saving. Some business have found that they were over spending in excess of $30, 000 a year – money that could have been used to increase the effectiveness of the management process or simply to develop the business further.

Another way to improve business profits is to diversify. Business models that are stuck in a single dimension paradigm often see profits stagnate because they are hooked on a single market and refuse to trying new things. Diversity, try new projects and even venture into riskier areas of the market. But with that comes a risk. You need to have the ideals of effective money management and a good head for seeing threats on the horizons. Taking risks have been the mantra of the most successful, look at Microsoft, or Apple or Virgin Airlines, Google etc. They have been carrying the flag of taking risks from the first time they have started and they have diversified into every aspect of the market. Think small scale and apply it to your business. That is where growth comes from and that is where your increase profit comes from – from different revenue streams that will allow you to maximise your assets and get great returns from all avenues.

The other way, and this is for the start up companies, is to get a virtual office. Starting a business is essentially starting a risk, no matter how air tight your plan is and what you need to do before committing tens of thousands of dollars to leasing a physical office and getting office equipment, is to go virtual and see how your plan works out. If your product or service has phenomenal success and the response is brilliant, then you can think about getting a base of operations. It is all about reducing the risks in your plan and cutting costs through avenues like a virtual office is a great way for you to test bed your ideas on the living market and see whether it will reap …

The Importance of Safety Equipment

In the modern industrial environment it is more important than ever to make sure you have adequate safety equipment in place. For the health and safety of your employees, and for the benefit of your company from a legal and marketing viewpoint, safety equipment is a must, and if you haven’t already invested in the appropriate safety precautions, you should act with urgency to remedy the situation. In this article, we will look at why it is important that you invest in safety equipment, and how you can begin to get your workforce equipped and protected.

The importance of safety equipment in the workplace should never be underestimated, and in protecting your employees you protect both your name and your productivity. Whether it’s through buying the equipment for your employees or enforcing strict procedures around health and safety, there are numerous ways in which you can promote safety equipment to your staff for use in their everyday work, particularly in dangerous trades. But why is it important for you as an employer to make sure your employees stock up on the correct safety equipment before they begin their work every day? Furthermore, what can you do to actively encourage your workforce to treat their safety equipment as part of the job, to prevent accidents and injury in the workplace?

The first thing you can do as an employer to keep your workforce safe is to implement a uniform and equipment policy, and stick to it. What that means is creating a hard and fast rule that appropriate equipment must be worn or carried or used at all times to avoid injury. If your employees disobey the rule, continue to remind them why it is there – eventually, if you push it hard enough, your employees will act with safety equipment as second nature when in the workplace, leading to a reduction in industrial accidents and staff absences.

Secondly, as an employer you can acquire safety equipment for your organisation at a much lower unit price than each employee individually, and it may also turn out to be tax deductible, bring double benefits for your business. Look into acquiring bulk safety equipment appropriate to your industry, to benefit from both increased staff loyalty and protection, as well as minimising your potential tax liability at the end of the year as an expenses deductible from profits.

Safety equipment is an essential consideration in many industries, ranging from railwaymen to plumbers to construction workers. Wherever you happen to be working, there will almost certainly be some safety procedures in place, and a great number of vocations demand safety as a paramount consideration in the nature of the work. It goes without saying that where a job is dangerous, appropriate safety equipment should be made available at all times, and whilst this may not always be the employer’s responsibility, it can be good for PR and morale to invest in the appropriate safety equipment your staff need to do their jobs.…

9 Types Of Income The Internal Revenue Service Cannot Touch

Do not overpay taxes on income that is protected by the U.S. tax code. Here are the major categories to watch, including five types of raises that do not add a dime to your taxable income.

Want to keep the tax man away from your money? It is easier than you think. There are lots of ways to increase your wealth without having a chunk gobbled up by the IRS. It is not that the agency does not want your money. It is just that the tax law prohibits the IRS from touching it. And with a bit of planning, you can start to cut your current tax bill and put money in your pocket now. Here is a look at a few examples.

Tax-free interest

Interest earned on bonds issued by a state, territory, municipality or any political subdivision is free from federal taxes. These are generically called municipal bonds, and their tax benefit increases in value as your marginal tax rate goes higher. (In other words, the bonds are worth more to you as your overall income rises.)

Assume you are in the 35% bracket, the top rate through the year 2010. A 5% tax-free rate becomes the equivalent of a taxable rate of 7.69%. In the 15% bracket, the taxable equivalent is only 5.88%. Some bonds may not only be tax-free at the federal level, they may also escape state and local taxes. If you are in the top brackets and live in New York City, this is one investment you definitely want to consider for your portfolio.

Car-pool receipts

Commuting to work? Bring a friend — and his wallet. If you form a carpool to carry passengers to and from work, any dollars received from these passengers are not included in your income.

Commuting costs are generally not deductible. But if you establish a carpool and you are reimbursed in amounts sufficient to cover the cost of your repairs, gas and similar items used in connection with operating your car to and from work, then you have converted personal nondeductible expenses into excludable income.

Assume you are in the 25% bracket for 2008 and 2009. You have to earn $133 per month to cover a $100 monthly commuting expense. If you have a carpool arrangement with expenses being reimbursed, you have got no additional income. But you do have an additional $133 per month in wealth!

Sell your house

Under a tax law enacted in 1997, if your house was your principal residence for two of the last five years, you can exclude as much as $250,000 in gain ($500,000 on a joint return) when you sell it. You do not have to reinvest the money, and you can claim the exclusion every two years. (If you have got $500,000 in gain every two years, I want to meet your real estate agent and go shopping!)

If you do not meet the two-year rule, you can get a partial exclusion based on the time of use …

Buy Turnkey Business

On the internet Turnkey Organization Internet Web site – An on the internet turnkey organization website web page is a basic answer for men and women who want to make much more money devoid of intensive effort. It is hard to make very good money in today’s earth, specially with no investing 3/four of the day working. Operating a bodily franchise requires a ton of invested function and income. Working on your own in these kinds of a predicament adds to the stress and issues. It is a lot superior to work with a nicely-educated team devoted to accomplishment. With a franchise alternate, money is well-invested, creating a superior earnings probable.

There are number of company ventures that provide the gain of having an beautiful earnings and a great help base, both equally obtained on the net. Franchise Robot presents a person of the finest on the net turnkey small business internet internet site possibilities. Programs are all centered on the net, ranging from $ten,000 to $1 million in selling price. If you want to make cash and don’t want to gamble thousands of bucks on starting a new website from the ground up, fill out the sort on this page. Following submitting the sort, you will be contacted promptly. Established on the web turnkey organization internet web site income and leases are going quickly, so don’t miss out on your possibility to obtain 1 from Franchise Robot.

Turnkey World-wide-web Small business Prospect – A turnkey internet business possibility is even much better than a physical turnkey enterprise. Sure, auto washes and other cash-drawing businesses that are straightforward to run are desirable, but the opportunity to generate great income and function on-line is even far more ideal. Overlook the visitors and commute – appreciate the peacefulness of working from home or on the go. Beginning a business involves not only a considerable volume of money, but also sizeable pitfalls. By paying for a turnkey world-wide-web organization chance, equally of these elements are greatly diminished.

A single of the best destinations to uncover such a fantastic prospect is at Franchise Robot. Do the job with a staff of very-skilled experts who know what it normally requires to assure the ongoing results of a enterprise. Franchise Robot gives one of the ideal franchise alternate options on the net. Based on your budget, you’ll locate a vast array of alternatives accessible to you. There are plans priced amongst $ten,000 and $1 million, so this alternative is best for folks who are new to possessing a organization, as nicely as individuals who want to develop into other markets. If you’re interested in a turnkey web organization and want a enterprise with superior earnings possible, fill out the form on this page.

Buy Turnkey Business – If you want to purchase turnkey small business, you can expend substantially significantly less than you generally would if you selected to start and build a company. There are quite a handful of preferred turnkey operations that men and …

How To Save Hundreds On Your NJ Home Insurance

If you just bought real estate in New Jersey, you should consider making another purchase: NJ home insurance. With this type of policy, your home is protected from burglary and natural disasters. If either situation damages your property, your insurance company will pay for the repairs. It will also provide compensation for stolen belongings. This is only the beginning, as there are many optional policies you can use to protect yourself fully during an emergency. In any case, whether you get basic or premium policies, you still have to worry about a monthly payment. Fortunately, there is one thing you can do to lower your rate. It involves protecting your home against the two major concerns faced by insurance companies.

When it comes to NJ home insurance, crime is a major concern. As a result, insurance companies charge less money to homeowners who have secured their properties. You can do the same by installing dead bolts and a security system. When installing a security system, try to get a professional unit. While dummy cams and sound-based alarms offer some level of security, insurance companies only care about the “real” thing.

Specifically, this means not only sound-based alarms, but also units that can call the police. By making these provisions, a $100 insurance bill could drop down to $80—that is how much insurance companies value a secure premises. The savings can go up even further if you get a system from one of their recommended providers. The reason why is because often times these enterprises initiate deals with insurance companies. Every time a client orders a new system, the insurance company gets a referral fee. Take advantage of this relationship, as it offers another way for getting huge discounts.

Fire is the second area of concern when it NJ home insurance rates. If your house goes up in smoke, your insurance provider must pay for everything. This is why you will have to pay dearly if your home is not considered fireproof. Older homes with wood framing are immediately suspects, but so are those with attached garages. For both scenarios, consider getting sprinkler systems and fire alarms. Most new homes already have these things, which is why their insurance premiums are a little less. However, even a new home can get an upgraded fire alarm. The systems that can phone the fire department are an example. With these systems, a house fire will not have enough time to get out of control. Best of all, many of these alarms are already integrated with professional security systems. You may have to pay an extra fee for fire protection, but you will not have to install a separate system. With that said, if you feel that your home is not properly fireproofed, get a security system with fire protection. Through such an action, you address the issues of crime and fire with one device. In the process, your insurance provider will reward you with a generous discount.…